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  1. This is necroposting, but I know a lot of people (including me) Google old threads to get answers, so I hope this will be helpful. You can find Key III in the Abandoned Mine in this way: * Go down to Level 2 of the mine * In the Southeast corner of Level 2 are stairs down to Level 3; this takes you to the south of the river which divides Level 3 (you can't cross the river if you go down the other staircase to Level 3) * In the SOUTH wall of the NORTHEASTERNMOST chamber of this section south of the river on Level 3 is a secret passage that leads to a bunch of goblin corpses * Head south in this hidden room and you'll end up in a winding path which takes you to another staircase up to an otherwise inaccessible part of Level 2, where there are more corpses and you have to fight a couple of shades; Key III is on one of the corpses here (NB one of the corpses is hidden behind another secret passage on the west wall of this area; this might be the one with the key).
  2. I'm trying to work out which bow does the most damage, but I don't fully understand the item descriptions! In particular, the Bow of Storms is labelled with 'Add 50% bonus'. Is that on top of the damage already given in the description, which is lower than the Farsight Longbow or even just a Yew Longbow? Furthermore, what is signified by the '+5% missile damage' for the Farsight Longbow? Does that make the Farsight better than the Yew, which again, on the surface, does slightly more damage?
  3. Never mind, I just found the secret passage at the start. Was that there when I started, or did it only appear when I'd finished?
  4. There is a closed portcullis gate in the Test of Patience, behind which is a box. I've run through the whole Test of Patience, and nothing seems to make this gate open. Is there any way to get to the box? (I have a save from before I started the Test)
  5. Hi, everyone! I'm a long-time fan of Spiderware Software games; I basically grew up on the Exile trilogy (plus Blades), Nethergate and the Geneforge series. I rediscovered Spiderware Software games for recently, and am finding them very therapeutic after buying the big bundle available on Steam. This was a phenomenal deal. There are so far no Spiderweb Software games that I don't like. (Of course some I like more than others, and I really missed the bestiary when Exile was updated to Avernum). The three current generation games that are not included in that Bundle are Avernum 3, Queen's Wish, and Geneforge Mutagen. (I'm probably going to buy the GOG Avernum set to get Blades of Avernum, too, which seems to run on my computer). Having recently bought all that stuff, I have many, many hours of gameplay before I'm going to need to buy any of those. But I very likely will buy them at some point. (To be clear, here, I don't play computer games as a rule these days; but the Spiderweb Software games are so good that I make an exception) The question is: when do people think the prices of those three games will drop? What's the timeframe? Don't get me wrong, they're well worth the price. But if I don't need to play them for a long time, there's not much point buying them now at a higher price, if the price is likely to drop in the near future. (Also, does anybody know why Mutagen is cheaper than the other two?)
  6. Hi, all. I just bought the big Spiderware bundle on Steam (I've been playing these games for years, but took a hiatus, so I'd never played the Avadon series). The bundle includes the Avadon 3 hintbook (none of the others, for some reason) as DLC. But I've never used Steam before, so (although I've been able to log-in and have poked around the Steam app and the website and have been able to play the games), I have absolutely no idea how to access the Avadon 3 hintbook. I know I'm probably being stupid, but I've already spent a lot of time on this so I'll be grateful if anyone can release me from my misery!
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