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Help beat Moritz


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I'm playing at hard and close to switch casual for this fight. I lost already 3 or 4 time trying analyzing how it works and for me there's no logic or more a logic I don't get, or it's just about having a better damage per second than I have.


So the first point is I haven't understand the logic leading to Moritz immunity. A first I believed I had to have killed almost all summons, but then noticed it wasn't always true, as I could sometime hit him even with too many summons alive.


Then I suspected it was linked to Moritz be close enough to the circle but then I noticed case where he was very far and was immune anyway.


I think I could just switch to casual and get rid of this fight asap. But I feel it as a waste, and feel its better request some help here. In fact I am very surprised nobody ever request a help on this fight (the search show only thread about finding the way to Moritz which wasn't a problem for me).

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I confirm I get bored before to have make any significant progress or understanding in that fight, in casual!!!


I don't have the damage per second high enough to keep the summons number low or make it lowdown during the last phase, (well I hope the last third) and the immunity logic just going make me mad. In same turn I got a spear immunity and a shuriken hit. If not the same turn, it was without have Motitz cast anything.


Is that a bug or what?



At last beat Moritz at casual (switch back to Hard right after).


If you ask me the logic about Moritz immunity, my answer is none. Just try apply patience and try different type of attack, and if seems in immunity state concentrate on killing the summons and try again a bit later. And it's better to use only long range to not have Moritz making a constant switch flee/flee/flee and teleport back. I also kept summons number relatively low with help of casual, but even with low number of summons Moritz can be immune to weapons AND magic.


But well if someone could explain me the logic I'm curious to know what I haven't seen.

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It's hard to do but you can defeat the mage concentrating on B. (I presume you talk about Moritzy "rebirth", when B. decide to "give a chance to the scum").

Concentrate on B.

Once you knock B. back to hell the Mage simply disappears.


To do this I had to keep Moritzki and the summons quite busy, so I also summoned pets and used a lot of the Wands of Calling to do this.

When you are able to block Moritzki far against a wall and the summons too, then you can attack B. with all you've got, and defeating him you also defeat the "spiritual zombie" of the Mage :-)


PS: Jenell's Earthquake and single Spirit Claw are extremely useful to knock back the summons and the Mage, as Shima's and Sevelin's knockback blade skills.

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The first fight with Moritz'Kri, only some of the summons are important. Use the tab key to look at the summoned demons' names and you will see that a few ward Moritz'Kri from certain damage types making him immune. Eliminate that demon and you can do that damage to him.


As Superba said for the later fight where Beloch the Scourge summons the shade of Moritz'Kri, you can't damage him at all and need to concentrate on getting Beloch.

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Specifically, the imps are :








And they bestow the corresponding immunities on Moritz'kri as long as they're present. You need to be able to switch which characters are attacking M. and which are attacking the imps on any given turn, depending on what his and their current vulnerabilities are. It's very handy to have a sorceress in the party for this fight, as she has the most versatility when it comes to damage types.

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