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Jeff, I'm begging you now.


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Jeff, this is a very simple request:


Get rid of that godawful sound system you use.


I'm serious. Not only does it cause serious artifacting on one of my (Windows) computers, but you can't run any other programs with sound at the same time or your programs scream. I wanna use WinAmp, goshdarnit.


Heck, if you don't know how to use DirectSound, I'd write the code for you. At the very least, removing the message box that pops up EVERY TIME A SOUND PLAYS when you're using another utility would be much appreciated.




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Originally written by Wham Bam Shizam v 2.0:
Arenax, if you don't like Jeff's games, and think he designs them badly, why are you here? I am also curious as to whether you will make a scenario for BoA or not. Just curious.
I like his games. BoA is exceptional. I've played every one of his games and bought them all save Geneforge 1/2 and Nethergate. Nethergate is on my Christmas list.

My problem is when he uses antiquated code that breaks over half of Windows machines. He's using modern methods for graphics; why not ditch the Windows 3.1 sound code and use something modern, too?

I offered even to write it. It's trivial code.

EDIT: And yeah, I'm working on a BoA scenario at the moment. It won't get much done till the AvDialogue program is complete, though.
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