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Demo on Hard


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I am waiting for payday to buy this. but I blew through the demo twice in the last 2 days. I've played all of Jeff's games. So Im a bit familiar with some things. I guess I'm worried about the difficulty.


My second play through was on hard without changing the difficulty at all. I've done all the quests I can find and made it to the dragon's lair. I've killed everything in that area except for the shade in the crypt and the demon after that path of imps. They are well beyond my character at this level. I made good use of the one lightning staff that I found to get rid of the salamanders and the slime lizards. Otherwise, it didnt take too many reloads to clear out the bottom floor. The wretch raider guy was the most troublesome until I realized I didnt need to be too scared of him, his health was low. Blitz!


Can I expect about the same? I'm going to purchase it anyway and play, but I feel like this lower level was meant for later, and I just about cleared it in the demo. Or is that on purpose? Something to make the demo seem better for it's lack in size. A real challenge to keep me at it. I dunno. It was fun, and I want more, but I was a little surprised I guess.

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The game gets harder since the monsters have more health and can hit you better. The lower level of Zhethron's Aerie was meant for later when you don't need to reload as much to get through it.


This area is supposed to be easy even on torment except for a few areas that you are supposed to come back for later in the game.


There are more boss and mini-boss fights where you need to find a way to make the fights easier. Some fights depend on bring helpers that can easily damage the monsters. For instance fighting Angevine with spellcasters is ridiculously hard since her rocky defenders only take physical and acid damage.

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Thank you, i was hoping for something like that. Harder as you go along. I did realize it was the demo.


I do have another question. The drake in that bottom level gave me the opportunity to discover a really annoying 'feature' that I don't remember from previous SW games. I could not attack him.


I tried everything, the mechanics even made it impossible for me to steal from his feet. I could easily rob his 'nest' np. I guess he wasnt paying attention to that, cause he didnt care a whim. Not that he needed that health potion much..


It was so annoying to me. I dont mind dying to test the field, hell half the fun is figuring out im way out of my league atm, but I couldnt piss him off at all.


Is this true to the rest of the game as well? I havent tried to initiate an attack with any other npc's. Will be back in a few to update! smile

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You can't pick fights with NPCs outside of scripted confrontations. Don't worry about that drake, though. You'll get a chance to pick a fight later.


—Alorael, who has to say that while it's easier for Jeff to make the game functional without worrying about who will start slaughtering whom, it's sad not to be able to just flip out and kill everyone in Avadon. (Not that you could do that sort of thing in any game since, oh, E3.) But fear not! Many NPCs you want to attack can eventually be attacked.

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Originally Posted By: Randomizer
It does keep you from killing too many NPCs before you are done with them.

Now waiting for some NPC to wander away so you can loot is a pain. Especially those 2 bound infernals in Nicodemus's workshop.

What item in the basement is worth stealing?
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