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Secret 2nd Alien Blade and Mithral Broadsword


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Everyone here probably already knows about them, but i finally found the secret alien blade and mithral broadsword hidden in the footracer province.

And i came up with a new tactic for character creation, i made all my guys sliths with no bad traits and all the good traits give you 242 xp per level, but my fighters were still level 50 by the end of the game, and my mages slightly less. I only gave my fighters str, dex, assanation and edged weapons, they only started with 6 health but improved very quickly and wasnt a problem.

My mage started of with level 6 mage and level 7 priest each, so you get 39 spell points at the start of the game. They are a bit hard to train at the start but they get 4 int they are fine, i was able to get major blessing before the roaches quest, made it very easy.

Dont bother training disarm traps, lockpicking, poison and luck, they are all useless, i could disarm every trap in the game except for one in goldale, including the one to rentar's quarters in the last dungeon with no disarm traps.

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I remember using the editor to get max luck in all my guys, but i still think 20 str, dex, edge weaps, def and assanation is more worth it, being able to deal more damage is better than being almost invincible in my opinion.


A couple of other thing i found when i was playing the game through again. When you enter the Keep of Tinriya and Sharamik on diagonals from above you end up in strange places, in Sharamik you get a message about magical defences and end up in a little secret place. And in the Keep you end up at the very end of the dungeon, but you still need the key before you can leave, but you can go straight to the Vahanati section skipping everything else. Very useful if your going to the vahanati land and you dont want to go through the whole keep again.


I found a way to assanate Empress, not really any point, but if you cast protective circle from 3 squares away she ends up in wall of blades, it usualy misses but you can eventually kill her and keep playing as normal and go sit on throne etc. Plus, is it possible to get into the key item depot in Sharamik?

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Doesn't she survive if you don't get or activate her amulet? The ending is the same, but Erika doesn't die because she doesn't show up in the Keep at all.


—Alorael, who actually believes it might be easier without Erika, although he's never tried it. Major Blessing and Avatar guarantee that you can slog your way to the control panel, and more little summoned minions only get in the way.

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Erika definitely helps you. I found her to be a worthy distraction for Rentar, and she also blasted any of Rentar's minions to pieces, which got them out of my way. So yeah, get Erika. She dies anyway, and she helps you. It's how she would have wanted to die - fighting to protect Exile.


- Archmagus Micael

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