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2 Final Questions (for a while)


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Ok so i know iv been a pain lately, asking loads of questions. Well tommorow i go back to work so i wont have as much time to play or to post (hooray i hear you cry)


Anyway, before i disappear for a little while i have two final questions that are really slowing me down.


1. How do i get past the second door in Erikas Tower? The first was easy and i know the password for the third, but the second is really confusing me. I found the room with the gremlins and i assume the lefthand door is the correct one, but it wont open no matter what i try. I even tried the right hand door and still got no luck.


2. How do i reach Grah-Hoths new fortress across the abyss at the end of the lake of lava? I made it all the way through the lava lakes and demon swarms only to be halted by a big hole! I found two secret passageways nearby, both containing spirits that give helpful advice and healing respectively. But i cant find anything else, despite searching the entire area.

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Ack, either my browser is misbehaving badly or Avernum Annotated Maps is down. Oh well.


I think the Orb is in the Waterfall Warrens, a screen north and then west of Sss-Thsss's castle. It's in a slightly obscure path through the warrens -- you will probably have to save and just try them all, unless someone remembers more thoroughly than I do.


The usual disclaimer applies: all this is from memory, and my information is from A1, not E1, but I think it's accurate.

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Oh for the !*@$! sake! I have to go all the way back there?


I swear this game hates me! x_x


*sighs* well at least when i get the orb, i'll hopefully be able to get access to that secret empire fort across from the chasm in the giant cave. Cause i swear nobody seems to know how to get in there. Not Khoth. Not that ghost. Not Erika and not Aydin.


Anyway, thanks for the input!


*staggers away grumbling to himself about Jeff Vogels attemps to destroy him mind through pleasurable video games*

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