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  1. Not to my knowledge. It appeared immediately after i left the text box. I loaded it up several times and it happened each time. It doesn't matter anyway. I completed Exile 2 already and im currently battling the roaches of Bigail Island.
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    You need a smokey crystal to use Mindduel. Mind you, iv never actually used mindduel despite haviing completed all 3 Exile games...
  3. Why would you want to kill Motrax anyway? Hes such a nice old dragon!
  4. I spoke to the mage in the friendly Slith village, who asked me to recover a secret Slith artifact. My party got taught a ritual to help with this, but when i exited the text box i got a strange message. It said: debug: 0 0 0 "Our people in these caves have a holy artifact- Whats that all about? Im playing on Version 2 of the game. Is it just a bug they fixed from a previous version or something more sinister?
  5. Well i completed a mission from the commander of Fort Emerald to kill his opposing number in the Empire Army. As a reward, he says im to talk to a guy called "Beadle" (i think) to get the Dispell Barrier spell. But iv searched the entire fort and cant find him. None of the magic users in the fort know anything about it either. Am i looking in the wrong place?
  6. Are you referring to the Fiesty Slap of Pain building? If so, there really is nothing more to do there. I think Jeff just added it for a spot of fun and levelling up.
  7. Well i did it! I made my way through the Final Gauntlet (and without having to ask for help? I know! Im as shocked as you are!) Iv chosen to send my team out into the world, having completed all 3 win conditions. Id like to thank everyone who helped me get through this game when i thought id be stuck forever. And now....onwards to Exile 2!
  8. Oh for the !*@$! sake! I have to go all the way back there? I swear this game hates me! x_x *sighs* well at least when i get the orb, i'll hopefully be able to get access to that secret empire fort across from the chasm in the giant cave. Cause i swear nobody seems to know how to get in there. Not Khoth. Not that ghost. Not Erika and not Aydin. Anyway, thanks for the input! *staggers away grumbling to himself about Jeff Vogels attemps to destroy him mind through pleasurable video games*
  9. Im sorry, but i cant find the walkthrough your referring to. Could you tell me where to find the Orb?
  10. Ok iv got through to Erika at last. Thanks lots for help on that! Can anyone help me with the Grah-Hoth problem?
  11. Ok so i know iv been a pain lately, asking loads of questions. Well tommorow i go back to work so i wont have as much time to play or to post (hooray i hear you cry) Anyway, before i disappear for a little while i have two final questions that are really slowing me down. 1. How do i get past the second door in Erikas Tower? The first was easy and i know the password for the third, but the second is really confusing me. I found the room with the gremlins and i assume the lefthand door is the correct one, but it wont open no matter what i try. I even tried the right hand door and still got no luck. 2. How do i reach Grah-Hoths new fortress across the abyss at the end of the lake of lava? I made it all the way through the lava lakes and demon swarms only to be halted by a big hole! I found two secret passageways nearby, both containing spirits that give helpful advice and healing respectively. But i cant find anything else, despite searching the entire area.
  12. I already had the Blessed Athame so thats fine. Iv reached the prison of Grah-Hoth, but im hampered by a group of buttons that do nothing and some hidden teleporters that do nothing helpful. The buttons i assume are a decoy. The teleporters i suspect might also be, but im not sure. Teleporter A and B are side by side inside a hidden tunnel at the extreme north of the prison. Going into A sends you to a place with Teleporter C, located in the east wing of the prison. Stepping into Teleporter C sends you to a useless location at the edge of the map. What i really dont get is the fact theres no statues. The demon told me there would be statues and moving in the proper sequence of steps would get me inside. What am i doing wrong? Isnt this the right place? It IS The Prison of Grah-Hoth after all! [EDIT] woop! Never mind! I found the secret button to the south. So simple, yet so cunning! And im guessing the statues will come into play elsewhere since Grah-Hoth did a runner the second I let him out.
  13. I think im almost ready to fight Grah-Hoth, but one last thing blocks my way (i hope). The illision of King Micah in Skarrageth tells me to use a ritual to de-activate the guards. But i dont know any ritual. Where do i learn it? If need be, i can fight my way past them. Im strong enough to beat the soldiers and the Lich. But is there anything else i'll need before proceeding on? I have the info from the demon in the cross shaped lava pool, as well as the info Patrick gave me, and the crystal key.
  14. Well it did help quite a lot. It turned out i had already done most of what needed to be done anyway, even getting the info on how to safely open the box (and just didnt know how to properly use the info) But the box is locked! And i dont seem to have the key! [EDIT] Ok so im guessing the Tiny Key is needed since the box has a small lock and its one of only 2 keys i dont currently have. Tiny Key location anybody? Pretty please?
  15. Oi! It seems every time I think im getting ahead in this game, another roadblock appears. Sulfras wants the Onyx Scepter and Silver Circlet before he'll let me through to Grah-Hoth's fortress. I have the scepter already, but i have literally no clue where the circlet is. Iv never even heard it being mentioned before now. Where am i supposed to find it?
  16. Well im back from Spain and ready to resume playing Exile 1. Iv just arrived at the Lair of Pyrog. He seems like a particularly hostile dragon and only seems good for fighting. Before i fight/kill him though, is there anything im supposed to talk with him about first? Something i need to know thats relevant later on? No need for spoilers, just a general "kill him" or "dont kill him yet" will do. Thanks!
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