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Kill Them Dead



Author: Enraged Slith

Difficulty: 5-10

Version: 1.0.0



Composite Score: 3.3/5.0


Best: 0.00% (0/12)

Good: 33.33% (4/12)

Average: 58.33% (7/12)

Substandard: 8.33% (1/12)

Poor: 0.00% (0/12)





Keywords: Difficult, Humor, Multiple Endings, Short

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Kill them Dead is a hilarious joke scenario, reminding me of my own <span style="font-style: italic">100 Evil Sliths</span> at times. It was pretty easy and there could have been more detail, but it still did what it was supposed to. ("I want you to KILL THEM DEAD", with the captain growling like a maniac was just great.)


It was a pretty short adventure, besides the humor, there's not much I can really say about the scenario, but it's definitely worth playing for the laughs. And hey, <span style="font-style: italic">Kill them Dead</span> made it to Best Scenario in the 9th Contest, so what can you say?


I liked the scenario overall, but it needed to be a bit longer for a better score.


I rate this scenario [rating]Average[/rating].

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  • 3 weeks later...

(ported from SV)


Well, I can't say it wasn't frustrating, but that's my fault for coming in with a level 4 party. Combat was thus kinda difficult (at least in the big fights), but I made it through when I triggered the fights already in combat mode.


I wanted to go kill the Boss, and was disappointed to find that it was not an option. That, and honestly there were just a few times when I wasn't sure what was going on (i.e.: I got frustrated with Nelson really, really fast, and let him go once I realized I couldn't kill him dead, thus missed a point). The lever, the BEAR!, the constant KEKEKEKEKEKEKE-ing, those were all good things. Obviously, it's meant to be funny, and it is, which is awesome.


While it was frustrating in places, I more or less enjoyed all of it.


Rating: [rating]Good[/rating]

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Kill Them Dead is just plain silly. Whether this is a good thing or a bad thing depends on the player. It seems to me that Enraged Slith didn't really know what he was going for when designing it. He just made the stuff up as he went along and mostly this works just fine.


KTD is a small scenario. You enter a fort run buy a fat nobleman and he orders you to kill the monsters from a nearby cave dead. He does it with a nice (silly) custom image. The cave is your average two-part dungeon crawl. Well, it would be if it weren't for all the ridiculous situations that the party faces there: BEARS, ticklish ogres, weird (and somewhat annoying) bats et cetera. Some of the stuff is pretty amusing, some weird/silly and none of it is downright bad.


Speaking of bad, there are also the bad dude points. There are maybe a bit short of a dozen situations where the player is presented with a situation with two options: the bad dude option (in most cases the stupider option) and the um... non-bad dude option. On my first play through I wound up picking the choices that I thought would be appropriate and wound up getting only one or two bad dude points and lost all my money in the end. How was I supposed to know I was expected to aim for being a bad dude? No-one told me! Wah! I guess I'm just not cut out to being a bad dude.


If I want to nag about one thing it is the combat. I mean seriously, I'm not sure if I wound up playing with a party whose level range was +10 over the recommended and I still can't say I had it too easy. Easy, yes. But not too easy. And no, I don't just suck... I'm just not a bad dude. Wah!


Rating: [rating]AVERAGE[/rating] (but in an insanely silly way)


And the Wall Ogres are way, way too weak.

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From Nikki on the CSR:

I'll second that.


I expect to see more scenarios from you shortly. tongueold.gif


Design was a tad rough around the edges, but it was masterfully written, and probably funnier than RA. The bad dude points system especially deserves mention.


More, plz -- [rating]AVERAGE[/rating] with the possibility of a higher rating if a sequel with more chances to be a bad dude arises.

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From S M Adventurer on the CSR:


Killing them dead.


Well, this was a short decent scenario. It was humorous at times, my favorite being the picture of the fat face-stuffing commander at the fort.

I suppose I was a bit too merciful on my playthrough. I killed the yellow Eye-beast type thing at the Monster Inn, but I missed a few key points to add to my bad dude points. I'll play it again to see if I can up my badness. Overall, decent, funny, and up for at least a few playthroughs.



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From Nioca on SV:


Ephesos, you're lucky I told ES to kick the bottom end of the level rec. up from 1.


Anyway, can't really add to what was already said, though I do have to say that I loved the Muffin Too Hot scene a bit more than is entirely healthy.



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From The Lurker on SV:


Hilarious. This one is definetely on the list of my favorite scenarios. Combat is, IMHO, excellent for such a simple scenario. After all the easy low-level scenarios I played, I decided to enter KTD with a Level-1 all-slith party (thinking "hey, it's a joke scenario, monsters are likely to be pushovers"), and won. Let's just say it was quite difficult. Fort Town's design may have been rough, but it's not like a scenario this silly should be required to have realistic town design.


Oh, and I'm adding points for the oven muffin.


[rating]GOOD[/rating] 'cuz I can.

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I recently played "Kill Them Dead". It was obviously not a serious scenario, but I liked it nonetheless (and far more than highly rated scenarios like "A Perfect Forest"). I cannot speak of the combat since I used my group that had finished the 4 original scenarios (I was only trying to learn of the plot). The cutscene sequences, especially with the bat, were nice, along with the Boss wanting you to "Kill Them Dead". I give this scenario a "[rating]Good[/rating]" rating.

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