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Northern Isles Roles (Game 9)


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Also, wasn't that true before?


Plus by about 2 days in the Fae's loot should be sufficient to manage a fairly decent defense...


The other thing which will make this new Fae different is that they only really want to target people who are holding nice items or lots of money: if people are honest about having nothing of value, the Fae will probably leave them alone (provided they believe it...)


As regards Vahkohs, any Anama member with Stealth skill or better and carrying the Holy Symbol can still lone-wolf him. And that's not actually all that hard to arrange, even without a wide-spread panic.



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Originally Posted By: *i
Since the spirit you attack is random, I'm not going to give you a free swing at Vahkos. This makes his death purely on luck. I may make it so Vahkos can specify a list of living characters and the spirits to attack with otherwise it is random.

Nonetheless, I do like people having to gang up on him. With Omlette's proposal (a) a lone wolf could still take him out. This is not what I want.
Well, you could let Vahkos have a swing at the attacker if the spirit is defeated, and then the attacker has a swing at Vahkos if they survive that... but whatever. That may be too complicated anyway.
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