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Exile 1: Piercing Crystals


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As far as I know it doesn't increase with level, it's just a matter of luck. What I used to do is save just before the barrier, use the crystal and then reload if it didn't work so I didn't waste all my crystals. That said, if 50 times hasn't done it then it probably won't. Have you tried walking through it or looking for secret passages?

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Your physical attributes don't increase the effectiveness of magical items like crystals. As far as the grim cavern, I havent played e1 in awhile, but go with Princess Ruth. Theres a TON of secret passageways. I'd keep my automap up if i were you, as light goes out 10 times as quick in this place. smile


As for secret barriers, try walking through them first. Some of them you can walk through. Otherwise, you can use a piercing crystal. I got the demo version which doesnt allow you to get the spell, and I've completed the whole dungeon.

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Without belaboring this,

You'll hear this over and over; "Save Often!".


Save before using, or identifying anything.

As you see, if the item, (piercing crystal, "fails", you simply reload and try again until it does work, not using up whatever supply you may have.

As for identfying, you can then reload and drop it without using the spell points.

And NEVER "equip" something that's not identified.

Also, keep a few saves each time you change an area, or quest. If it all goes bad, you can simply reload from a specific point and play it differently.

Admittedly, it's playing in a "cheat" mode, but no game can be played throughout without some form of "cheating".

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As far as all those tips go, I already do that stuff. I just ran through the cavern really quick a little after starting, only the 3rd or 4th dungeon I've been to so far. I was just wondering if it was possible with the crystal or not because the crystal is found there. And it's definitely a Force Barrier, not a Fire Barrier (to use the E2 equivalents), with no passages going past it. Grim Cavern has been in both Exile and Exile II a place where you HAVE to dispel the barrier to finish it. Thanks for the suggestions though.

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