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Classic Blades of Exile version 1.0 released.


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To Celtic Minstrel : I've implemented one of your old suggestion, that is to have the kill_monst() function work on a local copy of the killed monster to prevent the killed monster structure being erased by another due to, at least, bad though node chains (see Bandits 2).

Currently, it seems to work fine and i've adopted it over the previous fix (it seems safer that way). smile


Since there have been some changes (and requests) to the released Classic Blades of Exile version, i'll probably compile the current stable version of the code and post a "patched executable" with the new additions/fixes sometime this month (probably the coming week).


To Ishad Nha : i've included your changes/additions to the editor in the current version of the code, is there anything you've done since the last commit that should be included in the next release ?



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Originally Posted By: Ishad Nha
All my revisions should have been uploaded.

Ok, so i've uploaded the 1.1 patch (don't mind the numbers) to the google code site (direct access : http://code.google.com/p/openexile/downloads/list ).

Changelog :

Click to reveal..
Classic Blades of Exile version 1.1 :

- Fixed a typo in the "Small Rebellion" scenario's name.
- In dialogue mode, if the text box is enabled, it now has focus by default.
- SDF[0][x] can now be set/checked by using the "Set SDF" debug command (Shift-S).
- Implemented working town difficulty for the next scenario formats (difficulty setting doesn't work in legacy scenarios)
- Fixed the "reversed bashing/lockpicking difficulty scale" (4 was weakest, 0 was strongest)
- Fixed the SDF[0][0] being set to 1 when killing wandering or summoned monsters. (the SDF[0][0] should be safe to use now)
- Fixed the Ctrl key behavior when in look mode : one can now multilook by keeping the Ctrl key pressed. (note that it fixes the bug : pressing the down
arrow in look mode actually looks but don't quit the look mode after)
- Little cleaning (debug leftover and extended events initialization to the 100 possible)
- Added a way to force kill the party with the Kill node (if ex1b is set to 2, then force kill. Editor node text updated.)
- Implemented Home, Page Up/Down and End for diagonal movement (a side effect is that the Keypad diagonal movement is now working with either Numlock on or off).
That should help with keyboard missing numkeypad.
- Implemented an old Celtic Minstrel's suggestion : the kill_monst() function does now work on a local copy of the monster.
That should be safer and fix all problems with faulty special nodes chains (like in Bandits 2 when the final pink boss form is destroyed
then immediately replaced with the blue boss form, so that the "special on death" node checked is the new blue boss one ... effectively locking the game in that case)

Classic Scenario Editor version 1.1 :

- Corrected the custom graphic file loading procedure in the Scenario Editor, so
that files/folders with point '.' characters in their name won't prevent correct
loading. (useful if we plan to use a "scenario_filename.exr" ressource folder).
- Implemented Ishad Nha's "Concise Town report" function (accessible under Town Advanced).
- Fixed some minor errors in the Blades of Exile Base.
- Get rid of a graphical glitch on the left of the screen that could appears on higher resolutions.
- Included Ishad Nha's work on the editor :
-' [ ' is an additional zoom in/zoom out key.
- Ctrl + Arrow keys introduced for loading previous/next town and for outdoor zones above/below/left/right.
- Town menu was rearranged.
- Graying out of menus has been updated.
- Version date is now shown in the Help > About Blades Scenario Editor dialog.
- New scenario object write up: BoE Scenario Object data.txt
- Fixed message about deleting towns when you want to create Scenario Text.txt.
- Updated the Editor to include an outdoor zone report.
- Added the four scenario flags to the Scenario Object Report, because they
reveal whether a scenario is Mac or Windows. Reports may crash if the scenario
is Mac (never crashed upon testing).
- I introduced the repeat print of last file, it automatically prints a new
version of the last report file to be printed. It is activated by Ctrl + P and
accompanied by a message in the text area.
- Town report now lists all special nodes and dialog nodes. along with the
relevant text messages. Irrelevant lines have been removed. The special nodes
listings can be extended to scenario and outdoor reports.
- Scenario and town timers have been added to reports.
- Tables have been included in scenario, outdoor and town reports showing the lengths of the relevant strings.
- Now all three types of report show the full details for special nodes.
- Ctrl + (Number) shortcuts have been introduced for Town and Outdoor menus.
- Area Rectangles now show the lower right coordinates too.
- All menus now have hot keys for each item (temporary, so that people can decide what key is the best for each command).

Others :

- Tweaked and rewrote some part of the code so that newer versions of Windres.exe works and it compiles in Code::Block (side effect, Dev-Cpp may now
warn about Ressource duplication during compilation but it's harmless and has no effect). Code::Block project file is now included.
- Scenario and character editors code tweaked so that it compiles with newer windres.exe version and Code::Blocks IDE. Code::Blocks project files included
for both Editor and the sound DLL project (seems like speed optimization breaks the scenario editor : monster and item dialogs doesn't accept any entered
- Cleaned unused variables in Scenario and Character editors code.
- Cleaned some remaining Exile 3 dialogs (Ishad Nha)

As always, report bugs in this thread.

Have fun,
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