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Where are the Dragons lairs?


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Well in absence of specifics I guess that I can waste my time and put in some random info.


E1 and E2- Motrax is in the upper North East corner of Exile north of Formello, Athron is in the far west-north of the honeycomb west of Mertis, past an impassible barrier(in E1 but passable in E2) but can be reached from the river/lake south of Cotra. Koth is north of Erikas tower and east of Grah Hoths tower- can not be reached in E2 but he is accessible by river. When you are on the river flowing out of the giants lake towards Erika's tower, the river turns a corner. At this point there should be a swampy outcropping from the wall. Land on it and look for secret passages(Its not a huge stretch of wall so this should be easy). Explore around here and you will find Koth. Sulfras is in the tunnels west of Fort Remote. Go through them to the north and once you reach the northern outdoor section stay to the west while you still proceed north- you should be able to find Sulfras.



There are only 3 dragons in this one and they all live together. They live in the far north-west of Valorim in a little valley/canyon into the mountain wall, and I can't describe their location much better than that.

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