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Terrain type stuff

Celtic Minstrel

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...I don't find it easier to distinguish, usually. Especially when custom graphics are involved.


Still awaiting answers to the above question; however, now I have two more things to put forth.


1. It seems that swamps are by default marked as "blocked to horses". This means that they give a false negative when checking whether to round off walls. Are there any objections to removing this property from swamps and instead replacing it with a specialized message? It would be something like the message when trying to take horses onto lava. Anyway, I'm going to implement it – if there's an outcry, I'll probably unimplement it.


2. A long time ago, I adapted the Avernum forcecage graphics as well as the stone block (the one you push around in the Test of Patience of A2) to Exile, using the default crate as a model. I could add these two as extended fields (there's still room for 9 additional field types if we wish; adding these two would still leave 7 unused bits). The stone block would behave much like the crate, except it isn't smashed when you slide off a conveyor onto it and it isn't a container. The forcecage I guess would prevent anyone on the space from moving off. Opinions?

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To (potentially) take this even further, maybe we should scrap all the map graphics and simply redo them...And of course I'd like people to be able to provide their own map graphics for custom terrains.

Generally speaking, I prefer the automap in BoE, but it is a small quibble. What I would advise against is requiring designers to create their own map graphics. Leave whatever feature exists now as a default.
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Sure, that seems reasonable.



Waterfalls were broken and now work again. In theory, they should now work in all of the eight cardinal directions. I haven't tested that though. Also, if there are multiple waterfalls that could suck the party in, one will be chosen at random (each with an equal chance).



I do wish people would comment on some of the other things I've mentioned...

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Originally Posted By: Celtic Minstrel
1.I want to make it so that damaging terrain doesn't affect you when you're in a boat. My question is, have there been any scenarios where you must boat over lava? (Or other damaging terrain.)

There have been. Truffle Days is one example I can think of. I don't believe that there are any in which the designer's intended behaviour was for you to take damage, though; they were just inadequately tested.
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Just for reference, here's my list of stuff left to do on this.

  • make conveyors work outdoors
  • make damaging/dangerous terrain not affect you if you're in a boat (easy)
  • call special when stepped on/used doesn't work – fix it (EDIT: Actually, it may partially work...)
  • can't use terrains with "call on use" ability – fix
  • Maybe implement new fields (pushable block and forcecage)
  • fix display of special spots so that they don't show up randomly and so that they allow the background to show through.

If anyone (such as Stareye or Niemand) has time and wants to implement/fix one of these, that's fine. I'm going to take a break from it and work on the new dialog engine so that you can view and edit the extended fields in the scenario editor. I'll come back to it, of course. And, to make sure they're not forgotten, I'll add them to the Google issues page.

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