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Broken Links, BoE Archives

Ishad Nha

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It looks like all of those threads are archived on the PPP, and can be easily located by substituting their topic numbers (the bit of the broken address after t=) into http://pied-piper.ermarian.net/topic/7/topicnumber in place of topicnumber.


However, it looks like these threads are all recent enough that they should also be stored here on the new UBB, for instance the party size thread is here. Since as this example shows, there are some posts newer than those is stored on the PPP, it would be best to link to the copies here, although this will be a matter of somewhat tediously looking through the old threads here to find them, as I can identify no correspondence between the old and new numbers.

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The problem with those links is that they are from the old forum, and the new forum has a different link format. So, if the links were reformatted, they should be able to work.


I'll go look at that quickly.


EDIT: Uh... the new link format doesn't seem to contain the topic number. smirk

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