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That stupid button!!!


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You must complete these steps in order:


1) Solve roach plague.

2) Slay Khoth, Sulfras, and Athron.

3) Solve slime plague.

4) Kill Erika.

5) Solve Trog/Giant plague.

6) Solve Golem plague.

7) Destroy Alien Beast breeding pools in the center of the Keep of Tinraya.

8) Return to the Portal Fortress. Press button.


You will be transported to a secret level. Well, actually, it's more of a secret hoax, because this entire post is just a trick.

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As the sign near the button says, to press the button and survive, you must have Class D (I think it's D, I haven't played the game in a while) Magical Protection. To get this, you must ask Ahonar about "platypus", as hinted to by the obelisk at the far northwest of Footracer Province later in the game. You must also have at least five points of Bizarre Fauna Lore on one character.

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You can't press the button without killing yourself. It's there to kill you and for no other reason. You do get warned.


—Alorael, who wouldn't take anyone who believes the rumors that Ahonar gives Class D4 protection. Ahonar gives you Level 14b resistance to nonspecific binding. Aydin gives you magical protection, but you have to get back into Avernum for it. You also have to have a total of 20 or more points in Gullibility distributed among the characters in your party.

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You guys are completely wrong. First you must kill Rentar-Ihrno's pet Spiny Worm and step once in the center of the runes. Then you have to go see the crystal souls and immeditely after buy the boat in New Cotra, buy the boat, by 3 Knowledge Brews from the shop in the center island, get the Major Blessing Spell by sailing into the west side of Ghikra, go to the trainer, max all your characters on archery and throwing weapons skill. Then you have to join the Anama and collect all five artifacts in the course of five days.


Well, I guess the above posts weren't wrong at all. You have to do what they say all beforehand.


Don't forget to collect the Xian Skull along the way, though; only with that can you really safely press the button.

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When the first person said this, it was moderately funny to those who like this sort of practical jokes.


When the second person repeated this, it was getting old.


By now, this "joke" is just idiotic.


This is not RWG board. This is the place where people come to get help when they are stuck in a game. And trying to confuse them is not funny.


Dyl, the answer is "yes, the button is there just to blow you up".

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