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equipment fails totally


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In G3 there is a lot of equipment that gives bonus to you and to your creations.I have it a lot but it seams it doesen't work.I know there was a topic which said it doesen't work on creations but it doesen't work on me either.


Example:-1 strenght +1 dexterity +1 to dexterity to your creations

Neither 1 strenght is decreaset, neither dexterity is increased for me nor for my creations.


I play as guardian and it really bothers me that I can't encrease my skill or my creations.I progress trought game very slow without equipment

When I played G3 first time it worked fine but now it doesen't.


I'm using windows XP Professional and my computer has everything it needs to play that is in game description.


Some help please

Or there is new version that solves that(I'm not familliar with it)


Or there is an updated version that solves that

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