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  1. Thanks! It still works though even if not on a Utak character?
  2. I see several items with + bloodletting. I don't see this skill listed or explained anywhere. Anyone know what it is?
  3. Ellyn in Sharamik teaches priest spells (pretty average): Call the storm - Divine Fire. Oops: Saw this was already posted above.
  4. So is the takeaway here that there is no need to put any skill points from leveling up into Arcane Lore unless one wants the 28 spellbook? Also, what about Nature Lore?
  5. Thanks, figured out which one I missed. It was the one from the inner treasury at goldcrag... tried to kill the sentinel but he was way too hard at that level. Thought I'd come back later but totally forgot about it.
  6. Was there supposed to be an 8th rare item to hand to Nicodemus? I found the 7 listed on this list in my playthrough but the quest never completed.
  7. Does the retrainer allow you to adjust stat points, skill points, and specializations? Or only skill points?
  8. Any idea what some of the other buffs you get like "blessing of the caves" or "crystal blessing" do? (They're temporary but in practice last long enough that you could have em up all the time if they actually had an effect).
  9. The gloves weren't in the original list at all (randomizer will check and add it). I just bolded the melee part cause that's what makes em interesting.
  10. Missing from the original item list: Duelist's gloves: 3% armor, 10% faster fatigue recovery, +2 melee weapons Drops in Tomb of Delrin-Bok, SE room with lever
  11. Move Mountains spellbook is "magically sealed". What does it mean? How do I unseal it?
  12. Does "Blessing of the Caves" from the Healing Waters near Formello do anything?
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