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  1. Raffle time! The winner is *drumroll please* ... GOLDENGIRL! I will be emailing you in just a minute here to get your mailing address. Thanks everyone for playing and yay!!! Exile II is 20 today! Thank you Lord Vogel for all your dedication in bringing us these awesome games! We appreciate you! It was awesome playing the most recent remake, it took me right back to when I was a kid playing the original. Viva Spiderweb Software!
  2. Whoops, look like ya did! No problem though, I'll make sure to eliminate the duplicate entry.
  3. Glad everyone likes Just a little bump to let you guys know there's less than two days left to enter the raffle!
  4. Completely done with the packaging and printing, these came out so cool! Less than a week to enter!
  5. YAY! I finished all the art. The first post on the thread is edited to include the final art and the raffle link. Now I'll start spreading this around my Twitter and Tumblr, maybe it'll get some new people interested in the series.
  6. 3 out of 5 done! Be sure to enter the raffle if you wanna, have very few entries at the moment so your chances of winning are really good.
  7. 2/5 images finished! And here is the raffle entry form: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1N-A0r9QgNFTlxd1if7eWNatElaZ_WJTTRSr-w-vmabU/viewform Go forth and enter!
  8. I found a copy of the JtHM Director's Cut at the bookstore the other day... my inner gothy teen was pleased, I never did get to finish the series because my parents had taken away my comics many years ago. So I'm finally reading it now. It's not nearly as good as I remembered, there's a lot of technical flaws in the art and the writing is not the best. I don't regret my purchase, though I do like Jhonen Vasquez best when he's collaborating with others (mostly Zim... Zim is great).
  9. Update: 1 out of 5 images finished, will set up the raffle form this week.
  10. Shriek! One month til the anniversary! I wanted to be farther along on this project than I am. Need to start picking out nice papers to print these on and of course get started on the final art. I'd like to set up the raffle soon too, so there can be enough time for anybody interested to see it and enter. Probably just gonna have it be a google doc where you can put in your name and email address, then use random.org to pick a winner.
  11. The gist of the test tells me: I am an introvert who seems cold to strangers. I have absolutely no desire to thrill seek. I am very easy to cooperate with and I have a lot of sympathy for others. I scrape by with the bare minimum of work needed and am easily distracted from my goals. I almost never act rashly, I think everything through beforehand several times before making a decision. I'm anxious and prone to suddenly burst into anger when frustrated. I'm self-conscious in social situations and easily overwhelmed. Very imaginative but not adventurous. I'm bored by hypothetical debates and I am very liberal. Yeah, that's all pretty consistent with what I know about myself. Though some questions were hard to choose an answer, I tend to flip flop between extremely high self esteem and extremely low self esteem, for instance. And I tend to avoid work until the last minute but when I do the work I do a damn good job. Not quite sure how to quantify that.
  12. I'm working my way through the Dexter books. They're very different from the show but still dark, strange, and oddly beautiful in how grotesque they are. This one I just finished is super duper weird and henges on the side of supernatural, which throws me off a lot. I will probably read the whole series but I have to profess I like the first three seasons of the show better.
  13. This was one of the tasks I was unable to complete. I only ever found one wrapped bug? It wasn't even an official quest or anything, so I let it go, but it still bothers me a lil bit.
  14. I used to be rabidly into Doctor Who but I stopped in the Matt Smith seasons... I dunno man, it's just always so convoluted and implausible, there's only so much stuff I can accept before I start raising an eyebrow. I can't tell if the show has changed or if my tastes have changed. I would like to muscle through it eventually to see the Doctor after him, maybe I'll like him a little better. I'm in this rut right now where all the interesting shows on my queue are ones my husband wants to watch with me, but he's always working evenings when I am in the mood to watch TV, so I "save" shows for him and try to scrounge around for other stuff to watch instead. So I've been watching all those somewhat trashy throwaway shows like Storage Wars and Ramsay's Kitchen Nightmares. They're like potato chips... fun but not filling and not usually memorable once it's over. I've also been watching every true crime show on Netflix. Going to run out soon. When husbando and I actually DO watch stuff together, we've been going through the new season of Bojack Horseman and MLP. I joked that it's the depressing horse show followed by the optimistic horse show. We also are huge Steven Universe and Gravity Falls fans and catch the new episodes of those a few days after they air.
  15. Luna's okay I guess.
  16. My messy computer desktop and my tidy physical top of my desk. Desktop background was a commission for me by an artist I follow!
  17. You're not alone, I didn't understand why the text kept getting broken up by bars of "glitch" graphics. Trendy!! ;P Interesting interview. I really am not involved in videogame culture, Spidweb games are the only games I play lately so most of the things they were discussing are totally foreign to me. The reminder to be smart about what sites you feed clicks to is a good one. It's easy to forget and become manipulated.
  18. Good lookin' group we have here! Here's a goofy one of me and a mask I made!
  19. I played it back in the day when it was Exile III... I'm sure I'll play all the latest versions of everything at some point. I skipped Avernum: Escape From the Pit initially so I'll be playing that one next. Play ALL the games!!!!!
  20. My parents are homebrewers, maybe I should ask them. ;D
  21. Exile II is going to be celebrating its 20th anniversary on October 21st- crazy! This is the game that got me into the series, I was completely obsessed as a kid and would play the free demo over and over and over again. I drew fanart and wrote fanfiction about my Nephil character and got trouble for it in school once. These games really influenced me and playing the remake this year reignited that passion. So I came up with a fun fanart idea to commemorate the anniversary. I am made a set of five postcards, each featuring a different iconic locale in Avernum and the Vahnatai Lands. I'll print three sets- one for me, one for Jeff if he wants it, and one for a random winner through a free giveaway. !!! RAFFLE ENTRY FORM: https://docs.google....-vmabU/viewform Deadline to enter: October 21th, 11:00 PM EST Prize drawing to immediately follow. Here are the postcard images! I'll be printing these out on nice paper, cutting, and packaging them myself. I hope you guys are psyched!
  22. ah, okay- so I really am done. ;o; I will cure my post-game withdrawal with fanart. Also I just found out there is a second Avernum trilogy soooo I guess I'll be starting that sometime
  23. Was wondering if there was anything else I can do after I beat the game... I have some unanswered questions like what the emergency demon banishing spells were for, I never needed to use them in the Garzhad boss fight. Also I wish I could spend a while just going crazy deep in Empire lands killing troops but I don't think I can. Is there anything worth doing or should I just stop?
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