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  1. My least favorite part is the dialog. I find it difficult to figure how a character should talk and how the conversation should flow. I'd much rather be writing plots and designing combat encounters. Those are my favorite parts. I think I could handle a collaboration, but not while school is going on.
  2. 1. My (much) older brother had a copy of the Exile 1 demo on our family computer. This was way back when I was about 6. I loved to play it, though I played it very poorly. A few years later (I think) he got the full version of Blades of Exile. I loved that one even more. 2. I've shown the games to a few friends, but they never really got into them. The common complaint I heard was about the graphics, a comment to which I respond by rolling my eyes.
  3. And that's that. The 15th and final session of the Eternal Flame has come to a close and... well, it was certainly interesting. I'll just leave it at that. I'll try to get the rest of the logs ready, but it's going to be slow going for a while. It was fun everyone. I enjoyed it, and I'm sure you all did too.
  4. Reminder! The next session is tomorrow, at 8:00pm EDT! Don't miss it.
  5. I haven't forgotten; I've just been very busy. School is starting, and that always seems to go hand in hand with utter chaos.
  6. Alright, we've finally got our date for the next session. It'll be on Monday, September 10th, at 8:00pm EDT. Mark is on your calendars everyone. It's gonna be awesome.
  7. I'll try to be on this weekend (meaning today and tomorrow) too. In fact, I'm on right now if anyone is wanting to play.
  8. I'll get a calendar up after some things relating to school get squared away. Hopefully, that will be very soon.
  9. Well, I just logged in, and plan to be up for pretty much the rest of the night. Anyone looking for a challenge is welcome to stop by.
  10. Whoa, time got away from me. Next session is about 20 hours away, guys. Don't forget!
  11. BJ walks up to Dintiradan's spoiler and browses through it. BJ: "Hey, I was actually here for some of that stuff." BJ conjures a binder full of paper and starts flipping through it. BJ: "Let's see, I made my first post... oh wow. Has it really been two years? Oh, and look at that, it was an announcement that I had a BoA scenario ready for beta. How many people can say that?" He continues to flip through the binder, scanning through posts of old, but not really finding anything significant. Most of it relates to AIMHack, BoA, or other assorted games.
  12. More detailed thoughts on each image: I agree that the background on the first one needs to be darker. Maybe a nice navy blue would give it that night-sky feel. Even then, I think it would still be a little cluttered. The way it is now, it's kind of hard to tell what's supposed to be part of the background and what's supposed to be part of the foreground. What I like about the second one is that it looks elegant without being overly complicated. You've got a nice color scheme that's easy to look at and has just enough contrast to make it eye-catching. The fairly simple background helps to bring attention to the figure in the foreground (instead of being distracting). The one thing that I think would push this one over the top is if there was a little more detail on the foreground-image. Right now it's just a silhouette, and really it looks like it could be a silhouette of anything (if this hadn't been Sylae and ponies hadn't been mentioned, I would have guessed it was an angel). I don't like the third one. The color scheme definitely doesn't work for me. Having that really light yellow with the navy and purple feels really jarring, and the yellow has enough gray in it that it ends up making the whole thing look drab. I really like the skull-and-wing pattern, but its smooth, curvy look just ends up clashing with the jagged lines in the background. Okay, that's enough from me now. Going back to being a typical male here and saying "those look really nice."
  13. Without knowing anything about the game, it's tough. Just based on the image and where it will be on the card, I like the second one best.
  14. And now for something completely different... The log of session 11 is off, and I come bearing quotes. Click to reveal.. (Just about everything does, Sarelim.) Leonere: "Chasing an assassin back to her home base where her friends probably live, through an unfamiliar city where the guards are probably already searching for us as murderers or accessories to murder - this is truly a plan that only a great mind could devise." Viatrix: "He is clearly working with Vyncin. Gorbus warned me that there was a traitor among us." Leonere: "Yeah, well, you moonlighted for Riglou. Pot calling the kettle, eh?" Bandek: "I think I'm just gonna have to move to a new island again after we're done with this job." Chantico: "Do not meddle in the affairs of wizards, okay? We're, um, I forget the next part. Point is, it's bad to meddle." Silis: "Vyncin's tale, and mine for that matter, is rather a long one. I hope you don't mind." Sarelim: "I really don't. It beats getting shot at, stabbed, and running."
  15. So, just to make it official, the next session is scheduled for August 16th, at 8pm EDT. It's looking like we're coming up to the end of the campaign here. Of course, it all depends on exactly what happens next, but it's possible we could wrap this up in the next one to two sessions. Now, since we are so close to the end, it's high time I handed out some more perks: Click to reveal.. (Perks!) Leonere Perseverance: Leonere's devotion to his faith has led him down a difficult path. Now, in the midst this hardship, it is his faith that sustains him. The first time in any combat encounter that Leonere's HP is reduced to 0, it is reduced to 1 instead and stamina loss due to excess damage is nullified. Chantico Firebug: Fire's nature makes it difficult to control. However, practice makes perfect, and Chantico has had plenty of practice. Chantico gets a +1 bonus when casting any fire-based spell, and once per day may give a single fire-based spell an additional +3 bonus. Viatrix All for the Cause: As a soldier in the army, Viatrix is charged with the cause of protecting Actan and its citizens. The greatest threat to that cause always has been and always will be Sactorria. Viatrix gets a +2 bonus to attacks against enemies affiliated with Sactorria.
  16. Nalyd still has to fill out the calendar, but it's looking like the first good date is Monday, July 30th, at 8pm EDT.
  17. Bad news. I'm not going to be able to do either of those dates, so we're going to have to push this back again. Sorry for the delays. This time, I've actually got a calendar for scheduling: http://whenisgood.net/yy2n8p8
  18. Mostly because I haven't taken the time to learn how yet. I'll do that sometime.
  19. So, uh, turns out I've actually got plans for the 19th. We're going to have to reschedule. I'll be free the 23rd and 24th. Are those good for everyone else?
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