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  1. cool -- figured, but I just wantedto see if anybody has looked at them on G5 -- I just did a ShockTrooper for the Demo area -- 15th lv, 10 Missile, 10 Mechanic, 9 Int -- 150 Essence for 2 pumped roamers tagging along .. lol. Just waiting to get a Vlish .. Magic is at 1, which is a Shockers weak-spot anyways. The ice crystals, javelins and thorns -- nasty damage, so I have to smile
  2. I am curious -- in G3 and G4, a missile based shaper is viable -- say 10 in missile weapons, say 5+ Dex -- and you have a shaper that takes a VERY active and powerful part of combat (instead of just sitting back healing & buffing) -- I know a Missile Guardian is fairly easy to make -- the spells and shaping weakness really hamper them, so essentially a missile based shaper in the long term is better than a guardian imho So the Int is lower 7 instead of 10 coming out of the white spires), since I initially boosted Dex to 5 (so his hit chances are definately better) so h
  3. Originally Posted By: Dikiyoba Originally Posted By: Mukwa edit: Yes I forgot one does see the create roamer cannister by the fort -- so technically one CAN create roamers in the G5 Demo -- but one cant use a roamer like one *can* in G3. Oh, you can sneak in and nab the canister early, so you can use roamers for some of the Whitespire area. Dikiyoba didn't like plated artilas in G4. Have they been significantly improved in G5? True -- one can be sneaky and do that -- thx. Yes, the Plated Arty's are imho worth it and the best critter one can use in the Demo area.. for the Plated A
  4. playing G3, G4, G5-- I have been playing G3 for a week -- so I can see the differences between the Fryoas, Cryoas and Clawbugs for Demo's -- G3 letting one create roamers and Vlish is pretty damn cool. As for the G5 Clawbugs -- yes I do create them early -- but the Plated Arty in G5 is better than the clawbug -- hands down. For early critters, I usually go in this order -- Fryoa, Cryoa, Clawbug, Plated Arty. (sometimes even bypassing the clawbug) ( I dont even mess with Thads) -- but I do make sure I am able to make a corrupted Thad for when I head to the depository later on.
  5. lol -- not with my archers .. , but for most at say 2nd or 3rd level to do the quest .. yeah -- as cavebows will be common.
  6. Well, I am still a Noob for the series .. as I have A6, A5, A4 and G5, G4, and G3 on my puter .. so I can only speak of the second trilogy of Avernum -- and maybe a few blurbs from Geneforge. The Graphics of A6/G5 and Interface are great -- I aint worried about features -- The "overall plot" is linear -- but with so many side-quests, there is a lot of non-linear feel to the all 6 games I've played. Out of the A4, A5, A6 group -- what I see in A5, A6 is great -- especially the battle disciplines! As far as annoyances that other people have brought up -- the A4 with having m
  7. I wonder how powerful they would be with Shaping .. I could just imagine some of the critters walking around with an Avernum wizard like X having some Geneforge ability ..lol
  8. the lizard pack is fairly easy to kill with sliths, so I had to go weaponless and just punch the beastie into submission .. lol. As I happen to kill him too easily ..
  9. For Brute strength -- yeah -- Battle creations are the way to go. Once I get my scorps, I dont usually need cryos anymore. Although, Magical creations are a trip as well. I might be strange but I equal out all my stats when I build my critters -- cause I hate it when they go "nuts", so I try and build up enough Int in them so they wont typically fail Int checks.
  10. Yeah, when I first saw it, it shot at my "archer" nearly killing him -- but that was it basically -- my 2 tanks charged it; healed the archer, then hacked the critter up. 2 rounds -- poof. I have killed the ice wraith at 10th usually, but with high damage pole-arms,backed up by spells, it makes short order of the beastie.
  11. Well, I just finished up the Crystalspawn sidequest in Portal Tower -- so everybody then knows my Slith are 10th lev. a little update on how the party is developing .. 1) For my first "blessing" - I chose 'spear', as the party are all pole arm users. It saves a whole level+ for that. 2) My main Tank is up to 10 Pole and is starting on Quick Strike. Next level, after buying a bit more Pole, new special abilitiers should pop up. His 7 Blademaster level helps with fatigue and Battle manuvers. 3) I am keeping the Singing Blade and Blessed Shortswords -- just in case I have spa
  12. yeah, the crypt wight splits into more baddies -- so the fight is a very tough one. imho -- just a tad easier than the ghost/abandoned mine one (with all the crystals & can be bought for 500 coins)
  13. yeah, my "priest" went PS/DT and my "mage" went NM/DT -- so they had spells, but with a skill of 2(@ 1st lv), getting new spell training is difficult. and yeah, NO First AId, Arcane Lore, Nature Lore .. nada .. so for most, 1st lv looks very bleak .. lol I am currently 7th Lev .. almost 8 -- just NOW getting towards Patrick and doing the last of the 3 main quests before Great Portal quest. doing all the side quests I can for any xp -- 1 thing I can say about the first few levels .. OMG what a pain, but once I had Nature Lore, Arcane Lore, First Aid, Luck settled -- I coul
  14. I started this last night -- just to see how it *might* work. I figured it might work against low-level critters, so I'll see. What I did was essentially do an all-stats kinda build So I created 4 Slith, and .... my 2 tanks, I did 6 Str, 5 Dex, 4 Int, 6 End -- so as to ultimately unlock Blademaster, Anatomy, Quick Strike and a whole host of specials. they went EW, DT of course my 2 spell casters went 4 Str, 5 Dex, 6 Int, 6 End -- so as to unlock ME, and other needed specials. -- so the stats look good -- but the skills are aweful .. so I know I will need to build up critica
  15. Originally Posted By: Øther Then if they tend to die and you often have the need for new ones, then it may be a good idea to put a few more points into your preffered shaping catagory. yeah, agreed...
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