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  1. Originally Posted By: Dantius Remember the anthrax mail scares a few years back? Killed a few dozen people. Terrified the nation. I would bet that hundreds of times as many people drown is swimming pools annually. Which is scarier? That was right after the 9/11 attacks which in turn caused people to straight away be worried there would be a pandimenic
  2. You don't even need to take the canister tome to mess up, if your caught back there you are done.
  3. Originally Posted By: Lilith It's called terrorism because the aim is to scare people, not kill them. If you get a major public institution quarantined so that it can't do business for days or weeks, you've achieved your goal pretty well. Killing a bunch of people 5 years from now isn't necessarily going to be a lot of use to you compared to killing a few, making a few more sick and making absolutely everyone panic. But What causes more terror than killing many, What would scare you more a disease that could have a small chance of killing you or one that has a large chance of killing you?
  4. Originally Posted By: VCH The endings are mostly the same. Jeff really forced the ending he wanted. Doesn't that ruin the atmosphere of the rpgs and avernums open endedness?
  5. I was introduced to the series by Geneforge 5 So I would say it would have to be my favorite for that reason and some others, I'd say geneforge 2 was my least favorite it felt a little reptative to me.
  6. Head hurts must have Advil.
  7. A hug from me for saving me.
  8. Um let me get back to you on that one (SoT help me)
  9. So in a sense its hardwired into the game and messing with it is nearly impossible and ill advised?
  10. Those are the things that make me wish i knew how to make a teleporter, like in pyros geneforge trainer. But lets say you get passed said gap would anything be on the other side?
  11. On the last quest but i believe i've checked there before.
  12. Seriously, Long winded sentences that take extreme amounts of words to make a simple point? We've got a new Socrates.
  13. Oh i seem to be conused on what the source code is.
  14. I just can't seem to figure out how to get there. I've tried going from all the concieveable ways and it seems like they are all lead to dead ends. Could someone give some advice? Thanks.
  15. Ahh, wait a teaser? Something you do to tease us in the game? I really do not see the point in that.
  16. But the engine is not what he's talking about I think. I percived him talking about the ideas.
  17. I just finished reading The Lost World it was a really good book.
  18. Since when did Student of Trinity become a philospher?
  19. I like the sound of the people walking. Personally I think we should have more of that sound.
  20. The cackling demon? Is that his name or did you just forget it?
  21. Is there some way to add on to the hard-codes?
  22. just surround him with pyro roamers (i think thats the name) and have them die around him. Thats my favorite way to kill those disrespectful people like Rawal. I wonder if there is a strategy out there for just doing that.(Sorry about not using the quotes accidently deleted them when editing.)
  23. Speaking of secret rooms did Jeff design the upstairs for Quessa-Uss in G4?
  24. Bathos, I have a hard time seeing what they took from geneforge.
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