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  1. The problem is that if we get too hung up on trying to preserve compatibility for every bug that might have been worked around or used by designers then we quickly get to the point of not fixing anything.
  2. Originally Posted By: Karoka Would the ability to have your own custom sounds in a scenario be possible/worthwhile? It's probably possible. Whether it's easy to code or worthwhile is a different question.
  3. It would be interesting to say the least if someone tried to make a whole planet.
  4. Originally Posted By: JtD It wasn't an option. I could never set it below 1 or 2(I forget which). There was a specific setting to make the creature not move, but it had to be done for each individual creature. For breakable terrain, it's way too tedious & wit would better to be able set the speed to 0 and/or add an immobile option to the Monster template itself... That 2nd opens up some brutal options, like Door Ninjas... It can't leave the space, but it can beat you down just the same. Lol at the phrase "Door ninja".
  5. Originally Posted By: null i actually have some plans to make a crossover scenario, in which each edition tells the story from a different perspective. To get the 'entire' story you would need to play each one. That sounds like a pretty cool idea.
  6. I like the idea of being able to change the look/name/job texts based on an SDF. How easy it is likely to be to implement is a different matter though.
  7. Speaking of town sizes,I thought a large town was 64 x 64? Or has that been changed already?
  8. Originally Posted By: JtD The problem with the "just use an immobile monster" remedy is that the limited amount of monsters that can be placed in a town makes it impossible to replace very much terrain & still have creatures in the area. If I'm not mistaken, the limit was 50 last time I checked. Hardly enough to really get the job done. It was mentioned above that the limit will be raised, although what to I don't know (is 65535 asking too much?)
  9. What exactly does "harms" actually mean in this context anyway?
  10. Originally Posted By: Matanbuchus Originally Posted By: Celtic Minstrel The main question is whether to give each item a unique description, or have a set of descriptions separate from the items and assign each item one of the descriptions. That is, a one-to-one mapping from description to item, or a many-to-one mapping? A mix of the two? Say, put in default descriptions that are automatically assigned based on item types, but allow the user to later freely edit them one by one if s/he so desires. Something like this: http://www.radiolantine.com/misc/boepic.jpg That's a cool idea. Dunno how easy it would be to code though (although presumably CM does).
  11. Yeah, the item descriptions weren't what I was talking about when I said it would be easier said than done.
  12. Originally Posted By: CRISIS on INFINITE SLARTIES I believe Asp gloves increase the damage you take from poison, or maybe it's increase the levels of poison you receive each time you are poisoned. Now you say that it makes sense.
  13. Originally Posted By: TheLostOne The ability to add item descriptions, similar to 'Realmz' so you can add a little flavor to those special items EDIT: Here's something else Allow for weapons to have other special abilities, not sure how to define it all that well, but for example, let's say for example, that you have a spear called Gungnir, that acts as a pole weapon, now let's say this spear can also have the ability to be thrown like a ranged weapon, except it behaves like a regular weapon, and since it's a special ability you wouldn't have to worry about charges or anything. That's a cool idea, but I'm guessing it's easier said than done.
  14. I think Asp Gloves have a chance to poison you and are cursed. The radioactive bars randomly disease you I think.
  15. Originally Posted By: Celtic Minstrel Originally Posted By: Cryolemon As I said though, if you added it to a new terrain type that wouldn't exist in old scenarios, it wouldn't break the game. But if that's all you want to do, it's exactly equivalent to making a monster that can't move, so why not just do that? That's a good point, and if it's not simple to program (as the previous post seems to imply) then there is no point at all.
  16. Originally Posted By: Celtic Minstrel It is indeed a neat idea, but not, I think, one that could be implemented in Blades of Exile without breaking the game. As I said though, if you added it to a new terrain type that wouldn't exist in old scenarios, it wouldn't break the game.
  17. Originally Posted By: Celtic Minstrel I think I know what the problem is here. You can place a special on water all you like, but when you're in a boat you won't trigger any specials. Would it be possible to change this? Or would it break things?
  18. Originally Posted By: CRISIS on INFINITE SLARTIES Yeah, this is a very specific change, that most scenarios would probably not want to use, and that would entail fairly major changes to a few aspects of the game engine. Not gonna happen. Would it be possible to make a type of terrain that could be destroyed by attacking though? It wouldn't have to be the default wall terrain, it could just look the same.
  19. Originally Posted By: Celtic Minstrel Attackable "terrain" is already possible. Just make a monster that cannot move. Cool, I wasn't aware you could do that.
  20. Originally Posted By: brumagem downloading a piece of software from the internet for personal use is completely legal on your part. Microsoft may disagree, and I would guess they have more expensive lawyers than you.
  21. Originally Posted By: brumagem So you downloaded and installed it onto a flash drive using a compatible computer? Was there anything special you'd done to the drive? Nope,the drive was a normal (but quite old I admit) USB drive. I have no idea what computer the game was downloaded on, I had it ages,presumably Windows XP though.
  22. Originally Posted By: Celtic Minstrel I suggest we fix the counter but (at least for now) leave in the fact that equipping/dequipping never ends the turn. Also, you should probably add a check to prevent the counter going negative (if ap < 0, just show 0). That seems the most sensible idea.
  23. I suppose it has to be asked, but is that behaviour actually a bug, or did Jeff intend it to be the case?
  24. Originally Posted By: brumagem Originally Posted By: Cryolemon I've played Exile 2 on a Windows 7 PC (admittedly E2 was run from a flash drive, but that shouldn't make a difference). Details, man! Tell me how! Not much to say, except that the install folder was on a flash drive, and I ran it as an administrator.
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