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  1. If you're asking when or how you get access to the basement, there are two parts of it. One part you won't get access to until the endgame. The other part you can find a way into as soon as you get to Fort Foresight.
  2. I think this is the part of the code where it tallies up Avadon's military and political strength, based on what you have done: sf(100,24,0); if (gf(16,66) >= 3) // saved ft foresight inc_flag(100,24,1); if (gf(12,13) + gf(13,12) + gf(20,23) >= 2) // kill 2 biggies inc_flag(100,24,1); if (gf(0,40) >= 2) // honor tokens inc_flag(100,24,1); if (gf(1,23) > 0) // chabon inc_flag(100,24,1); if (gf(0,29) >= 4) // callan quests inc_flag(100,24,1); if (gf(0,47) >= 4) // laria quests inc_flag(100,24,1); if (gf(4,22) >= 6) // eye dymas quests inc_flag(100,24,1); i
  3. Although this is true for most of Jeff's games, Geneforge 5 did have a game-losing faction (out of six total). He dropped some hints that you might want to consider a different path, but they were nowhere near as obvious as most of the hints he drops. I find the Tinkermage to be an exception to this, since Turrets have such high Vitality costs. Though probably the most powerful class, I found I did have to be a bit stingy about when I took out the really good turrets, or he would run out of vitality long before his companions.
  4. Does anyone know what items that give you a % bonus to blessings and curses actually do? I haven't noticed them increase the duration (at least not in the skill tooltip... I haven't checked to see how many rounds they actually last), and the strength of most of them seems to be pre-determined (ie. Resistance Chant gives 20% resistance to magic and elemental damage). Same things for skills. For example, Shadowalker's focus gives haste and spine shield for 5 turns, and at level 3 gives regeneration for 3 turns. Dues raising the skill above 3 actually do anything (aside from unlocking Blades
  5. The Battle for Wesnoth (a freeware turn-based strategy game) came up with a good solution to this, though it handles ranged combat very differently than most turn-based games.
  6. If I recall correctly, in Avadon 1 when you do your companion side-quests, isn't it just the two of you? I at least seem to remember that being the case for Jenell's quest. And having a handful of "all hands on deck" moments (like, say, the final Miranda fight or storming Konstantina's stronghold) would be pretty awesome, and also heighten the dramatic tension. Another request along the same lines would be the ability to abort the special companion quests. I initially accepted Dedrik's quest, and then changed my mind after meeting the Kva mercenaries, so for the rest of the game every
  7. Perhaps Jamie doesn't particularly want you to watch your step. Or say anything else to encourage you to keep your guard up.
  8. From what I've gathered, we're actually more likely to see an Avernum prequel than an Avernum 7.
  9. Also note that you can change the difficulty level on the fly, so if you start on torment and find that you're not enjoying the game, you can just turn it down rather than having to start all over again. Though this might disqualify you for certain achievements, if that matters to you.
  10. Might I suggest not doing this right away, but leaving the topic open for awhile (perhaps even stickying it?)? Then, once you feel most new suggestions are either fringe requests or redundant with things already here, call it finished and send the email.
  11. If you watch him closely, he does have some of that text that appears above characters heads saying something like "We'll let you live. For now."
  12. I'm personally looking forward the most to the G1 remake.
  13. Avadon also has a long history of letting people who have committed major offenses against it (Claw, Xenephone) off the hook because they're too valuable to be severely punished. Considering that you have (depending on how far into the game you are): ...you are most likely in the same boat. Even if your offense is greater than those two, so are your achievements.
  14. And perhaps we would go through a few more rounds of counteroffers... but even if we still ended at an impasse, and I still had to choose between either burning the records or fighting the Grey Raptors, that's different from a character development perspective than immediately defaulting to one of those two choices. There are other parts in the game where there are "neutral" answers to questions. I guess what I'd (realistically) want to see in cases like this would be for the "neutral" options to still be there even if they don't work. Like at the end of Dedrik's quest.
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