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  1. Yay log! I like the way you integrated the side-stuff, too. It's nice to see all the things that were actually going on. :-) Will there be a calendar soon, btw, or are we going to hold off on scheduling for a bit?
  2. Originally Posted By: Mod. If you are playing Windows: 1. Right click the icon and press "open file location". 2. Open the Data folder 3. Delete all the contents of one of the numbered save folders. Yep, that worked, thanks! :-)
  3. I've decided to play through Geneforge again, but I'd prefer not to do so with my old gamesaves staring me in the face and distracting me with all their high-powered-ness, or I'll end up just playing the ending over and over. (Yes, I'm easily distracted.) It's not important or anything, it's just that I'd prefer to start with a clean slate. So, does anyone know where the "Delete Saved Games" button is? Or, lacking that, does anyone know what files I can safely mess around with to accomplish said save-game deletion without making the game go *poof*? Thanks!
  4. The reason I ask is because I hate the interface, graphics, and most other parts of BoA,(though I will admit I haven't actually tried making a scenario for it,) and vastly prefer BoE. The conversation system is the one thing that I'd rather have more control over. (It somehow doesn't have the same impact to have the options "atta" or "join" as it would to say "As it so happens, Sir Emzwalt, I would rather kill you and take your palace for myself. Prepare to die!" or "Certainly I would be honored to join your imperial legions as their commander.") But, even if BoA-esque-ness is out of the question, would there be ways to more smoothly integrate conversation with the rest of the world? For example, allowing conversations to be force-started by nodes could be very useful, or the ability to both set a flag and force a conversation end. Things like that. Another thing I'd be interested in would being able to can change the look/name/job replies based on flags, or apply specials to them - like you can normal conversation nodes.
  5. I have not read through all the many posts out there; I'm just wondering what, if any, plans have been made for altering/improving conversations. I personally wouldn't mind a more BoA/scriptable approach - I do have some issues with the BoE-style conversations - but I wouldn't necessarily want it changed over entirely, as there might be times when we would want the old version too. Thoughts? Comments? "The discussion you're looking for took place already"?
  6. (I think that may have been because I forgot I was the healer and kept using combat spells long after I should have switched to healing people)
  7. I think it more likely he feared a resurrection of the age-old "Avernum vs Exile" debate.
  8. You can get Blades of Exile free now that it's open source, and I personally like the old exile-style graphics much better that the A1-3/BoA ones. I don't have the download link(s) handy, but there's a few updated versions of BoE that have bugs fixed and new features and whatnot. (I'm not sure, but I think they're different depending on whether you're using Mac or Windows.) I'm afraid I don't own Blades of Avernum, so I can't really provide much of a comparison as far as scenario quality goes - but I'd say you can't go wrong with BoE. And since it's free you could always buy BoA too. Maybe even try your hand at making a scenario or two. We can always use new designers. :-D
  9. Will they be going to get a tab in the Compendium, then? That would make things a lot easier to keep track of. (Unless this is a non-canonical system, of course, but from the sound of it, it seems to be well on its way to becoming standard.)
  10. I've been meaning to ask...how exactly does Alchemy work? I noticed in both City of Hope and Aldath that various things were collected as Reagents (Water, Earth, and Fire reagents, to be exact) ...but I couldn't find any info about Alchemy listed with the rest of the system on Ephesos' site. Is the reagent system something copied directly from D&D, or something that was decided upon behind the scenes? In either event, if you could let me in on how it works, I'd appreciate it. :-)
  11. I didn't read through all of those, but there are plans to increase the limits on the number of graphics and nodes and everything, right? That's probably the most important thing to me.
  12. http://www.macintoshgarden.org/author/richard-white
  13. Wasn't Boutell the guy who had the giant anvil in Exile 1?
  14. Yay! Thank you! (It looks like you may have used the wrong version of my stats, though...that one still has the divination and thievery in it.)
  15. Originally Posted By: Ephesos This is essentially why I'm against a hard cap, though I do want builds to become a bit less extreme... so I will likely give the HP=10+(2*STR) formula a chance in the next thing I do, along with a damage re-scaling. I personally would be more in favor of a HP=10+1/2(level*str) or similar formula; that way you don't totally stop when you don't increase your strength, levels have more meaning, but it also doesn't make when you get your strength important. Just a thought. :-)
  16. Hmm. Thanks for the info. Maybe I'll think about doing a one-shot or something in a few months; see if I have what it takes to handle something of such magnitude, ease into it a bit...
  17. If in the future at all, me DMing is probably in the more distant future. I don't know enough about the game's inner workings, for one thing, and I'm a slow enough typist that I'd probably drive everyone crazy waiting. And I get the feeling that the amount of preparation needed is probably vastly larger than it would seem from a player's perspective. Intimidating, to say the least.
  18. Ooh! I want to do this! I've got a character I've been working on; I'll send him as soon as I finish (probably sometime this evening.) Thanks for running this, Dikiyoba; even if I don't get in, I'm sure it'll be fun to follow your campaign. :-D
  19. Click to reveal.. (Adira Level 8) 1 to Intelligence, 3 to Nature (4+5+6) Name: Adira Occupation: Adventurer Race: Human Alignment: Heroic Level: 8 Skill points: 2 Str: 6 Dex: 5 Int: 6 HP: 52 Stamina: 10 Martial (Blades): 6 Magic (Transmutation): 5 Magic (Conjuration): 3 Nature: 6 First Aid: 5 Perception: 5 (RB) Stealth: 4 (RB) Crafting (Alchemy): 3 Ephesos: would "10 or (2x level) skill points, whichever is higher," be an accurate description of your leveling system? Also, am I correct in assuming that Bluff, Diplomacy, and Intimidate are all now included in Composure? If so, the Races sheet could do with an updating.
  20. Originally Posted By: FnordCola The one major weakness I can see in the AIMHack system is in the way skill points work, especially when first building a character... I agree, the posted system was heavily broken in that area. I likely would have taken advantage of it had we not switched to the much better, current system. But as it is, the information on the website is outdated as far as leveling is concerned - all the currently-running campaigns that I know of use the same cost whether you're creating a character or leveling it up. 1 point for the first level, two more for the second, three more for the third, etc. The number of skill points gained per level varies, but is generally at least ten.
  21. Originally Posted By: Nioca But now it's in Adira's bag. Adira's bag is where it belongs. For now. I've still got plans for that pussy; I just need one more levelup...
  22. I'm not sure how good of a tester I'd be, but if you can give me some pointers I can give it a try. (I'm afraid I came too late to the BoE party, and haven't had any formal interaction with the community. Apart from some graphics work for CM, but that doesn't really count.) Mistb0rn mistb0rn -at- aol.com Average; I've played two or three of Alcritas', several TM, and a bunch of other less memorable ones; but nowhere near all there is available.
  23. I'm not sure how prepared I'll be, but I'll be there! Also, Yay legend! :-)
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