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  1. Tired of waiting for a response so I reread Matt's walkthrough...problem solved! Shapers saved! Thank you....
  2. I'm on the way to free the Shapers and used Khyryk's crystal rod on the control in the entranceway. I then went to C on the map and stood on the pad, waiting for the door to open, but nothing happens??? Any suggestions would be appreciated.....
  3. I have forgotten how to devide a large number (of whatever) into smaller quantities. Appreciate if someone would take the time to refresh my memory!
  4. Thank you for that explanation! I'd forgoten all about today so I guess I was the April fool!!!
  5. I just checked my original answer and I did not type "Rancid miter"! What the heck is going on???
  6. Thanks, Randomizer, but I've gone through them twice, no luck. The Book of Answers lists it under Madness Mire, just fyi.
  7. I have been over the subject grounds looking for this charm, with no luck what-so ever. Even went back over Twin Mind Tunnels just in case, no luck either. Any clues as to where it's hiding? Thanks.....
  8. Thanks for the warning. And for genereal info, one can travel safely by pylon and even walk around in "forbidden zones" without loss.....
  9. Appreciate your help and concern (sincerely) but guess what? "backtostart" works just fine! So there's one for the books. Thanks again....
  10. Erasmus, sorry if I wasn't clear but the land mines in the second test do make me dead (while having all 3 artifacts equipped) and then I return from the dead at the the village of Harkin's Landing, 7 zones away (to the East) from your "cats", thus fullfilling all stipulations laid down so far. Unless I hear further I believe your closing statement about Jeff is correct and will try "backtostart" just for the heck of it.
  11. Using the game map that you provided, Harkin's Landing should indeed be safe being 7 zones to the right, but it wasn't! I got there empty handed...What am I doing wrong? I go through the tests with an eye to collecting the three articles and once I've got them, head back to the one below the very first test. It's the one with the land mines on the way to the centre, gets me every time! Now, when I get there I'm wearing all 3 articles and through the tests I've made use of the cheats "ouchouchouch" and "leetbuffz' to be able to survive that far. Comments?
  12. Erasmus, thanks but no thanks. I am computor illiterate, wouldn't know where to start.. Randomizer, I'm back again and I don't have it! Thought Harkin's Landing would be far enough, but, wrong again. I need you to be specfic as to where I can go. Thanks for your patience.....
  13. As I don't fully understand how these games are put together would you please be specific re "adjacent zone". I guess New Harsten doesn't qualify, right?
  14. Thanks, Randomizer. I find the memory isn't what it used to be! Whoever invented Forums did a good thing!!
  15. Have just passed the tests in the Fang Clan trial and would like to bring back the sword the bow and the leggins to the surface. I came across Bryce's ref to the suject "trick"at the end of page one in that large post. There it made ref to the Fang Clan's relics, but it was years since I played A5 and cannot remember how that went! Anyone care to refresh my memory? Thanks...
  16. Randomizer, Thanks for trying, it's always nicw to hear from you and your fabulous memory! But not this time! As I said in my post this is a drop door without a lever but even though Matala, the Golem, is dead, standing in front of it won't open it...so maybe I got a bug???
  17. Under items of note one item is shown as "Blademaster's Charm" in the Book of Answers. After killing the Golem and getting the key from his wrist, I used it on one locked lever for a drop door, ok, but the next drop door in that section of the workshop is not controlled by a lever, that I can find, but standing in front of the door doesn't work...it just won't open! And all I'm missing is that charm. This door is on the east side of a N-S passage that on the accompanying map of the shop, looks like a cross. Any help w/b appreciated, thanks.
  18. To Draco:I'm sorry but I cannot relate to your directions as they don't apply to the map in the Book... in my original post H & I would be north and south and the empty incubator at J (which has no controls) would be east. The units at H&I are referred to as " machines" not control panels, and are the same as the unit in the middle of the room , which does not have an assigned letter. I've tried turning on the power to these three units in different sequences but nothing works to blow him up!!
  19. Working with the Book of Answers, a PC,mechanics level 8, I've made my way to confront Phariton in his hall. I've turned on the power @ H & I but, according to the book, I'm now supposed to use the controls @ J but there are none! only an empty incubator. There is a control stand back near the middle of the room, but every time I use that, Pharoiton sees me and blasts me to bits.... Any suggestions?
  20. Just wrapping up Geneforge 1 and find out I need something called a crescent stone to get to the Inner Crypt. These can be found by killing the crescent shades in the Western Wastes and/or the Drayk's Vale. Two problems-one it doesn't mention this in either of these areas and, two, I'm not sychic! I've gone back to each location twice since I found out about these stones and no shades, nothing since I cleaned out everything on the fist pass. Question what do these stones look like? Do they have a resale value? Could I have already killed these guys, taken the stones and sold them, 'cause they aren't stored in my special items. If not, any hints on where in these two areas should I concentrate my search efforts. Thanks in advance fot your help.....
  21. Using my Book of Answers I completed Section 7 in the walkthrough went back to the Castle to report to the Duke, and before I did got caught in a couple of minor quests I'd picked up along the way. Now, in completing the walkthrough quest, the map for area 17 was easy to follow and agreed with the walkthrough. But when I went back to the Pits and explored from east to west and north to south, then press on "tab", what is shown bears no resemblance to the area map 17 at all! Disregard this post-I found the stairs leading under the Pits.
  22. Thanks, Randomizer, I also turned down the difficulty to slow as well as kept well ahead of the water!
  23. N/E corner @ N. Go through room with trap/gate and meet a series of ogres that manage to "knock" me out, three times now! My two partners on this quest are Nathalie and Jenell, and I'm playing Windows 7. Can't find any ref to this in the Forum....please help.
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