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  1. When I spoke to Litalia in GF5 (I used the female pronoun because I play as a shocktrooper) she very much seems to know the PC before, although she denies it. If we assume that Shaila is the GF5 pc then she would have had to meet Litalia after Shaila met the GF4 pc, because she met the GF4 pc right after she was first Shaped by the Geneforge and became an important person, rather than a low-level mage. The way Litalia acts to you in GF5 highly implies Litalia already knew you before GF5. The way she acts says to me that when she knew you before you were a typical rebel lifecrafter; canis
  2. I looked at the code for mine triggers, and (I don't know how much code-conversation is allowed on these forums) but in some places it called a "distance_to_pc" function that I assume is pure distance and neglects stealth. However, in an if-function that controlled whether or not it blew up, there was a "can_detect_pc" function called (which I assume does include stealth) So... yeah.
  3. Originally Posted By: Ouranosaurus Dikiyoba names the G5 PC Shaila whenever Dikiyoba chooses the shocktrooper class. It seems to fit. 'Course, I name all my female characters Shala, and shocktrooper is my personal favorite class. But that's coincidental. (I name all my male characters Waladil.) And Shaila is quite a possibility... Even though she's minor, most of her history is vague enough to rate interaction with any other given character. If she did meet Litalia, I'd suspect that it was after the PC meets her in GF4. She was Shaped by the Geneforge, but I get the impression Litalia
  4. If you are willing to learn or have any skill in coding already, there is a folder (Geneforge #/Geneforge # Files/Scripts) that has all the scripts in the game. (Anyone know what language that is? It's either C, a C variant or Java, I think) What I did, once for fun to cheat, was found a canister I hadn't opened, found the file from that level, and changed what it modified to make it not increment my "canisters used" count, increase the skill by 10 rather than 1, and copied the skills increased several times and changed what skill they increased. Also, I found a way to stop the canister f
  5. So I heard a few people on this forum saying that stealth does not affect mine detection radii. But it seems to me that it does, based on this image: Click to reveal.. (image) I managed to pull that off with 5 stealth bonus (3x infiltrator items, Mercuric Boots) and when I tried with just 2 stealth I failed consistently. (However, I should note that it took me about 2-3 tries to get in with 5 stealth [that's 2-3 times per attempt at entry; I entered at least twice, each time with one or two failures first], but I tried more than 6 times with 2 to no success.) So it seems clear to me t
  6. Ya. It isn't so much for fun than for the heck of it. I made an Agent, and at first I re-scripted the game to get to lvl 61 ASAP (that is the cap,) then I turned canisters into super-stat buffs(10 to five at a time, no negative effects) and now I'm burning my way across Terrestria, with a character almost as tough as God. (God has better items than I do.)
  7. It annoys me how people change things, but it's just neccesary. For any of you who played Deus Ex and Invisible War (NO DEBATES ON RELATIVE QUALITY!!!) the "true" ending was a combination of multiple (I think you took out A51 + joined w/ Helios)
  8. I eventually did it. I don't like the Trakovites, so I never tried until near the endgame. Then I just pwned her ass like I did for everyone else around there.
  9. I have an idea for a potential GF6. Just throwin' it out there, if anyone wants to think about it. In Astoria's Keep, there is someone from a different continent, and she says there is no Shaping where she is from. So, here's my idea. Hundreds of years from "now," the rebels have won and the drakons rule Terrestria worse than the Shapers ever have. They now decided that just Terrestria isn't enough, and they want to attack the other continents. The other continents, even though they have no Shaping, have developed semi-modern technology (think late 1800's early 1900's) and are d
  10. Wow. at least 2 games w/ that name (I KNOW there was a zone in GF4 with that name, it was the second "true combat" zone I would clear) and a person. What did that guy do to become so famous?
  11. I haven't been reading the other posts but my opinions: Most: Alwan. Least: Taygen. I say Alwan is the most ethical because he has a certain set of opinions, and sticks by them. There is no lying around his camps. Everybody else lies to some extent. I say Taygen is the least ethical because A. He is trying to mass exterminate at least a dozen individual species, B. He is betraying the Shapers (by killing their creations) and C. constantly lies about it.
  12. My theory: There is one key for each faction, right? So where's Rawals? I just think that he has his key somewhere and won't ever give it to you. The door is just there. Oh, and what bothers me is that the control mechanism mentions eight keyholes, not six. I'm pretty sure that it's a typo, though.
  13. Its actually comically easy. Buff out your mechanics (I keep an extra set of armor to do that, infiltrator + tinker stuff) defuse one of the mines at the throne and get everyone in before the ghosts start to hunt you. Then, its basically a waiting game. Travald will soon die, and you can take his stuff.
  14. Ok... For some reason I dunno who Master Hoge is. Oh well. I like the Monarch idea: One option in GF4 is that you convince Monarch to leave and head into Shaper lands (here.) Perhaps he just went further insane. My personal theory is that you are a little like Shaila, the first mad enemy you see in GF4. For those of you who don't remember, she was driven insane by the Geneforge and started killing. I think that when you were Shaped, you went insane, but more subtly insane than Shaila. You were Shaped, given basic training, and sent into Shaper lands by the rebels to create rogue
  15. T Dikiyoba; I wonder why some changed. I liked the Rothdiziron. T. Taliesin; I knew that some were unstable. Like the Thahad. P.S. I hope I spelled names and creations right. BTW, Taliesin, your name is in Spell-Check!
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