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  1. While BoE is a powerful utility, there are still many limits. For example, there are things in the original Exile games that cannot be done with BoE. Some can be overcome, but with an awkward solution. Known limits include: - Players start off with the Soul Crystal, which cannot be changed - Cannot have situations like the Slime Pits (player must cast a spell to destroy it) - Cannot have triggers which happen when an NPC is attacked, only killed - Impossible to make special items into maps (or link them into graphics) - Books cannot be edited - Can't make dungeons where Mag
  2. I've noticed that in the Scry Monsters menu, there are information about "Skill" (different from combat level) and stuff like "9d10". What do these numbers mean? Is there a way to determine the maximum damage a monster can inflict, etc?
  3. I've noticed there's an evil acolyte in Bolton that always attacks my party when I enter his room. But when I cast Charm on him, he becomes a helpful NPC that identifies items. Was he always hostile? Speaking of which, are there any other hostile NPCs that help you after you charm them?
  4. On another note, I *think* I used a memory editor to give one of my characters over 7,000 SP or something a long time ago, but I have not been able to do the same with this computer,
  5. In the Exile games, both PCs and NPCs have advantages over each other. For example, consider the following in Exile 3: NPC advantages: immunities, more than 250 HP and 150 SP, super damage (pack leaders can hit over 80, which cannot be done by PCs without assassination), more default AP, more powerful ranged PC advantages: luck, invincibility, ability to summon more powerful monsters (via Simulacrum), assassination, and of course, the Editor. Just curious, if you could have any advantage that NPCs have, which would it be? Similarly, if you had to sacrifice a PC advantage, w
  6. In my opinion, archery and thrown missiles for players in E3 is far underpowered. For example, the Vahnatai warriors can hit up to like 37 hits with steel razordisks. My characters, almost level 50, can hit nowhere near that, even with blessing spells.
  7. I don't have the registered version of BoE, but... With an editor like BoE, there are many possibilities. What do you think would be projects to consider working on? For me, I have these ideas: Fantasy worlds - based on novels and movies: Narnia, Middle-earth (Arda), Camelot, Dragonriders of Pern Fan version of other games: Final Fantasy series, Zelda, online games like EverQuest and RuneScape (may have copyright problems) Interesting places in the real-world: large caves, like in Carlsbad Caverns National Park, and other National Parks; famous cities Places with
  8. On a more unrelated note, the efects of skill rings do not stack either.
  9. I know that the Ring of Resistance resists many negative effects. Does anyone know all the things the ring protects against? Also, are the protections as strong as the "specialized" ring? For example, does a Ring of Resistance offer the same anti-ice protection as a Ring of Warmth? I'm considering replacing my other protection rings with a Ring of Resistance. Finally, I know that Pachtar's Plate protects against many other things as well. Would Pachtar's Plate make a Ring of Resistance redundant? I appreciate any input.
  10. Sorry for asking so many questions, but does anyone know how to get these weapons without cheating? Thanks in advance!
  11. Quote: Originally written by Thuryl: Specifically, every point of bonus is +5% to hit and +1 to damage. In general, the damage bonus is a lot more useful than the to-hit bonus, since it's relatively easy to get enough weapon skill that you hit all the time. Thanks for the advice. I don't think I made a bad choice when I dropped my magic bow (+4 bonus) for an archer's bow (+3 bonus, +7 defense).
  12. Aside from the damage setting, what does the "bonus" do? Does it add additioal damage, additional dexterity, or both? Thanks in advance.
  13. Quote: Originally written by Alor&aaelig:l: I prefer to make my entire party Highly Alert for just that reason. —Alorael, who actually likes giving most of his party most positive traits. The experience penalties are for the most part outweighed by the benefits. Yeah, me too.
  14. Has anyone ever encountered this annoying problem? Basically, if you get webbed by a spider three times in a row, you'll lose a turn. However, if you lose a turn, and the spiders keep webbing you, you'll never get a turn, resulting in an infinite loop.
  15. Does anyone know how to get an Archer's Bow without cheating? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.
  16. These are for E3: 1. When you buy the tickets from Vok in Farport, or when you pay the wizard for information on the Ring of Endless Magery, you don't lose money. 2. This may be just an oddity: For every party member to know a spell, you have to buy it for every one of them, but not for alchemy recipes. 3. A Nephil group once attacked me, but their shaman did not show up as usual. Even though I killed everything, I could not end combat. 4. For the final quest, when you are imprisoned, it says that over 2 days have passed, but your day number doesn't change.
  17. Dang. I guess that the only way to remedy the situation is by advanced hex editing. That means I'll have to start a new party. Ah well, I need a break from Exile now. Thanks for your help, though.
  18. What's the highest damage you've done with melee, range, magic, and poison, in any Exile game? In Exile 3, I've done around 70-80 total damage with the black halberd, and sometimes up to 90 total damage on alien beasts with the Beastslayer Blade. For magic, I've done up to over 150 with Ravage Spirit and Kill, though I might have done even higher. For range, I can never seem to do a lot of damage, especially when compared to empire archers, but I've done 35+ hits on demons with Arrows of Light (with a yew bow). My highest poison damage record is around 37.
  19. If you did not use the default names in the games, what names did you choose, and why? Here's the ones I used for Exile 3 (at least on this save file): ixfd64 - That's the identity I use on the Internet. Of course I should be a hero. Baratus - He's a very powerful fight from the game Hexen. I also used the name "Baratus" on an online RPG. Traductus - He's actually a villian from the game Hexen. I just felt like using the name. Samurai Jack - Samurai Jack is a wise cartoon character with amazing knowledge and awesome skills. I'm a huge fan of that cartoon, so I picked it. Plus
  20. Well, I just completed Exile 3, but sadly, not without cheats. The shame. Anyways, I have two questions: 1. I have the game saved at several steps from the final special, after Erika has appeared to battle Rentar Ihrno. However, I have some quests that have not been completed. If I use the editor to take myself out of the Keep of Rentar-Ihrno and back outside, will it mess up the game, if I try to finish it again? 2. If not, would it be a good idea for me to use two files, one for completing the game, and one for exploring other places?
  21. Does anyone know how to pass the barrier at (34,27). The guide from GameFAQs says I have to go there, but doesn't provide any information on how to get past. Help, please?
  22. Dumb question - can I only have certain characters join, or is it "all or nothing"? I'm assuming it's "all or nothing".
  23. Could anyone please hook me up with the solution for the brazier puzzle in the Black Halberd quest? Thanks in advance. {{SPOILERS}} edit: never mind, I got it.
  24. It would, but even three hours wouldn't be enough. It would probably be better as an epic. But the Exile series would definately make a good series of novels.
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