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  1. As we know, there are various scenarios for BoE and BoA out there, some good and some not-so-good. However, it would be a hassle for an admin to update the list of "good" scenarios every time one is released. Therefore, I am proposing an automated voting system. Basically, people would submit their scenarios through a dynamic "portal" maintained by Spiderweb. People could then write reviews for the scenarios and vote on them using the standard scale of 1 to 5. To prevent people from blindly judging new scenarios, no voting would be allowed until 24 hours after they are uploaded. The scena
  2. In Exile 3 and its Avernum counterpart, Erika perishes when Rentar-Ihrno activates the curse that Garzahd put on her. Erika doesn't appear in any later canon, so it would be safe to assume that she's gone for good. However, death doesn't seem permanent in the Avernum universe as there are resurrection spells and whatnot. In that case, is there any official reason why no archmages have tried to resurrect Erika (or any other key character for that matter)? Or is she deader than dead?
  3. I might be wrong, but I don't think Blades of Exile used a serial code system; IIRC, the whole game was sold on a CD. Perhaps that's what the price is refering to. Speaking of which, I wonder if there are any hard copies of the game in stock. I imagine it'd make a great collector's item.
  4. I'm a little confused about something: although the source code for Blades of Exile has been released, the game is still being sold for $15. Selling a game and making it open source isn't mutually exclusive if only the game engine's source code is released; it's often the game content that holds market value (id Software is an example of a company that does this). However, this thread suggests that all of the game content is available under the GPL. If that's the case, then why not make the original game free? I don't really see the point of buying the original Blades of Exile other than
  5. Originally Posted By: oh, mother You're limited to four characters, yeah. Of course six is always better than four, but four is plenty enough to make it through the games with little difficulty, because, as part of the rewrite, the games were rebalanced for four PCs. You can still get one of each of the major character types (fighter, rogue, mage, priest), and there is opportunity enough to have dual-skilled characters, so you never really miss the extra two characters. Thanks for the information; that's what I thought. By the way, has Simulacrum been removed or nerfed in the later games
  6. This is probably a dumb question, but here goes: I've never played Avernum before, but I really want to try it soon. As we know, the original Exile games allowed up to six characters per party. While the first Avernum trilogy is supposed to be a remake of the Exile series, the screenshots for the Avernum games show only four characters. So my question is, are parties in Avernum limited to four characters? Or are only four of them shown at a time? If it's the former case, then has it been compensated in any way (such as more powerful abilities)? I'm sure there were situations where it
  7. Using the five-year-old-and-handcuffs example, it's possible to remove them if you have help from other people and the right tools. I find it strange that no other mages were able to remove the curse as well. In fact, there were no mentions of other mages even attempting to do so. It's possible that this is all PIS (plot-induced stupidity) and Spiderweb Software had planned to kill off Erika some time in the series. Originally Posted By: The Advanced Butt Slide It's worth pointing out that, in Exile 2 at least, it is implied that Rentar is _not_ the strongest of the Vahnatai mages. Sh
  8. This is an interesting topic. In many games, it is possible to kill "unbeatable" NPCs, although this often causes the game to act up. For example, in the game Winged Warrior III by Dataware Games, it was not intended for players to be able to kill the Nova Knight. I was able to do so after training my character to a very high level, although this caused the game to act buggy. I've tried to damage Rentar-Ihrno many times but all of my attempts have so far been unsuccessful. I've tried methods like Wound and Martyr's Shield but they have not worked. By the way, I know this question is
  9. In late 2005, I posted a topic on BoE limitations. The funny thing is that quite a few people thought that the BoE source would never be released! Since those people were proven wrong, there are now many, many possible things that we could previously only dream of: source ports that work with Vista and other systems - since people have done it with the classic Doom games, I don't see how the same can't be done with BoE. easier to create books that can be edited make dungeons that negate certain spells without intensive coding moving walls without having to use nodes intensively mo
  10. Originally Posted By: Murmilladillo The trilogy has been available as a bundle for over a decade. The price of the bundle has been lowered at least once in that time. Blades of Exile, meanwhile, has been released in open source. I know the original Exile trilogy has already been released as a bundle, but it seems that no collection is complete without all four games. I'm sorry if I wasn't very clear in my original post.
  11. Ah, I see. Thanks for the information.
  12. Does anyone know how to desecrate evil altars in E1? An FAQ says some that evil altars can be desecrated but there is no "Ritual - Sanctify" spell in E1.
  13. Thanks for the information. I don't know if it's just me, but Exile seems significantly harder than Exile III. I think I'm going to cheat a bit and then restart.
  14. I have a few questions about the editor for E:EftP. I was very frustrated with one part of the game, so I used the character editor to give 20 luck and level 7 mage/priest to a few of the characters. However, after I got through that part, I decided to lower the stats back to what it was, the editor would not let me do it! Does anyone know how to lower a skill using the editor? THe "-" button does not respond. Also, does anyone know how to restore spell points? The editor only seems to restore HP and not SP. Thanks.
  15. Since the original Exile series is becoming old, would it be a good idea for Spiderweb Software to release a new bundle containing both the trilogy and Blades of Exile?
  16. I've noticed something interesting about a few of the sound effects in Exile III. A long time ago, I had an educational program that taught Spanish. Whenever I got an answer right, it would play a sound. Two of the sounds were very similar, if not exactly the same, to the ones in E3. They were the trumpet sound (when you entered a town) and the guitar stroke (when one of your characters levels up). The company that made the software was called ProOne or something. Did Spiderweb Software ever sell any of its sounds to educational companies, or vice versa? I'm just curious.
  17. What game is that from? Just curious.
  18. If you could invent items for the Exile series, what would they be? Here's one I made up for Exile 3: Pixie dust (inspired by Peter Pan) It would come in two varieties - regular and refined. One use of the regular pixie dust would allow the party to fly for a short time, as if casting the Flight spell. The refined pixie dust would allow the party to fly longer, as if rubbing the Orb of Thralni. An interesting twist: Maybe one of your characters would sometimes become allergic to the pixie dust and get sick (but the party would sitll fly). Refined pixie dust would not have t
  19. Quote: Originally written by The Retortionist: —Alorael, who can't think of any secret passages straight off the river in Upper Exile. There may be some if you disembark first, but the boat is mainly useful for entering the side of Ghikra and for exploring some of the inaccessible shores of the river. I think that in Upper Exile, you can follow one of the eastern rivers for a magic buckler.
  20. Sorry for bumping this up, but the Anama are hypocrites. Shouldn't Priest SPELLS still be considered magic? Oh, and the "items crafted through holy powers" and whatnot still belong in the Magic category. Oh, and if you rob their tmple, they use Quickfire as defense. And what's that? A MAGIC spell!
  21. Oh, and Smite (the hammer) really helps. Try to get it and give it the PC who is the most proficient in bashing weapons.
  22. Omri is actually a Biblical name, as well as the name of the main character in The Indian in the Cupboard.
  23. Well, I got some new records: 63+63 with a Black Halbred 33 with Fury Crossbow For melee without assassination, I suspect that the highest damage possible (with curse, paralyze, and bless) for a character at level 50 with the maximum strength and the Exceptional Strength trait is: 2*damage + bonus - enemy's armor With bless, the weapon stats are 20d + 24b. Sure enough, I have not been able to hit over a 63. For ranged attacks, I think it's a bit different. With a Fury Crossbow and magic bolts on another level 50 character was 33 damage, again using curse, paraly
  24. Are there additional damage modifiers? For example, a dog (with an attack power of 1d2) was able to hit a 9 on another dog (although one was blessed and the other paralyzed).
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