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  1. Would it be possible for a new editor for blades to be made, that would still except the old format (obviously) but able to do a few things I've thought of, that would make it better, such as... Custom Sounds, play music possibly? More options for item making, stronger abilites in items (if you wanted), some sort of feature that makes it easier to place custom graphics in the games... and so on and so forth. I think that would be great so if Jeff reads this he should really consider it, especially the part about making easier ways to stick graphics in.
  2. ...Spooky, what Zeviz wrote at his site with the script and all that? gives me the chills, all of it... And I agree with kayflick, that's probably what happens...
  3. I'm seirous! WHERE IS THE FREAKING RECIPES!!!! It's driving me bonkers that I can't find it, no offense but I need some help, not some stuff about FAQs.
  4. Uh... I don't think you guys get it because I forgot to mention that the fact that he it would be cool if he somehow miraculously survived, by making a creation of himself or something in GF2, and everyone thought he died so then he returns and begins competing with the rebels in making some really powerful thing that will turn the tide (like the geneforge) but he beats them to it and begins winning the war and the rebels and shapers have to unite to survive.(just a thought)
  5. Does anyone know where the recipe's for the Essence Aegis and Ring of the Infiltrator on GF3 are? I already know what components I need but I've noticed something rather interesting, even if you know what components you need and you have them, making the artifact won't work until you have the recipe (funny isn't it?) that stinks I know but if anyone can awnser that it would be a big help as I can't find either anywhere.
  6. Actually no... I didn't know the editor could do that... unless it's the one in Dhonal's keep your talking about? Did anyone notice another glitch? Whenever you ask the editor in South End to give you good equipment it gives you a few pieces of junk labeled as Unused and they look like a patch of grass. Has anyone noticed this or is it just me?
  7. What if Barzhal returned with the Barzites, only a LOT more powerful and started making his OWN Geneforge?
  8. I'm Awakened all the way, however unfortunate it may be that in GF2 they're weak (no kickbutt creations availble) they have the right idea, diplomacy, don't utterly butcher your enemies (stupid takers...you know in GF3 that made me so mad when I found out I was helping the TAKERS because not only are they massacring barbarians but they're kookoo )! However it was interesting about the part with Ghaldring, I always wondered what was behind the door in GF2 ending...also the rebels kill too many people...innocent ones too... and I like the Barzites because of how much power they offer, but you gotta admit they're not nearly as bad as the shapers with the servile issue, they acually let the smart ones live
  9. ...Whoops, forgot to add that, the error said that it couldn't load the script because the node (or nodes) was either incomplete or too long, or as I mentioned earlier it is a problem withe the install site.
  10. What?! not a shaper? BORING! I always liked being a high and mighty shaper (hey who doesn't)?
  11. Yes, there is an editor for G2, by Xioa, (I think that's how you spell it? It's not a script (well it is but you know what I mean) editor but it's still pretty dang good (unlimited gold and essence man)! However, you can't get skills, or creations form it...
  12. G4?! YESSS! Looks like I can't call it a trilogy anymore...(sigh) Hey the weather and the big battles (especially the battles) sound COOL! Better graphics is neat as well Jeff should also do better sounds , on another note, I wonder what kind of spells there could be...more mental spells I hope, I simply LOVE wreaking havoc among my enemies by taking control of them and having them fight each other! Probably the best thing that's happened in a long time
  13. Hey, the person who made Croikle's editor for G1 the first part doesn't work, or the install site is buggy , just to let you know, but the second part works fine
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