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  1. Fine, dont like runescape it wont be my fault that when you die you'll look at what its like, and wish you played....you ppl dotn have t like runescape but I find it better than every game, srry that you dont like it - you might not like runescape, but of course we all love family guy {seen every episode}
  2. Yes, i found A3 almost dissapointign casue it was the easiest game i had ever played {and stil ever played} on my life, while that is bad, it is also very fun to beat it 6 times a day
  3. i'm 68 smithing and thats my worst skill, he should play again, and srry forgot about that advertising thing.......
  4. runescape can top all games, and to that person who hasnt tried it before......you've wasted all of your until now not playing it.....PLAY RUNESCAPE HANDS down TOTAL BEST advise EVER on these boards -keep in mind that runescape is better than wow by a long shot...and uses java
  5. A better answer to all your needs is PLAY RUNESCAPE, you can have a house, items dont go away unless your gone for a reasonable amount of time, you can talk to friends you cant talk to any other way, you can merchant get very very very rich {zezima has 34trill and could 6x that much any time he wants} and you can have cats......catspeak ammys.....fish.......petrocks {dunno how yet} and soooo much more, runescape can top any game anyday {especialy like wow and turf battles, those games suck and wow is totally unafordable}
  6. oh ya i should have checked auto save, ty. and to all you gay wads that dont like runescape, you can go jump off a cliff and on the way down you'll wonder why you were never really happy, and that will be becasue you never played runescape casue you dont think you will ever be able to be an event match for me. -your all in awe because you cant imagine how a game so good could ever be made from java script, so get over jelosy of that {and me owning you} and just play and you'll love it sooo much you'll hate yourself for ever thinking it was bad. and another reason {only read of your still really gay and dont like runescape, which is horrible} if you dont think it can be fun, ask the 8 million people that play it. {it might be 10mill, not sure}
  7. Sweet i'll blow my 4 hours before 6 am doing that =] Ty - I finished him easy, then did the E N T I R E giant quest and part of the last rentar fight, then died and i hadn't saved sinse the shade R R R R R R R R R R r r rr r r, those are the things that make me quit games, when i die and have to do like 4 hours of play again,thats why runescape is here to save us all.
  8. Yes eposhes {typo no comments} but that is better than the exile thing of leave town everythings gone, and for other ppl, the mansion isn't expensive at all,even without cheating i can reach max coins and have to blow it all on junk like fake anama rings, mansion, and even buying things fron stores and dropping them...wish there wasnt coin cap like there isnt on A4
  9. I didnt know that happened, sweet im changing day to 230 and seeing what it looks like on a new file that hasn't done anything to help.ty. -my record of time is having the golems almost done at the slime deadline so i wouldn't know about late events ;P
  10. Yay im glad ppl arent calling me noobie casue doing that was a 5 minute fight for me but ya, you should try it, its very interesting and almost as amusing as me getting the fire cape on runescape. :pwnage in there:
  11. Yes, but wouldn't that make you warn inside seeing a basilisk gaze and suddenly realize he's stone? Jeff should make some new graphics for that, basilisk stares,looks surprised,then becomes very very hard and falls down and shatters {a long time of work on just 1 monster right there lol}
  12. Ya, some of this is kinda new to me too i havent played A4 in so long so dunno, but do you get the shade mission sometime during the period where you can enter the abbys and giant lands whenever you want, in that area of time in game?
  13. yes i agee with *i {who ownz}, petrifacation can be very annoying, but can give you more of an interesting battle and the tactics and stuff you use if you have to fight off lizards with the ability to turn you to stone {i stil think mirror shield would be good idea}. you should play runescape casue they do have mirror shields for somtehing close to that purpose, but they still have them ;D
  14. I would prefer no petrifacation touch cause it can get annoying in big fights where you are almost done some stupid basilisk freezes all my guys, Jeff should add option of a mirror shield so basilisks freeze themselves instead if you have one on =P
  15. Lol, I wish i could set goals like you about stayin up, I'm having a problem about stayin up for games, for the last 3 weeks Ive been up to 5:am on school nights and weekend on runescape, It has payed off on me being where I am, but casueing toll on my grades =\ - by toll on grades i mean from A's to b+/A- lol
  16. If you wanna cry in your sleep and wet your bed with nightmares: try the final fight of A3 without attacing for 30 rounds, with no weapon armour or anythign at all, then try to finish it with 2hp each player only with using sticks. that might make you embrace torment normal, or it might be so easy you think im a retard, i don't care about either one really
  17. Its all a metter of opinion, I find it funner than all the avernums put together, you don't have to. -your bad choise i cant help you through all your years of meaning less sloppy depression fom no runescape =/ and sss-chah, if you think runescape is gay you should go check your name and appearence. runescape is just to advanced for any of you ppl to grasp how a game as cool as that was ever made with java script. {and your jelous cause i could own you all in 1 hit with my full dharok/dragon and whip
  18. Wo cares, i think a balanced party goes good, 1 blademaster 1 poleman 1 archer 1 mage &priest in same guy. but over all that JUST PLAY RUNESCAPE, in runescape you can switch character types, and cause it ownz =D, im lvl 80 and have only played a few months =]
  19. I was wondering, have you ever thought of Geneforge 4 as wasting Geneforge 1-3,, I put in SO much work toward these stupid greedy shapers, and now I kill them all?? Does that make sense? or is this post a waste of time, I havent played the whole game, please tell me that the shapers kill the rebels, otherwise I'll scream. I don't know of any dramatic changes, plz tell me if I'm wrong.
  20. In Avernum 4 what is the song the piece is cut out of, is my original question. Ty for the info thoough, i thought they were just made for the game, like some games when they pay some band or whatever to play a tune for it, i think anyway, i'm to dumb to know for sure.
  21. i'm not judging him or putting him down, just my stupid opinion. Lots of people like it i know, i won't question their opinion, but we all think differently.
  22. This post may be moved, but speaking of tunes.... what is the {piano played i think} tune played when you enter avernum 4. If you could tell me, i'd apreciate it. Ty guys
  23. Sweet, i needed help on that one too. Ty ppl.
  24. well, i wouldn't have posted as i did if i remembered you don't HAVE to DISARM traps, srry, and thuryl has a point, on the 90% chance, ignore me {exept when i'm asking a question}, i hate being ignored when i'm stuck.
  25. Quote: Originally written by SevenMass: more than 16 you don't need anywhere in the game. (that is 13 +3 from items) you need to play more in the game before you post those things, you need a 20-25 in the abyss and i'm sure you need more in the giant lands for stuff,{odds and ends}.
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