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  1. I'm also having trouble getting the achievement. I did not use any cheat codes in the zone. I did however change my difficulty setting in the zone, because I normally don't play on Torment. Any thoughts?
  2. When I see this, I think of swaths of creations spewing bolts of magic everywhere and sheets of flames roaring down from the PC. It would be a beautiful sight.
  3. Quote: Originally written by Randomizer: The agents and guardians seem to stay in the back ranks from the way Jeff ran them in GF4. Except for the whole Agent mentality of sneaking through enemy lines and causing havoc. (Infiltrators?) Also, Agents are usually not seen as controlling masses of creations in the way Shapers and Guardians do, they usually rely on themselves, with a little support here and there. Though when needed they can shape. . .
  4. The only one is in Eliza's Bunker, which you get access to after you kill Eliza or help Moseh. Whatever comes first.
  5. Quote: Originally written by Infernal Flamming Muffin: @nd what happens if you beat G2 as Barzites without using canisters(or not taking on the effects)?[/QB] I will take a guess as the same thing minus the whole becoming a god thing. Maybe everyone else becomes gods and you are just a human.
  6. Just like Adal said. . . If you are really desperate, use the shift-d cheat to reset your rep, clearallsects to reset and iloveserviles/ihateserviles. Also, I can't remember where, but there is at least one person who gives you a free rep change.
  7. Quote: Originally written by upon mars: Yeah but i think that gazers are not so in involved in battle because they didn't suffer an extermination like the drakys did which are determined to crush shapers to a certain point therefore more active against the shapers. Only problem I have with that is that in G4 (can't remember if it is mentioned in other Geneforges) one of the Gazers that you meet says that "they" do not like Shapers because their kind is Barred.
  8. Good question. I would say because it is redundant, but in reality it is only as redundant as the other new classes imo. I <3 Agents.
  9. My guess is that it depends on class. As a lifecrafter, definitely favor weapons that buff your creations. As an infiltrator, I just finished the game, and I beat most of it with the Guardian Claymore with acid effect enchanted on it. Also, look below. As a heavy melee class, either pure damage weapons or weapons that give you ancillary effects (Oozing Blade)
  10. This combo works very well for me Character 1- Nephil, Swordsman/Archer Character 2- Slith, Spearman/Archer Character 3- Human, Mage/Priest/Archer Give each character the takes extra poison damage trait, Elite Warrior for #1, Natural Mage for #3, and probably Elite Warrior for #2 (been a while since I have played )
  11. (For non Takers)You can get the Fang Token in the place with the bands of cryoas
  12. They are in book format. They are not electronic to my knowledge, but I bought them a while ago.
  13. Buy the hintbooks!!! They are like a light in a dark cave.
  14. For plot and the ability to use the Geneforge I say G1 was better
  15. I use the editor for occasional healing and gold.
  16. Why couldn't the party be the protectors of the Avernite area of Valorim?
  17. More people leaving scenarios in the Pit of Unfinished Scenarios.
  18. Maybe this will mean that the game will be proportionally better
  19. Maybe this will mean that the game will be proportionally better
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