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  1. If you are talking about the package from Formello that was supposed to contain sort of medicine for a child. That's lost in . . . ummm . . . on an island in the lake south west of ruined cotra I think. . . Edit: presuming you're on Exile II. Edit II : I would thought it goes to the woman in the inn, but not sure as I am miles away from the Exile.
  2. Somebody is digging in the past. well. . . and wondered if this poll could have swallowed Ultima or Wizardry or Bard's tale??? Also wondered whether this looks better in the General Forum. . . for, under Exile trilogy not much chance for Geneforge to get voted? Lastly wondered whether digging up just makes the board dustier.
  3. Somebody just thought this an interesting poll to bring back to life. . . for the newbies at least? As a newby I say Troglos. . . Kil dem fil gud. Kazi no gud but no matter, kil, fil gud.
  4. Quote: Originally written by M's Provocation: Ah, just as long as no one puts Linda When I first voted for this poll and read the above message I was not aware of the discussion in the thread below. thoroughly disgusting Now I begin to get a glimpse on this community's feeling.
  5. Priest Spell. . . Move mountain. Though this does not move any mountain it does make holes. Funny, the spell called Shatter, though sounds insignificant compared to Move mountain does more work than the latter.
  6. Sombody adds to Thuryl above. . . . . . and cast capture soul on your incapacitated PC and cast Simulacrum to recall it above Bill Gates' head while he's asleep. Edit: i didn't do that for nothing
  7. It looks more like your system's in trouble. I wonder if this link might be of help? windowsxp troubleshooting or this, which you can find from the link above. microsoft support I hope you will pay ssufficient attention to the Trojan warning at the firsst linkss.
  8. Finally sombody deciphers a mystery. . . sorry TM Edit: That sombody also deciphered, belatedly, that TM is the maker of the scenario under discussion! Thank You. - personally.
  9. I agree with your 'RPG' concept, in terms of party structure. . . I also use those with no obvious real benefit just for fun, and went through most of the scenarios. I think none of those above meant to force you to change than just to give their 'strong' opions. If it comes to initial survival strategy you might want to read the thread below, in case you have not done so yet: Getting my butt kicked Quote: Originally written by PDF I didn't find any "functioning" shops, the blacksmith *tells* he's ok to sell stuff but nothing appears ! I wonder whether you have sorted the problem out yet. I went back to play it and found that the shop keeper 'Petty' offers to sell 'weapons, shields, and armour' and that a good range up to the iron class. I wonder whether you have neglected telling him what you want to buy. I managed to get out of the first encounter of the Bandits alive, with the default party of BoE by hasting my mages as solomon stroke suggested above, but progress afterwards proved a bit too tedious for me. . . well having to come back to town after every single battle to rest (by pressing long-wait)and so on. If you find it too difficult, one thing you can do without resorting to Editor or Trainer, would be to eqiup your party with nice custom made weapons and armour using the Scenario Editor. Say. . . if you make 99 arrows with 0 weight, 40 damage and flaming, then a bow that hastes you occasionally with hefty bonus, and name it whatever nasty one you wish. That will give you every reason to make everyone archers. . . but well yes, that sounds even worse cheating.
  10. I wouldn't want to write a spoiler but very generally. . . he will anonymously help you when you're in the Quarantine to exit into a volcano(very helpful!). . . then you will travel into the mountains up north-east to enter the Vahnati lands . . . at the northeast corner of that land you will finally meet him, and get a clue regarding how to ruin the tower of Rentar-Ihrno. Sadly, if you rest in his room you will see him butchered by the Vahnati soldiers and your last encounter with him will be at the tower of Rentar-Ihrno who holds out Bon-Ihrno's blood-dripping head. At first, I went into Rentar's tower without meeting Bon-Ihrno, but same thing happened, an encounter with his chopped head. But when I fled from the tower - for tactical reasons of course - I found him alive in his hut (Ahoy!!). . .well. . . however I warn him of the danger, he manages to be killed again.
  11. Same number as the other polls <Favourite Plague> & <Favourite Story>. . . Hmmm are there only 26 active users on this forum? I wonder...
  12. I am sure you will find much fun in downloading and playing however you would. I just add a few tips, hope these are not included in the 'technical' advice you mentioned. If yes, ummm. . . sorry /make multiple save files at different level/ As some other members already said in different threads. This will save your time, when you get bored of creating new parties all the time. It's like taking picture of your party at a certain level. In my case I have two different parties all of whom have lv1, lv20, lv30 save files. Various different scenarios required different level and you are not likely to play all of them in one sequence according to your party's development. /make multiple scenario folder/ I am using PC and it took sometime for me to realise that if you have more than a certain number (20?) of scenarios in your scenario folder BoE would not recognise the excesses. At first I thought there were problems with downloading. I ended up making scenario folders 1, 2, 3, 4 and changing the name to 'scenario folder' according to the particular scenario I want to play. - does it make sense? Regarding which scenario to play, I enjoyed most of the scenarios that appear as solid adventure - well, I think many of them were better than those three provided by Jeff. And whatever you start with, I think you'll end up playing most of them. I wish to play some of your scenarios someday. Appy adventuring! Edit: almost forgotten. . . after playing, you can show your appreciation and /place your review/ at the Spidweb review page.
  13. Quote: Originally written by Spring: The lady in Formmello (E2) who tells you where you can find 'that fat bastard's' mushroom patch. Hmmmm.... any-one else think its a bit suspicious? Yah, that's Rose I like, a fellow adventurer drunkard information sharer. Anyway the 'fat bastard' is a merchant alchemist in the town - name forgotten - who dominates regional supply of toadstool, but still buys those for price, and she tells you the secret patch where these are grown. Not very 'suspicious' I think Edit: And as I remember the Motrax lady says something like : 'How great it would be to be remembered and remorsed by such a powerful being of wisdom . . .'. My impression was that she enjoyed Motrax's friendship as something that raised her social position, while her heart belonged, somewhat, to Ko.
  14. So three guys and one girl. The guys dumped the girl dead in a pit, covered with slimey oozes. Then one went off ended up in a pile of filth, the other was a money mad, and the last preferred softport. I think I overestimated Anaximanders prowess in choing a group.
  15. If that happens, in my humble opinion, that will prove only that Jeff really really really has time and money to burn.
  16. My vote goes to Linda the brave (and a misunderstood blundermaker) Sorry M's Provoc. I wish Elspeth was on the list for not so obvious reasons and Oh Rose, who ordered lots of beer for herself. Nobody seems to like King Micah. Hmm... his gloves were alright though.
  17. Rather difficult to choose. . . but I am for the Exile II. The most exciting waterfall ride and that into the unknown, where the plot meets a sudden change. Should get the A2 next.
  18. It's the tomb of Delrin-bok, one of the two deranged dead alien pain in the bottom, on the way to Fort Haledon, one section west of Olgai. The area around it is also infested with these baddies rendering it one of the least pleasant spot to be in all exile. When I read 'Ahbleza' above, I thought I solved the problem. . . (The speed of course! that's why I couldn't see the breath.) . . . I tried it, yes, but I still cannot see anything from these filth-breathing invisible low-lives. In the end, I applied generous doses of Character Editing, before finally ran out of the tomb. . . without solving the puzzle, irritated to the bottom. Oh dear my fellow adventurers of the underworld. . . Could it be the settings of my machine? or is it originally not visible in the Exile II(unlike III)? Well, may be my party is just not strong enough. In case you have solved, do any of you know what's in there?
  19. Got it! Thank You All. Especially Ahbleze. That's why I couldn't see their breath! eeee. pretty obvious!
  20. Am currently playing Exile II crystal souls - again -. When I first played I skipped this Vahnati tomb infested with guardians. How best do I deal with this? They're so annoyingly difficult to deal with.
  21. dervish n. . . a member of any of a number of Muslim religious groups, some of which are famous for dancing, spinning around, shouting loudly, etc. as religious practices - Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English, 1987. Hmm. . . sounds rather funny, "dancing, spinning around, shouting loudly". . . which some of my dumb characters could have done. . . Ooops, sorry for disturbance but me a non-native English user. Is it time that I invest on a new dictionary? Anyway, it can only mean an honorary dervish if the Dervish means heavily armoured fighters in the order of Empire army. How could my mages and priests have become a dervish. . . well Avernum 4 should tell, I suppose.
  22. Does record the name of town/location(automatically), but not the name of the person who said so. (not like Exile III) Sometimes gets confusing. You might want to put these information by yourself.
  23. Save and Restore and long wait and rest and camp . . . shamelessly . . . steal whenever possible . . . pick up and equip yourself with whatever you can grab. . . Glad that there is someone else who likes to keep the same party structure as I do. Just one difference I put Priest on the 6th because a priest tend to get heavier armour and more skill points to spare on other fist-fight related skills. I would not be an expert in all these and had the same problem with you. Not sure how I got through but I remember shamlessly saving/restoring . . . and waiting for luck to come around. . . Really tedious and frustrating at the very beginning but that is part of the fun, I think . . . the Challenge part. . . which gets depreciated when you use the Editor almighty. Oh! for the sheer joy when you first realise that your fighters knock some serious blow on those bullying bandits and OOOH! for the ecstasy when you hear the screams from those poisoning goblin fighters at almost every blow. I generally agree with all others who advise on blessed fighters. Well, I did not know, but come to think of it, in the end I gave up using attack spells because they were too taxing on what little SP my spell casters had. Good planned character development, as important as it is, I think, helps more after the infant period. One down turn in my case. . .after the initial stage my spell casters and thief did not seem to grow as fast or as much as the fighters, which meant I could not develop my party to do any serious adventure that my fighters were willing to do. . . another delicious challenge. . . but alas, I confess that I had succumbed to the seduction of the Editor almighty at this point. Now they are too powerful that I left them in a quarantine area and never allowed them to go out on any other adventure . . . I now regard them as a bigger threat to the BoE than the plague in that valley.
  24. Many Thanks Alorael, I wonder whether keeping this topic suit this particular thread. . . . reference to Troglodytes being fish-men I think I got from the Realmz and the Might and Magic . . . not sure better check . . . but the word Khazi should no doubt be credited to the word spelt in the same way in Indian literature but originally came from Arab and used in the Arabian Nights as well. . . well who knows what others used . . . About Nephilim, Yes, that reminds me that the name appears in the Genesis and some other OTs in the Bible, curiously though, as giants. Funny though, now my mind is fixed on Nephils being cats. No idea when or how they became cat people. Any one? It might be an interesting topic . . . ooops sorry, I don't think this should be in this string.
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