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  1. Troglo personally definitely . . . I have kind of forgotten how I did this . . . many months back already . . . but just because it is nearest to our own historical era. (** Unpleasanter Alert! - Please stop reading at this point if you do not enjoy babblings ^^) Many other R.P.G.s refer to Troglodytes as some sort of fish-man type thing. But in fact reference to Troglodytes dates back to those Greek writers when people liked to talk about fantasy tales of the unknown others. Big guys like Aristotles and Herodotos described the Troglos in detail. . .generally as 'cave dwellers' in the 'east'. It must have some exciting foundation for the formation of this historic-mythological people. . . (see 1911 Britanica for instance - Hey its not only you and me gaming maniacs who talk about this). In Exile Series, interestingly, Troglos seems to be pictured as a sort of 'Mongolian-Indians' as Victorian British would say from their experience in India. . . with mixed attitude of awe and contempt. . . Strong evidence from the 'Khazi' which according to Hobson-Jobson is <a title of Ministers of State used in Nepal and Sikkim, spelt Kazee or Cazee from Arabic> but more widely used as a local religio-political leaders among 'Indian' influenced world. Anyway, Troglodytes were always related to some sort of the 'oriental fantasy' rather than fish-men and I can think of no better embodiment than in EXILE. (Hey anyone with more information on Troglos? e-mail and enighten me pls)
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