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  1. Completely unpredictable? We could be a golem. THAT's unpredictable. Really, my bet's on Sholai, or Outsider. I can see the whole scene: You run your shop. Takers come. They destroy shop. You run. You get some canisters. wow, i'm superman. You run more. You get in trouble with the Shapers. You run some more. You come to a choice: Run or Stop running. Stop running: You get killed THE END. Run: You get killed, but only farther in the Shaper's lands THE END. GF5 restarts when GF4 left. You are a GHOST! The ghost of your Outsider/Sholai. You haunt people. You get levels. You are happy. Then, Luigi with his vacuum cleaner gets you. Too late to escape THE END. That story is pretty unpredictable. and then in GF6 you are an Artila.
  2. For now it seems that the story of GF is the Taker's story... with war and such. So, we will be: Drakon Sholai Outsider That's the list. Drakon will be the 'Shaper', Sholai will be the 'Guardian', and Outsider will be the 'Agent'. Whaddya think? Maybe we could replace Drakon with another thing, since it won't be tolerated around shapers. But i can't think of something other that these 3. Would be awesomely difficult, but also wonderful to do a Gene-vernum.
  3. So you are, because you pointed me that pointed that it was off-topic.
  4. I got the answer to all your problems: speak another language, then. You know that you guys (sorry, girls too) are getting REALLY off-topic there?
  5. We can get infinity of tools in like every Geneforge, thanks to the Editors. But I still think they weight to much, because on my loyalist Shaper, he is always at 2 ap because of them. I only have 40 of them and it's more than the ½ of my weight total. Now, wonder why it is always killed? NO WEIGHT FOR ARMOR! That's the only thing I hate about these cool tools.
  6. i was looking at the wrong machine thanks Schrodinger
  7. or mighty creator, whatever... i can't figure how to repair it. i found the 'broken' machinery, and still, i can't repair it! it say: creat power surge leave it then i click creat power surge then the creator goes mad, and try to kill me! i'm a rebel, so i don't want to kill it...
  8. Quote: Originally written by Seletine: Press the Shift and D keys, and type the following into the prompt: sdf 100 4 0 When done, the game will think that you haven't used any canisters, but you will retain the skills the canisters gave you. (682) now that i have GF3 on windows, i need to remember this one... thanks
  9. Do you REALLY want to know it? If you do, all your existence will be devastated... Well, more your mind than your existence...
  10. You talk like a real shaper... that's the spirit, if you want to be in the 'good' side.
  11. Quote: Originally written by Faizah: I think you should work on one for GF1. If nothing else, it keeps you in practice while you wait for GF3. Yeah! That's what we wish! Only 2 more votes in GF1 to win... Come on people!
  12. it could, but no. why? well, GF online will works even with the trainers and things like that... a shaper who is new to the game, see 'GF online' button, clic it, then appear in a world where lvl 60+ shapers battle, and he will be overwhelmed... if he use a trainer, he will not be more good than that, because you need to actually experience the game to think its fun. i, only once, started to play a game with cheats, and now this game is sooooo boring... it should be a good idea, but, only but, if the scripts dosn't let a player use a cheat or trainers or even modify the script. another idea would have been doing the scripts all over the net, so we cannot touch anything script related, but the real question is: Do we have the place to host it? i remember one good game, named runescape, made by Jagex, (sorry if its off topic) and Jagex's games are on Jagex's page, but runescape is so big, that they needed to make a new whole page.
  13. How do you upgrade your Shaper/Guardian/Agent with Skill Points? i.e:each level, 1 in strengh for Guardians, 1 in luck. When your at level 10, 1 in Melee weapons, 1 in Fire shaping. When... etc I want your opinion because i am working on a... kind of experiment (no, not with the scripts).
  14. Quote: Originally written by hawk king: Quote: Originally written by xixao: Quote: Originally written by hawk king: </font><blockquote><font size="1" face="Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif">quote:</font><hr /><font size="2" face="Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif">Originally written by xixao: <strong>Buy me a Mac, then. Lol What's your address then ? Lol then i can send you one Lol If only that were true... lol no i was serious really EDIT: well i was until my parents cleaned out the garage and attic and closets we had around twenty computer just sitting there (i am not lying i would have sent him one) but i was truly serious</strong></font><hr /></blockquote><font size="2" face="Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif">I would have bought one. I'm in absolute need of GF3!
  15. Quote: Originally written by Archmagi Micael: Waiting for GF3 is definitely the best. GF1 is old now, GF2 has already got one (which you made), and The Avernums and Exiles have their own versions, same as BoA and BoE do. So GF3 is really the only one left to do! - Archmagi Micael GF1 is old only for you. I don't got a mac, so i wait for GF3, meanwhile, i only play GF1.
  16. Quote: Originally written by JadeWolf: If you ask me, (tho no one has) it doesn't look human at all. Looks like a can with holes in it on top of a pillow with arms, on top of someone's spare trousers. Did you think I was serious? Yeah, its like that i define it.
  17. Do you have started it, yet? Because we got no news... Yet. And, make sure to include: 'You cannot unring a bell.' at the end of the Walktrough. I do not know why, but i like this sentence very much, like i was thinking of it all my whole life, only to find it now.
  18. I like more GF1 than GF2, but i don't know why. It's just like a feeling that when i start a new game, then, when i get to the secret tunnel, i just don't enjoy the game. Even worse, sometimes, i don't feel playing it when i get to Drypeak.
  19. I played a lot with the scripts, but now i cannot view the 'special' text. Ex.: when you talk to someone. I can only change the little text we get at the bottom of the screen, sometimes.
  20. Ho. That one. I knew it. Is there any easters eggs outside the Ornk Canister and Starting Screen?
  21. Argh... I didn't want to sell that... But if you're right, then, i will leave this experience unfinished, and not beta-tested. Anyway, i get the same error i told, so now its scraped... But i made a backup, so all will be fine. This GF3½ were only twelve or thirteen areas. But dialogue script did not work. Now i got nothing to do until GF3 goes out for the PC. I'll finish MP2:Echoes by the time. EDIT: What is the purpose of doing a BoG? To make it, we need to choose a map, and a team before going out... In Exile and Avernum, this is correct, but Geneforge is totally different, so it won't be possible (well, for now) to make a BoG. EDIT2 and off-topic: Whoa! You're near 3000 posts.
  22. If Jeff is okay with that, i can try, and i mean try, to make a GF3½, like after GF3, but before GF4. The reason why i have posted this here, its because i want to make a 'return to Sucia Island' part, after the isle was depleted by the Shapers Zackary, Barzahl and their gang. Also, i'll make sure to include Litalia there. I have already tried, but i get 'Script missing or destroyed' error in the game. You cannot unring a bell.
  23. Quote: Originally written by Learned Noremac: Has any one found anything? Like an ornk canister? Or has anyone had the time to reproduce the intro screen easter egg on GF1? Or anything else? Intro screen easter egg in GF1? Where is it? As for me, the GF3 actually makes creations in middle of the screen, but i cannot play it until summer... How's that possible? My friend got a mac, and he's gone for 2 months.
  25. is there new cheats? i have heard of 'showall', but im not sure...
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