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  1. Whether or not it is boring is a matter of personal opinion. You imply that anything without magic is boring. I intend to make it as interesting as possible and there will be combat. It's based on the Red Wall series by Brian Jaques so the 'interesting' story is already there. I just have to figure out how to convert it into gameplay. If you want to see if it will be boring for you, you could read the book and see if you like the storyline or not. I only hope I can do the books justice...

  2. Quote:
    I was talking about conscience, not religion. And whatsmore, I was talking about my conscience, not yours. But if you want to get into religion, here's all I have to say about that:

    Deuteronomy 18:10-12
    Psalms 11:5

    If you think its okay because its "just a game", well, that's your problem. Bye.
    Far be it for me to argue with your conscience, what you think is wrong is wrong for you. I just want to say that what is wrong for you may not be wrong for others. There are absolutes written in the Bible that are always wrong for everyone, but there are also some gray areas.

    For example for me it is wrong to dring alcohol so I abstain. Jesus himself drank wine so it's not a sin, others may drink if they wish but for me it is wrong.

    The Bible says 'do not practice witchcraft', but it doesn't say 'do not watch the practice of witchcraft' or 'do not discuss the practice of witchcraft'. These are areas that are gray that your conscience or, as I like think, the Holy Spirit sets the boundaries for. In my house we do not watch Sabrina The Teenage Witch, or Harry Potter simply because my children are young and impressionable and I don't want them to watch such things until I know they understand that such things are wrong. (You could probably compare me to Ben's mom) Yet I play BoE and enjoy it, not for the witchcraft or violence, but for the feeling of accomplishment and discovery. My real sin would be in playing too long when I should be in devotion or playing checkers with my kids, not in the actual playing of the game.

    And as a mom who loves this game and would like to watch my kids play this game but agree with Ben's mom that sometimes it's better just to have kids avoid what is wrong so that they can stay innocent as long as possible, I am doing something about it besides talk. I am in the process of making a scenario(which I hope to be a series) with no magic. There will be no priest or mage spells available to buy, no magically locked doors, no crumbling walls that need Move Mountains to get through, no demons, and no goblins(specifically for Ben's mom). I have said before that I fear I will not finish one by the time Ben is 18 but it will be there for others who do not wish to dabble with magic even if it is 'just a game'.

    So if your conscience tells you that the status quo is no good, then maybe you should help me make it better by designing scenarios that your conscience likes.

    Edit: Woo-Hoo page 5!
  3. I remember when I did this guy... I placed myself so that my whole party was in one square between rocks or barriers so only 3 could reach any of my players at one time, but all of my players could reach any of the three. I just hacked away or stood ready until all were dead. It took a while, but there was a great feeling of accomplishment afterwards.

  4. Now how could I forget? A strangers quest has the best stuff you can get. I'll just list the stuff I kept. I don't think the crossbows work the way they say they do so don't count on the damage stated.


    Magi Staff - 75 kill spells

    Great Crossbow - Damage 20 Bonus 10 weight 1 ability accuracy

    Kill Bolt - Damage 15 Bonus 5 returning

    Shockwave armor - defend 25 bonus 10 enc.0 weight 50 ability shockwave 100

    Protective Boots - Defend 5 Bonus 5 ability full protection

    Anti-Magic Cbow - damage 50 bonus 10 weight 30 ability magic protection

    Magic Skill Helmet - defend 16 bonus 10 enc.0 weight 25 ability giant strength

    Smokey Skull - 100 smokey crystals

    Skull of Saphires - 100 saphires

    Quicksilver ring - defend 20 item level 50 ability speed (it adds 2/turn)


    There's more cool stuff in it, but this is what I kept. Fair warning - if you intend to equip your whole party it will take a lot of time and more then one runthrough. Have a level 50 party ready to fight with the anti-magic cloud for the adventurer's challenge. (I had fun anyway:)

  5. There's a 'War Hammer' in Deep Down. It causes fear and has a pretty high damage 40+bonus I think, two handed weapon. And I just got three Poisoned Halberds from a scenario damage 30 bonus 10 and it's only a one-handed weapon so you can double up. I can't remember which scenario exactly but it's either Big Combat, Goblin Attacks, or Compositus... sorry I can't be more specific. I really need to start writing things down.

  6. And, if anyone's interested, I just made my very first graphic. 'Martin the Warrior'; mouse with great blade who is the hero of my very first scenario to be unless I experiment on a smaller one first. It doesn't look too bad if I do say so myself... one down, fifty or so to go...

  7. So is there a good graphics archive yet or is this something that is still needed?


    I want to contribute, yet I know that my gameplay intrests go in spurts. 1year on ET, 6 mo. for rollercoaster tycoon, 3 mo. at HSX.com, now back for BoE. It's hard for me to stay in one place for extended times but maybe the responsibility for a site would stick me.

  8. I think in Trecherous Waters they have an interesting item called the Whetting Stone that blesses your whole party by 'sharpening all your blades'. And it shouldn't be too hard to substitute things like granades for firestorm scrolls and laser guns for Wands of Death. Just make a scientific item for whatever effect you want. Think futuristic.

  9. Thanks for the info, I'll give them a try. In light of the contest I'm trying everything. Since I hadn't ranked any scenarios before the contest started, it may give me an advantage. Of course I don't have BoA so someone with both could easily beat me out.

  10. I don't think I'll need too much advise, I'm real detail oriented. Just for fun I started to log E3 and write down the location of every good item in every town and dungeon. Of course I've never made my own scenario before so I don't know what problems I'll run into.


    Brian Jaques RedWall series has forest animals as it's main characters so I'd need warrior mice, squirrels, hedgehogs, hares, moles, shrews, sparrows, maybe a giant badger lord. The bad guys are rats, toads, wheasles, foxes, and stoats (never really knew what that was.) It's quite an order. I might just have to try making my own graphics. I'm such a perfectionist I might get too nitpicky about someone else's work.

  11. I know, but the great adventure is already there just waiting to be played out. I could do the whole series and only need the one set of graphics... Anybody willing to volunteer? Knowing someone else was spending their time on it would motivate me to work on it too.

  12. Don't give up on BoE just yet. I've just started my way through the custom sceniarios and would love to make my own. I've got some great ideas but I'll need a whole new set of graphics since I'd like to base one on Brian Jaques' novel 'Salamandastron'. Do you think I'll need his permission to do it?

  13. While I found it a solid story with some good puzzles, I came across some flaws and was wondering if constructive criticism was being accepted for this sceinario? If there had been an e-mail address given in the read-me I'd have contacted the author directly. I'm fairly new to Blades so I am unsure of protocol. I'd love to be a beta-tester, as I have a keen eye for detail.

  14. I have Windows XP Professiolal and have no trouble playing any of the Exile games on it. 16-bit has to do with video, just out of curiosity, what video mode is your monitor set to? I don't know if that's the problem but it's worth looking at. FYI my monitor is set at 32-bit.

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