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  1. I think part of the problem are jumpy parents. Some things that were thought of as 'normal' before are know seen as symptoms by paranoid guardians, which might lead to more prescriptions overall, even unnecessary ones.


    On mental side of things, some can be contributed to people seeing symptoms as the disease. Some 'disorderous' behaviour is direct result from poor parenting. While prescripts might make the 'problem child' calm and sit down, scolding the parents would have the same effect and make the drugs useless.


    I myself have never needed long-term conscriptions, and lead a healthy life style. I hope to pass these qualities to my future children.

  2. I come out out of lurking in hope of advice, and what I get is snide remarks and the impending feeling that most of you are as badly depressed as I am. Thanks for cheering me up, guys.


    I'm feeling marginally better now, because I just got back from karate and I'm bruised and aching - must be adrenaline or those crazy endorphins. I'm hoping for more helpful replies before it wears out!


    Originally Posted By: Poached Salmon
    Wait. Did you folks actually conquer Russia already? Because until that is over, you have something to do.

    While I intend to conquer Russia one day (in this case, hike trough it to China. For teh lulz.), that plan isn't going anywhere untill I have a healthy nest egg. I won't be getting one before I get a job. See the problem?

  3. Ever had a day when getting up seems pointless? When you just stand staring into emptiness for hours because you can't come up with anything to do? How did you get over it... or did you?


    Three weeks ago, my conscription ended. While I was initially enthusiastic about army (and to an extent, still am), Finnish Defence forces were a disappointment. Furthermore, theres still economic depression going on, so finding a job is much harder than I thought it would be. The reason why I chose my vocation was because it seemed to have a bright future: the field was slightly worker-starved, and a lot of necessary renovations were ahead. Few people want to give up running water and working sewage, after all.


    During last year, that basis suffered a kick in the groin. It still stands, but my ability to benefit from it is impaired because people keep delaying those renovations because perceived economic unfeasibility.


    Add to this that things back home are a mess, and suddenly all my goals have been obscured by grey haze. I still know where I want, but can't see a way there. Loss of direction has drained me of my motivation to do most things, even my hobbies feel like a chore.


    ...so how was your day?

  4. Originally Posted By: SEED SPROUTETH MALATEXT
    Even without ESP, Angband pretty much requires you to cast or zap multiple detecton spells every screen if you really want to ensure survival.

    Even with ESP you have to cast multiple detection spells every second step you take, or it'll be traps that screw you. Or one of those gazillion monsters that are mindless.

    Really, Angband is really bad about all things you need to have to advance past certain points. And some variants then go and screw it over by adding a horde of things you can't defend against.

    As to Eph, I'm not playing AIMhack because I can't use AIM. I tried to, but computer I had it installed on crashed (again), and I've yet to get around giving it a second shot.
  5. I, too, belong to the crowd of roguelike players. However, I love them because there *honest* about what they are. When I start a character in Incursion, I only expect a humiliating death. Anything else is a bonus. If you just want to see what the devs hid in the game, rejoice! Most roguelikes have a wizard or explore mode, letting you to play normally. It just tends to invalidate your score.


    However, even with roguelikes there should be a sensible power curve. Sudden stupid deaths are acceptable at level one, because the ratio of learning and frustration favors the former - next time, you'll avoid the stupid death, and get further in the game. At level 50, when you've spend hours with a character, that arbitrariness *shouldn't* exist, because it forces the player to grind for a long while just to get at the same point. After a point, each situation should be manageable to a character of appropriate level.


    This is why absolutely despise Zephyr hounds in Angband, especially those with irresistible breath attacks found in some variants. Your level 50 character enters the level and takes one step... and out of the blue, several dozen time hounds spit at you, pulverizing you before you can act. Whoever added them to the game should be hanged from the nuts.

  6. INTJ. I read a description about it, and can't help but wonder why it's thought to be rare. The description fit me quite well, though.

  7. Influenced my life the most? The guestion makes all books, magazines, comics, articles, essays and internet forums I've ever read anywhere flash trough my mind. There's so much I've read I really can't begin to sort it all. For the heck of it, I'll answer Bible. Considering how deeply rooted my parents, grand-parents and the culture around me are on christian values, it can't go too wrong.

  8. Darn it! If I'd kept a better eye on these boards, I would've joined for the second session as well! I was ordered a week's vacation from the army, but I already filled my schedule up. *grumble-mumble*


    Oh well, I wish I have time to be around the third session. Hopefully there is one ;P

  9. Got past the halfway point of New Testament, now also reading Darwin's watch by Pratchett, Stewart and Cohen. So far, too much repetition of things I already know and too little fumbling wizards. I've also been skimming a Judo manual I forgot to return last week. I hope FDF library doesn't penalize me too badly for this...

  10. Just finished reading Artemis Fowl - the Lost Colony. Still not done with the New Testament though. I also had to plow trough bits of General service manual - good grief that thing is boring! I find it a bit surprising that I manage to read this much despite having very limited free time. On this day alone, I've gone trough more than 400 pages of written text.

  11. Just finished R.L. Stevenson's Treasure Island, now reading Terry Pratchett's Making Money. Next, I'll tackle the New Testament. I mean, I got a copy from the army, what's the point of having it if I just leave it gathering dust in my locker? After that, I'll pick one book from Stephen King. Any suggestions which one would be a good first pick?

  12. Playing computer games doesn't bring food to the table, unless it's also your job. I believe that if you really had to play for living, it wouldn't be nearly as fun.


    As for the question, how moral using a tool is depends on how exactly it is used. This also raises the question what the tool can be used for in the first place. Battle magic consists mostly from blowing things up, whereas mental magic has more diverse effects. Because of that diversity I believe mental magic has far more potential for perverse acts, but in most situations I'd choose it over battle magic because it's also better suited for peaceful solutions. Also, what the heck is this "free will" people keep babbling about?

  13. I have a problem of the most basic kind: I have no idea how to actually compile this game! My logic tells me there is a step-by-step guide somewhere... but so far my attempts to find one have been fruitless.


    So could someone give me a hint about what I need to compile the source, how do I do it and where should I look for further info?

  14. After a while of thinking, I got inside and past he pits... but now there's this stone fence that blocks my route forwards, and I really don't understand how to get past it. I have a hunch that it requires walking through the three passages before it in some mindless order (a la test of mind), but I just can't figure it out. Please, help me!

  15. Didn't he say something about the tutorial being more action-filled than before? Maybe the whole Isle of Bigail gets pummeled underground, causing Anama to become avernites' problem!


    ..or then not. What did we learn about this, kids? Never post when you're tired!

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