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  1. The rider notices Jenny at the last second, grabs one of the trollish monsters and pulls it on the bullet's way. However, this gives the other one chance to tackle the Rider to the ground, and last glimpse Jenny gets of the scene is the Rider grappling with one of the beasts.




    As Jenny and René discuss their plan on the alleyway, thunder strikes again in the distance. The wind is picking up, and if they want to travel, they ought to get moving soon.


    However, if they pay attention to the horizon, they might notice that curiously enough, something else is illuminating the sky in addition of the thunderbolt. A crimson glow is emanating from the direction of the forest - a fire has started among the venerable trees. It's not a pleasing sight.

  2. The rider jumps to the side, the bolt of energy wheezing past him and explosion akin to a thunderbolt lights the night as it strikes a tree behind him. The rider draws his sword and lifts it to block a blow from the first troll, but the creature is much stronger than expected and the rider is thrown from his feet. He quickly rolls backwards to his feet, but only narrowly avoids the next blow by darting to the left. The troll howls in rage as its fist meets nothing but mud.


    The oppressing feeling is still weighing heavily upon those at the tunnel entrance - but the way is open. With the Rider combating the three abominations, Jenny and the Father have a clear way to the shadows of the forest...

  3. The three glowing monstrosities walk into the dark and peer around in the wreckage. However, there's no sign of the Rider where the ground sunk in. The monsters move cautiosly forward, not keen to go too far from the one they're protecting. For a moment, their steps and grunts are the only thing audible in the night.


    Then, a heavy feeling, like a downpour of boiling water, strikes Vorn and the other at the tunnel entrance, wrenching their guts and pushing them backwards. "Why do you fight, wizard?", the rattling voice comes from above and behind Vorn. His summons turn to look over him and bellow in rage. "I'm not here for you today. Run now, and I might let you escape. Stay, and I will not bother with mercy. Your choice."

  4. Unfortunately for Vorn... he is mistaken. A black arrow shoots from the darkness towards his chest as soon as he steps out. "I see the rabbits have decided to come out from their hole", the rattling voice hisses from the darkness, accompanied by an omnious creak as another arrow is pulled back. "Pray tell me, why did you think your underground excursion would throw me off for this long?"

  5. This topic contains awful levels of stick-in-the-mudness. tongue


    One perfectly valid way to trap a kitsune, a japanese demon fox, would be to offer it a bowl of sake with a piece of fried tofu. When the fox is blitzed, you can try to snare it - if tries something funny, you can try banging pots to disrupt it's illusions. wink


    You should be careful, though. Kitsunes are well-known tricksters, and can take the form of alluring young female to throw you off. tongue


    Many different spirits and demons can be fooled by offering them foodstuffs. Kappas, for example, like cucumber, if I recall right - reminds them of squishy human heads or something. Oh, and you can also bow to a Kappa, so when it replies, the water drop on its head falls off and it becomes powerless.


    Of course, many spirits and demons are creatures you don't kill or trap - you just stay the heck out of their way, or scare them away. Here in Finland, evil ghosts were driven away by bonfires or running around a house in circles, waving a whisk as you went. Some like Nahkuri (Flayer) were just evaded by not going to sauna at night.

  6. Oh, come on now! For generations of people, demons and spirits were not some abstract things you went about proving or disproving, they were something you drove away by banging pots loud enough! There are dozens of traditions and methods for these things! tongue

  7. Depends on what kind of spirit or demon you are trying to banish. There are so many different mythological beings, without knowing exact name and nature of the critter it's hard to give any help.


    Most common methods involve bribing them with fruit or smoke from sacrifices, painting or hanging crosses on the doors and windows, hitting them with a silver weapon or driving them away with bells or big bonfires.

  8. I think we can agree the main goal of the Rider is whatever Jenny's carrying. In addition to that, Von Roddt has taken something from him, and is unwilling to pay him back (or thinks he can't), and there's one other character who also has taken something from the Rider and is now looking for a way to break their contract.

  9. His arrow being halted came as no surprise to the Rider, but the flash of light blinds him and makes him stumble back. However, the sound of shattering glass doesn't go unnoticed by him. He blinks his eyes a few times to regain sight, the darts around the corner of the building, howling in anger. His horse follows hesitantly.


    Kneeling beside the false footsteps, the Rider notes their direction, and even follows them for a moment, but it soon becomes apparent to him they are a ruse. Enraged, he smashes his fist against the shrine wall.


    But this is just another setback, in a long line of setbacks. This close to his prey, the Rider does not despair. His chase will come to an end this night...

  10. As the Rider closes to the shrine, he sheathes his sword and beckons his horse closer. The mighty beast trots beside him, its gait swaying oddly - however, the Rider doesn't notice. He lifts a long, iron bow from the saddle and pulls out a blackened arrow from his quiver.

    "Come out", he calls, his heavy steps sounding like funeral bells to Jenny and the Father inside the shrine. The rider's bow creaks omniously as he pulls the arrow back. "I might not dare enter a holy place, but my arrows care not of such obstructions."


    The rider stops, aiming his arrow to the doorway. He can't see those inside, but neither can they see him without stepping into his line of fire. "Once you are dead, all I need is to burn your precious shrine to the ground and claim what's mine from your cooling ashes. Step out willingly, and I might consider sparing you."

  11. Jenny's bolt hits the black horse to its side. The pain makes the beast neigh and fasten its gait to gallop. However, the Rider notices this, and whistles to it - hesitantly, it slows down and turns to face its master, twitching nervously.


    The distraction proves enough for the remaining thug to knock the rider down - however, as the beast tries to get on him, the cloaked man kicks it to its gut, sending it reeling backwards. One of the arthropod tries to benefit from the opening, but is smashed by iron-clad fist.


    "You fools!", the Rider bellows as he stumbles up, turning to face down the street, where the shrine is. "Time of running is over! You've tried before, and failed! We'll settle this here, once and for all!" Pushing members of the frightened crowd out of his way, the Rider strides forward, eyes blazing with determination. The remaining scorpion tries to sneak on him, but the rider steps aside as it attacks and cleaves the creation in halves before it can get a second try.


    The crowd abates around the black figure, realizing he's not one they'd prefer to be close to. He continues his way unimpeded.

  12. The Rider curses loudly as the scorpions assault him, and push him back outside with their charge. "Your tricks will not help you, or your friends, sorcerer!", he shouts, grabbing one of the arthropods from its tail and flinging it aside like a ragdoll. Blink of an eye later, he has already drawn his sword, and plunges it through one of the ape-like creatures. The thuggish creation howls in pain as it is impaled, stench of burning fur and flesh filling the air.


    As the wide light shoots at him, the Rider steps back, holding the dying creature before him to shield him self from the blast. A blinding light obscures the two for a moment, but then the black-clad figure emerges unharmed, pushing the torn remnants of the summoned creature off his sword. Still, three more monsters block his way to the tavern.


    Inside, things have detoriared into chaos. People are shouting and drawing their weapons, bewildered of what is going on. Both the stairs and the doorway are soon swarmed by the panicking crowd. The horse of the Rider is scared by this, and trots nervously away.

  13. Outside, the Rider turns towards the tavern with loud, heavy steps. There's an inhaling sound, as if he's smelling the air. There's a flash in the distance, the first lightning striking through the air, soon followed by muffled roar. The black horse besides the rider gives a nervous neigh.


    After a moment of hesitation, the rider closes with the tavern door in two long strides, and grabs the handle. A brief try proves the door locked. He gives it a furious shove, making it creak unnervingly as it almost gives in. Black scorch marks are left to the wood where he touched it.



  14. Originally Posted By: Celtic Minstrel

    The other side of your rule 2 seems to stem from from a desire to not have the thread cluttered with 20 or so posts just for a fight between two people. I can understand this; however, I have never been in a roleplay that does it, so I can't say whether it seems like a good idea. I personally see nothing wrong with having 20 or so posts for a fight, but your mileage may vary. Still, if it turns out you would likely need 100-200 posts for the fight, then yes, it's a good idea to work it out through PM.

    Actually, I have nothing against two people fighting for a bazillion posts - but I don't want to see bazillion of posts of OOC infighting, when one party starts to feel his character is being ignored etc.

    Agreeing on the outcome of a battle beforehand is good, because it ensures both parties know what resolution to work towards. It removes some uncertainty from the fight, and usually makes for better story overall.

    Originally Posted By: Velzan
    "Stabs the thread"

    I take that as a sign you're interested. <3


    Now, about the RP, which is here. Here's something about my character, and the antagonist of the RP:

    The Rider is 6 feet tall, dressed in a black, hooded cloak and a suit of chainmail, complete with iron boots, greaves and gauntlets. He wears a black Hannya mask to obscure his face. He carries a longsword and a black, iron bow with him.

    The Rider is an exceedingly powerful, demonic being. He has control over fire, and equals the strongest and greatest of human warriors in battle. His steed is also demonic, with hooves as hard as diamond and a toxic breath, though it acts exactly like a normal horse.

    The rider has been on your characters' tail for a while know. They should know he's a being to be feared. He's there to get something from (one of) your characters - What and why, is up to you.

  15. Darks clouds obscure the sun. The wind is howling like a thousand lost souls as wind rattles the old wooden gate of Windmill village. The wall around it was dismantled ages ago, but the good folk decided to leave the gate standing as a greeting and landmark to visitors. A lone man, dressed in a black cloak and riding a mighty dark horse, passes through it without a sound. Grass wilts in the wake of his steed.


    From the gate, the road goes on and runs through the center of the village, taverns, shops and houses on its both sides. Normally, the streets would be filled with people this time of the day, but today anticipation of oncoming storm and the feeling of creeping evil have led the townsfolk to hide in their homes, locking their doors and curtaining the windows. Stopping in between the first two buldings, an old forge and a tavern, the cloaked rider jumps from the saddle, his iron boots striking heavily to the ground.

    "I know you are here!", he shouts as he straightens up, casting his wrathful gaze on the buildings around. His voice is horrifying, like rattling of a great bonfire, and it seems only bolstered by the howling air. His dark cloak billows in the wind as he steps forward, his feet leaving sizzling black spots behind. His face is obscured by a blackened iron mask, crafted in the visage of a leering demon. Through the sockets, red eyes glow like burning embers.


    "This game has gone on for long enough! No more hiding! Come out and give me what is mine!"





    Click to reveal..
    Imagine it's beginning of a book's closing act. The push has come to shove, and the Big Bad Evil Guy is standing at the end of the street, calling your characters out.


    Who your characters are, and why or how they are there up to you. You can, and are encouraged to expand on this via flashbacks and character thoughts - but try to have each post nudge the plot towards resolution as well. The main goal is to overcome my character, the Black Rider.


    Rules and advice:

    • The setting is a generic fantasy kitchen sink - anything goes, as long as you're confident you can pull it off without detracting from the story.
    • Don't control other people's characters without permission.
    • Talk character fights through with your opponent via PM, AIM etc., so you both know what resolution to work towards.
    • No godmodding, ie. letting your character miraculously have everything his way.
    • Small OOC comments and messages in this thread are acceptable, just put them in spoilers. For longer OOC posts, like character sheets or long comments on the plot, should be put here instead.
    Be polite to others - it'll be much funnier experience that way.
  16. I see roughly three people interested. Counting me, we'd have four players - I think that's enough for a small game.


    I'll put up an intro post in a couple of hours. It will start In Media Res - and will start in generic enough setting that (almost) any sort of character will fit in.


    I think I'll keep three rules from the originals: 1) no controlling other people's characters without permission, 2) talk fights through and 3) don't be a jerk.


    I'm impressionable young man, so if you have suggestions, throw them on the table now.

  17. Originally Posted By: CRISIS on INFINITE SLARTIES
    Historically, the simpler stories have fared a lot better here. Most SWers have short attention spans and lots of their own ideas. Constraining them with multiple pages of esoteric yet oddly particular background is not an enticement. I know you don't see it as constrainment, but that's because those are your ideas. And I'm not saying they're bad ideas, but they are very particular and aren't going to appeal to everyone.

    That kind of detailed setting would fare better in an AIMhack format where you take on the role of DM, I think.

    As much as I'd hate to admit it, you're right. Maybe I'll learn how to use Eph's AIMhack system and use it there.

    So, lets put it this way: would there be any interest in a forum RP at all? If I just whipped up an intro of few paragraphs, would I get handful of people writing a story with me?
  18. *sigh* Not a very encouraging reply. frown


    I didn't feel the premise was that complicated. It's summed up in a few sentences near top of the post: Grim Reapers and ghosts war in a generic fantasy setting. What comes to formatting rules, they are things that can slide


    It's sad you can't see this RP taking off. Maybe I should just go back to simpler stories, a la Mountain of Shadows: "There might be a treasure, go grab it." >.>

  19. Considering the RP is not "anime" in any sense of the word, only uses one as inspiration, I still don't see your point of complaint. Unless you hate a whole slew of tropes associated with Heroic sagas, which would likely mean you also hate Conan and LotR to boot.


    There are no big eyes or epileptic explosions anywhere, unless we want there to be.

  20. Considering the whole game is in written format and we're not restricted to just the themes and elements found in the source material, I deem your complaint illegimate. tongue No, really; I've seen several people who've never watched the anime or shounen at all to take part in similar projects, and they've had helluva good time.


    Don't judge the project by its inspiration. It's possible for the RP to surpass its source materials vastly. It's even likely, considering similar efforts I've seen before and... the initial quality of Bleach.


    Anyways, "not liking anime" is no reason to pass an RP. wink

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