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  1. I have never found Matala's workshop. Where is it, again?
  2. Rodthizons are pretty awesome. 12 AP, immunity to acid and poisons, decent magic resist, lots of health, and enough QA to get double attacks fairly often. They're still upstaged by shock tralls, but so is everything else.
  3. Essence enhancements should last until you leave an area, right?
  4. As a lifecrafter, stuff that boosts creation stats is great. By the end of the game, my set-up for combat ran: Transferance suit, symbiotic cloak, demon fang talisman, shaper's boon ring, blazing gauntlets, projection belt, thirsting knife, and blasted greaves. The total of +10 Cdexterity was the most noticeable effect, as enemy hit rates went way down and my creations almost never missed. However, the total -3 to my strength meant I wasn't able to equip a shield.
  5. Do you have to fight the power constructs or is there someway around them? They hurt.
  6. Found my way through the laboratory after much error. How would sneaking through the power core go? The south door doesn't seem to open.
  7. I'm currently dealing with Alwan's quest to meet Ghaldring and receive his message. I told Ghaldring I was not ready to commit myself to the rebellion. When he send his lackey to kill me in a duel I talked him out of it by reminding him of Salassar, and now ... nothing. I can't get into his chamber to get the message, and the doorman keeps saying to come back tomorrow.
  8. Originally Posted By: Master1 Originally Posted By: Dikiyoba Restoration aura. This too. As a shaper, all I would ever do is put up buffs and regeneration aura. I would then cast daze if there was a horde, healing as necessary. Same for my lifecrafter playthrough so far. It's certainly one of the most efficient healing spells, essence-wise, and really helps to keep your creations alive for longer.
  9. Is it possible to cast Clouds of Night in the course of a normal game? You need Spirit Circle 8, which means having all the other Druidism skills at 8 (Spirit can't be higher than the lower of Craft or Beast, which can't be higher than Health or War, which can't be higher than Druidism). My dedicated druid never got Spirit higher than 4 in the course of a Celt playthrough.
  10. Fyoras: Toaster, Roaster, or OMGBBQ Cryoas: Fridge, Chilly Willy Drayks/Cryodrayks/Drakons: Vhagar, Meraxes, Balerion Clawbugs: Pinchy and Stingy Vlish: Squishy, Delicious
  11. What is the canonical GF4 ending, anyway? GF1 and 2 ended with the loyalist route (apparently), GF3 ended with rebels winning.
  12. Avernum V was the first one in the series I've actually bought the full version for. I loved the atmosphere of it. Everybody sees you as an enemy or, at best, a tool. The villain sends his agents to ambush and kill you twice in the demo alone. You're not the heroic adventurers of past games, but soldiers behind enemy lines, trying to hunt down somebody holding every advantage he could want. Also, the entire Howling Depths sequence was pure awesome.
  13. Okay, now it's the silly logic puzzle. Orb setup is: NW: sparkling blue NE: sparkling green SW: sparkling red SE: no shinies Conditions seem to be: * at least one orb to S doesn't sparkle. (SE orb is inert) * 2 orbs are sparkling on the diagonal (SW and NE are both sparkling) * no sparkles are the same color (check) * a sparkling orb to N is not red (check) * a western orb has red sparkles (SW orb) Ringing the gong only gives me banshees. What is Jeff going for here?
  14. So I've cleared out the rest of this irritating dungeon, including the aboveground stuff like the banshees and the Master of the Pit. What is the deal with the central chamber? There don't seem to be any wall switches or any way to get past the portcullis at the east end, and it seems no matter how long you stay in there nothing happens except a) more skeletons and charming one of your characters in a rotation. Is there a secret? Somebody I need to talk to?
  15. Spawners also need an essence pool, which takes a while to grow. And possibly a power spiral. And shaping platforms. It's really not something that would be of any use to an adventurer.
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