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  1. I thought Kissan-Tel's music box puzzle was in Bortherhood of the Hand? But then again its probably my bad memory causing this. Your lucky you actually got into Kissan-Tel's hideout, I never even got in. I stepped (or possably looked) in to the portal, it didn't teleport me, but I still got the dialogue saying that I had. As I remember I did complete thescenario even without doing this part.
  2. A scenario based on the Redwall series? Wow! You like challenges I take it? Good luck!
  3. Yay! A chance to Beta test! Name: Lemon Demon E-mail address: lemondemon@hotmail.com Platform: P.C. Previous Beta experience: none Previous design experience: Nothing confirmed but I am working on a couple of scenarios. (I like hunting bugs though!)
  4. Thanks everyone, I'm in the process of doing them now. This is a real help! (I've now found all ten NPCs ) ---------------------- I nearly forgot! Nicias the other wasn't there on day seven but he was on day eight.
  5. Thanks a lot. But Nicias the other has dissapeared! I can't find him anywhere! Do you know if he comes on day A B or C? Or if he dissapears after so long.
  6. I am really stuck on some parts of falling stars (and cant get to some places). I have some questions: 1. How do I get Diomed to join me? I know its possible. And if the town he's in is destroyed can I find him anywhere else? 2. Where's Krug? I'm guessing he's down the pit near the Ettin, but it kills me when I climb down there. 3. For no.2 I'm guessing I need Minoc Kodax or whatever its called. I can't find it though. 4. Where are the other artifacts? I've found the paleblade and the heartfinder but thats it. 5. Where is the hidden town called 'ambush!'? I've completed all of the missions in the command centre and soon Anthalons going to contact me. 6. in the lowest floor of the tower of Wizardry, how do I get past the barrier that leads to the stairs? 7. In a previous attempt, I was ordered to meet with a captain or champion inthe building next to the tower of Wizardry, the one with all the gates. I can't figure out how I got in there though. 8. I've seen somewhere something about a rakshasa named Pharijin, at least I think thats what he's called, and he helps you destroy the flayers. Is that part of this scenario or another? 9. Is it possible to get into the Talosian Embassy? 10. Is the building in Thebes thats going to "be the greatest construct to grace the world" ever be finished? ------------------------------- EDIT ------------------------------- Added Qs 9+10.
  7. I'm fine thanks. 5000 members! Sir Robin probably came back momentarily to stop everybody thinking we are the same person.
  8. Of course Blades is still alive! Notice how I couldn't keep away?
  9. I'm back! How's everyone? Need some new scenarios! Sir Robin still around? Wow, it feels good to be back! EDIT: none it was an accident.
  10. OK, fine, the computer can't handle almost any game. It can't take return to Zork, or BoE and probably wont be able to handle much else either.
  11. I've tried compatibility mode but it doesn't work. And I'll try the colour mode as soon as I can. Thanks!
  12. It doesn't seem to work. I managed to install, but it everytime it closed the program. It was pure fluke I got it installed. And when I try to play it, it just closes almost as soon as it comes up. Whats happening?
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