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  1. As confirmed by Jeff on Steam, the +X% damage bonus is calculated in two chunks which are multiplied together: 1. Sum of all bonuses from stats, extra spell training, etc. In this case that's points in Intelligence, Battle Magic, Spellcraft, and Essence Purge. 2. Sum of all "+X% to magical/melee/missile damage" equipment/charm bonuses. Normally you wouldn't see much difference, but given how huge #1 is for this character, it's enough to make adding +.05 to #2 more helpful than adding +.10 to #1. EDIT: Also, bonuses from statuses like War Blessing, Enrage, and Overload go into this number. I'm pretty sure Overload is additive as part of #1, so I'd guess the others are as well.
  2. It's not quite as simple as using a compare function, doing that globally will break things. I requested above that people not release altered versions of this mod.
  3. Shaping skill is the central stat for a Shaper. It's not the only stat. "Best shaper possible" is always going to be a little subjective, but I've never seen "don't invest in spell skills at all" as advice, so it's interesting that you got that idea. FWIW, here's the advice from my guide on steam: Even as a Shaper, you don't need to invest every last skill point into shaping, but on higher difficulties, you'll want to be judicious. Shaping skill is your default target. Mechanics and Leadership can be done at 6 (you'll get more points from equipment later), and magic skills can be ignored except when you're ready to unlock a key spell (Group Heal, Mass Restore; Speed; Dominate; Airshock). Increase Essence Mastery as needed, but don't go crazy -- your PC level multiplies your total essence, rather than just adding to it, so it's OK to be patient there. Speed is a flat 35% increase in average damage output for your creations. (Even for creations with the v1.0.2 haste augment, it's still a 23% increase.) Dominate removes an enemy and gives you a bonus ally. It's temporary, but that can really turn the tides in the first few rounds of battle, when it matters most. Airshock can potentially stun multiple enemies (in addition to damaging them). War Blessing and Protection aren't massive effects, but you can cast them before combat begins, so there is no real drawback to using them. 10% is nothing to sneeze at -- Spiderweb games tend to involve stacking up lots of little bonuses until you find that you're very strong. Do you also ignore charms and pieces of equipment that provide +10% damage bonuses? Now it may be that playing on Normal, with very strong creations, you don't need these effects. If you're steamrolling most enemies anyway, sure, no reason to bother casting these spells. That doesn't mean the spells suck. That means you're playing with a party that's stronger than your selected difficulty level, and as a result you've trivialized combat. Huh. Spiderweb games certainly seem on-target then! I dunno, you really feel like none of your complaints in this review apply to the above games?
  4. Probably not, sorry. It's kind of a hassle to reconcile with the base game changes and I'd rather put that time into Overrun.
  5. Reapers do 1d6 per damage die. Character currently has 5 Missile Weapons, 5 Agility, 6 QA. Essence Purge does 1d8 per damage die. Character currently has 12 Battle Magic, 12 Intellect, 12 Spellcraft. This character is not going to get much use out of Reapers.
  6. Quick Action does not affect spells. It only affects melee and missile attacks.
  7. Cap it at the requirement for the highest level mental magic spell you care about. Probably either 1 for Daze, 3 for Dominate, or 6 for Mass Madness. If you plan on getting a point from those sandals, maybe 1 less. Personally I find Dominate more useful than the later spells anyway.
  8. The enemy is not actually higher level. Older SW games worked that way -- original Geneforge might have, I think, and Avernum Second Trilogy. The increased damage taken, and reduced damage dealt, are percentage-based effects which are much stronger than what you'd get from an extra level or two. EDIT: Oh, also, it affects Control Level for your creations very mildly. You already knew that though.
  9. Besides the things you mentioned, difficulty affects: - % penalty to damage dealt - % increase to damage received - increased chance/quantity of augments possessed by enemy creations (this includes activated abilities and passives, not sure if it also includes the +stat/level augments) - additional scripted actions (generally on top of their regular actions, i.e., they don't use up turns or AP) for bosses and other special enemies I don't have (and haven't seen) specific numbers on any of these. There are also a (very) tiny number of cases where difficulty adds/subtracts from the reputation, leadership, or mechanics need to deal with a situation. It doesn't have a really significant impact in any of these AFAIK.
  10. I've split this heated and somewhat divergent conversation off from the mod topic, for the sake of keeping that topic (which has a purpose) functional. And because this subject appears to be resolved for the moment, I'm locking it while we're all ahead.
  11. Critical hits deal 1.5x damage in GF2 (and most Spiderweb games going back a long time now), so if you crit 30% of the time, your damage is 15% higher on average versus never critting. And yup, QA now adds 1 die per point to sword attacks. I'd have preferred more crit and less of that, but I wasn't able to find a reasonable way around the die increase, so I kept crit low instead.
  12. It's impossible to talk about any of this seriously, when this level of venom and anger is already in the conversation. Please stop with the venom and anger.
  13. This is completely insane. I don't know whose alt account this is, but please lay off.
  14. That's a pretty disingenuous assertion, thanks. Jeff says his change is a bugfix. The change back and forth is just changing one value to another. I thought that was an unfortunate change (whether a bugfix or not) and that the original value was better, so I reverted the value. That's not "reintroducing a bug." That's deliberately changing the value. Based on this, I can't quite tell if I should take your other feedback seriously or not.
  15. You got the "left too soon" ending. This happens when you don't complete the requirements for any of the main endings. You can get a main ending by either 1) Being a member of a faction, and completing their whole quest chain or 2) Having no faction membership, and killing all of Barzhal, Akkat, Rhakkus, and Easss. It sounds like you were going for #2, but may have missed one of the Taker leaders.
  16. You don't specify, but it sounds like he attacked you outside Zhass-Uss, right? Was this with v1.0.2 or v1.0.1? This was listed as being fixed in the patch notes for v1.0.2.
  17. What in the world gave you the idea that you weren't "supposed to" use it? Here's a question. What CRPGs do you actually enjoy, without any complaints? I've been scratching my head trying to figure out what game would actually satisfy you, and I'm not sure I can think of any.
  18. Wow. As much as I advocate focusing on one shaping skill... just a couple points into Essence Mastery (you avoided all the free points somehow) would get you multiple extra drayks. But I'm even more puzzled by your complete avoidance of magic skills. Blessing and Mental magic are incredibly strong, and if you're refusing to use them at all, that explains some of the difficulty you've faced. You talked about what the game was balanced around. Well the game was definitely balanced around, e.g., the player having access to the Speed spell! That only takes a couple of points. And to Dominate, and Airshock. You have a very, very specific way you want to play. Both in terms of how you progress through the game, in terms of how you want mechanics to work, in terms of stat investment, etc. And more power to you, I think that's awesome. But you can't then turn around and complain that the game isn't custom-tailored to your extremely specific personalized approach...
  19. Infestation: OVERRUN updated to v1.02 New download link: Download here Please follow the installation instructions in the first post in this topic (which also explains the mod). You can see this post for a more complete list of mod changes. Changelog for v1.02: - v1.02: Integrated all base game v1.02 changes - v1.02: Reverted base game v1.02 rotghroth nerf - v1.02: Lowered base level for drayks, fyoras, artilas, and searing artilas to compensate for base game v1.02 Innate Haste buff. (They are still better than they were in v1.01 even with this adjustment.) - Enhancements to PC melee: PC sword attacks received a modest boost to help them compete with Overrun's missile attacks, to create a specialized build option, and to recreate some of the feel of OG1's QA/Anatomy Guardian, which eviscerated things when it did get into melee range. PC sword attacks now receive a small chance to crit based on the PC's Quick Action skill: 5% for every 2 points of QA, up to a maximum of 30%. (Note that crit is only a 1.5x multiplier in GF2, so this is only up to a +15% bonus on average.) As a side effect, QA also adds to die quantity for PC sword attacks. There are now at least 3 viable solo Guardian builds (melee QA; missile Dex; and Feisty Slap Strength). - Overrun Bugfix: Purifying Blade now requires 20 canisters to max out rather than 10, as intended in Overrun v1.01 - Overrun Bugfix: The book formerly called "Wild Adventure" no longer causes a crash on the Mac version of GF2. (This was due to strings having a smaller size in the Mac version. The flavor text has been truncated to comply.)
  20. The message is generic and does not depend on the skill that caused it. QA does not apply to spells, Spellcraft does.
  21. Actually, this is kind of the opposite of how it works. You get a proportionately greater increase in Health at lower levels than at higher levels. Examples (thanks to Mechalibur's formulas): Level 1 Guardian, HP with 4 Endurance = 52.5, added Endurance = 7.5 / point or about +14% Level 20 Guardian, HP with 4 Endurance = 255, added Endurance = 22.5 / point or about +9% Additionally, if you're casting Essence Shield all the time anyway at high levels, and you count the shielding as sort of like extra health, the percentage gain becomes even smaller.
  22. Alphas have more to distinguish them than other battle creations do. Leap, stun, daze, cleave, crit. Alphas could be better for sure, but right now they are the least redundant of all the battle creations.
  23. Ah, whoops. In that case... I share your question.
  24. OP didn't get to level 24, OP got to level 20. Based on the screenshot in another thread, OP has skipped over a lot of the zones in the game.
  25. For a long time Jeff deliberately avoided posting on any forum for his games. This can pretty quickly become toxic for a lot of game devs, and I think he felt like it wasn't great for him. He does read them occasionally though. (As one example, he made a reference to this thread, in a thread on Steam.) (I really wish he had gotten a different take-home message from this thread, but he definitely does read and take seriously the things that people have to say.)
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