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  1. >> Also some items will counteract the penalties by having bonus to hit.<<. Randomizer wrote a very long time ago. Could somebody please explain to me how to recognize those items??
  2. Yes, it does. How many times I forgot to scroll down missing for instance the Tinker's Bauble - and it still happens again. Thanks.
  3. OK I shall try. I'm just round the corner, so to speak, about to finish the Ruined Fort. Thanks to everyone.
  4. I bought mine in Dec 2023 through Humble Bundle, I've no idea which version. And Erika definitely has just the dialogue options I copied in my last post.
  5. Or maybe I THOUGHT Arcane Lore training would be a reward, I don't recall. The only option concerning training I get is "I could use training in the magical arts." Reply: "Very well, I am adept in all the magical realms. If you wish to learn some incantations, I can teach you, for a price. I know certain spells that are beyond the reach of most, and my libraries are open to you. .... and some remarks concerning her tower, to return safely." Then there are two dialogue options: "What spells can you teach me?" followed by a list, and "Where is your library?" Same options before, during and after the Hawthorne and surface quests.
  6. Last time I was advised to wait until one or two of the final quests were completed. After completing them I still only get the option to use her library and a list of spells to learn. I knew that Arcane Lore oder Cloak of the Arcane or Arcane Blow all look similar so I read this list slowly and very carefully. I don't think I missed the offer to buy Arcane Lore.
  7. My singleton has found the way to the surface and has also slewn Hawthorne, but I still don't get the option for Erika to teach AL. Or do I have to kill Grah Hoth, too? I purposely saved Grah Hoth until now to let those poor people at Fort Remote enjoy life a little longer. I'm off to give Micah the good news about Sss-Thsss's demise just now. Any suggestions? I don't really need any more AL at this point, my char is lvl 49 and has all the spells she needs, but I was aiming for the spell medals.....
  8. Then it must be the quest, as my reputation is at 43 legendary. Pity. Who needs Arcane Lore or Spellcraft advanced after killing Hawthorne???
  9. Does Erica really offer training in Arcane Lore and Spellcraft? Or do I have to complete one of her quests before she does? So far I can only buy spells which cost less at the Freehold of Kyass? Or did I miss any option offered in the dialogue??
  10. Thx for your replies. I've never tried summoning or domination which is why I shall never win a medal for 17 priest or mage spells at lvl 3. So far my char is doing fine, hasn't been dominated or stunned.
  11. I am running a single char that is currently at lvl 39. I have read that single chars are in danger of being stunned, so I have been frequently using Ward of Thought. I've also been collecting items increasing curse or mind resistance to be swapped for standard equipment before facing a caster that is known to cast lots of stunning and terrifying spells. Those items take up a lot of space in inventory, so I would like to know whether it is at all necessary to keep i.e. the Nullity Shield, the Cloak of the Burdened or the Mica Band. I've been specializing on raising str and int with a few points in end, so does it make sense to keep the Girdle of Avoidance that raises dex by 2?? This is my fourth team, and I still have lots of ideas which combo to run next. Mr. Jeff Vogel, you are a genius.
  12. Before starting over this time I exported settings.dat along with the saves. It worked, the stat page was wiped clean.
  13. I had a look at settings.dat, it consists of just a few characters looking a lot like chinese characters. I guess I could delete it after uninstalling, but there may be another copy in the depth of my user directory. I didn't delete the saves of my recent games, but copied them to another directory. As I love searching for caches it isn't very helpful if settings still show shovelmaster though my current team is only three quarters through the game. It's my fifth combo, by the way, and I may just try a single char. Thanks for your help, TriRodent and Dry Peak, Soggy Bottom.
  14. I wanted to reset statistics when starting over with a new team and removed the saves of my past teams from the AEftP directiory in Documents, but that didn't work. Do I have to uninstall and reinstall the game to reset statistics??
  15. I know that X will train my mages in the Mage discipline after killing Adze Hakai but I haven't taken that option with my past teams. Can I buy two levels from him or only one?
  16. Always do. Still yet it doesn't help, I seem to remember to even being given credit for contacting the scimitar/finding the surface, but the quests still show in my quest list.
  17. I was planning to do this as I must have missed at least one of the caches. Of course, herbs will grow back, they did even in the original Exiles. There should be some unknown spots, too, that I can only reach using the Orb of Thralni, which still scares me as I crashed to my death numerous times in EEftP after starting too late or trying to fly too far. I think I must be one of those few EEftP fans who finished the game more than fifteen times, in almost all combinations but an all-fighter-team. Anyway, I started a duo just an hour ago, so I can start keeping track of the caches, though I haven't got a plan yet how to raise cave lore, tool use and arcane lore to a useful score with only two chars. But I've decided that this team will steal anything they can get away with, not just occasionally, as all my past teams.
  18. Thank you. Then I might get just a few of them, as there ist never too much graymold or mandrake root to be found.
  19. Some posts in the forum mentioned that I can actually make wisdom crystals. Where, when, how is it done?
  20. I finished all three of the main quests, but there is still The Scimitar and Find an Exit on my quest list. I've told Rogow and Erika ages ago, but they seem to be there for good. Any idea??
  21. Thank you. I glanced at it a 1000 times - at lvl 32 - but never took it in. Thick.
  22. I didn't find any option to line them up differently. My priest is second and too often cannot react to anything happening to the two mages. So how do I change him to fourth position?
  23. Thank you. I didn't put skill points into luck in this game, neither for her nor for any of the other chars. But she has only 6 resistance, I was wrong there, while the other magic users have 8, and the fighter has an amulet that increases curse resistance by 20%. That just might be the reason. But her intelligence is several points higher than that of the other magic users.
  24. One of my mages has an abysmally low curse resistance of 28, only abt. half of the score of the rest of the party. She's lvl 31, in the middle of the Grah Hoth campaign, doing very well. Her resistance is 8, and I have checked her equipment and that of the others, but none of them is wearing anything raising curse resistance. Any idea??
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