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  1. Thank you. I didn't put skill points into luck in this game, neither for her nor for any of the other chars. But she has only 6 resistance, I was wrong there, while the other magic users have 8, and the fighter has an amulet that increases curse resistance by 20%. That just might be the reason. But her intelligence is several points higher than that of the other magic users.
  2. One of my mages has an abysmally low curse resistance of 28, only abt. half of the score of the rest of the party. She's lvl 31, in the middle of the Grah Hoth campaign, doing very well. Her resistance is 8, and I have checked her equipment and that of the others, but none of them is wearing anything raising curse resistance. Any idea??
  3. Found it. I need to address the travelling wizard in the pub, Konig or whatever. Thanks just the same.
  4. When I try to reach the spellbook I get a message: "The door is locked. You don't have the key and the lock is too complicated to be picked." My tool use skill is 9 plus 4x Nimble Fingers, and my reputation is Beloved. According to Randomizer's list well-liked should suffice, or does it have to be exactly at well-liked? -> Traute
  5. Why should adrenaline rush start out with 8 rounds fatigue? I'd expect a fighter to collapse after the effort, not at the start of it. Appears useless to me, to turn my fighter into a sitting duck, unless monsters are programed to stand in line to receive their lethal blows. My fighter has 2 lvls priest and smite lvl 3, though, so she can make good use of the otherwise wasted rounds, but still: Most battles are over after 8 rounds. One of my mages has just qualified for adrenaline rush but I dare not try it out, though it's mostly less critical for mages if they can't move about. I found several hints how to shorten fatigue but I can't seem to fit them into my training plan. Suggestions, please??
  6. All's well. I seem to have trained a mage who has limited priest skill instead of my cleric. Evysss list is quite misleading, you have to watch what you're clicking on. Thanks for your help.
  7. It does, plus 3x Sage Lore which I thought would count, too. Just now I raised AL to 10, to make sure. Haven't tried again as I'm in the middle of a dungeon.
  8. It is, plus three counts of Sage Lore, and I'd read that would count, too. No idea what could have caused this.
  9. My priest has maxed out Ward of Steel at Evyss and has returned to the Bat Cave to get lvl 3 which didn't work. He's lvl 17, with 13 Priest. He had been trying to decipher the spell even before he went to buy it from Evyss, could that be the reason? Any idea?? -> Traute
  10. ´Thank you, I thought as much. BTW what does "energy resistance" mean? It says so on an amulet, but it's not mentioned on the character sheet.
  11. Have been using this pool for a while when it suddenly turned sour. Does it offer just a limited number of uses? My searches of the AEftP posts didn't get any answers. -> Traute
  12. Thanks. It's at the bottom of the character sheet in my version, but I found it.
  13. My party is currently lvl 21, they have been buying spell levels whenever they had the money or they came across a location where their Arcane Lore would let them gain a level. I didn't keep track who was what level at which spell. Does the game let you see at which level you cast a spell apart from the info you get at a shop or am I supposed to make a list? -> Traute
  14. Thank you. I thought it was my fault. I had my cleric learn Ward of Thoughts which seems to help. -> Traute
  15. I'm gradually getting the feel of the game, especially my three custom spellcasters are quite successfull, but they used to be the strongest chars in the Exiles, too. But I'm quite worried about my tank, Chatton, custom fighter lvl 15 with one lvl of priest; inspite of sticking every resistance-generating piece of equipment on her she's taking to the bushes frightened out of her wits almost any time she's facing serious spellcasters, mostly even before her first turn. None of the abilities or traits are likely to address this. Does anybody have an idea what I could do? -> Traute
  16. OT: This version is much more difficult than the Exiles. My team is lvl 11, they are done with running errands, are currently doing the necklace quest, but they were almost wiped out by the Ogre Mage and wouldn't dream of taking on even the wimpiest demon. And I know the plot by heart, finished each of the Exiles about 10 times. And I'm using all the old tricks: using doorways, preparing in advance before fighting the bosses etc. BTW which of the slith places is the easiest? Exile Escape had a lot of random encounters to get the feel of any type of monster which Avernum doesn't seem to have. I shall have to find out whether there are still slith villages like in Exile 1 they could practice on. -> Traute
  17. >>Documents > Spiderweb Software > Avernum << Thanks. That's the very last place I would have looked for them. ->
  18. I have recently started playing Avernum Escape from the Pit and want to transfer my saves to the rest of my computers. I was quite surprised that I couldn't trace them in either of the two Avernum and Spiderweb folders. Does anybody know where I shall find them under Win11? Thanks. (Should have stuck to the Exiles...) -> Traute
  19. In Escape from the Pit I didn't mind them while there were too many of them in Crystal Souls IMHO. I don't really recall how many there were in Ruined world as the last time I played that was 15 years ago.
  20. I did play BoE, but I don't remember anything about it. Maybe I should try that. Or Nethergate, which I only ever played with an Irish team. I finished all the Exiles several times. Battles don't scare me, not even the huge ones towards the endgames, I really enjoyed working on tactics, but I hated the crafty little tricks that kept me from proceeding.
  21. >>I went to Silvar to buy supplies << I was given just one loaf of bread or bunch of mushroom/char, and I thought they would finish that after resting once. In the Exiles I always carried huge quantities of food. Maybe I worry too much. >>leave in peace<< This occurred just after leaving Ft Emergence when my team came across some goblins resting who seemed 'reluctant enter into a fight' or some such message. I don't consider goblins hard to beat, even for a newbie party, in fact in EftP I used to earn my first few levels fighting goblins, nephils und brigands, the only hard thing being fighting nephils at all because I adore cats. In Exile 2 and 3 I finished several games running six nephils. I like random encounters a lot to develop my team and gain some levels, even later in the game; in Exile I there used to be a peninsula in the warren far to the west where I could fight huge armies of soldiers. I could keep on doing this for hours, until everyone's inventories were full, take my boat back to town to sell the stuff and return to start over. I think I have to go back to Ft Emergence as I hardly talked to anyone there. I might have missed some small quests.
  22. >>Also, you absolutely can make a character who starts out with both fighting skills and magic skills in all of these games. << I found it and created a new team. But a lot seems to have changed. I went to Silvar to buy supplies and the woman charges the earth. I have to find out where to shop next. Another new trait is that fighting is not compulsory. I can "leave in peace". Thanks a lot for your help.
  23. I've been a fan of the Exiles almost from the start. I really like char generation and - development. When I DLed the demos of Avernum one - both the original and the latest version - I expected more of the same plus being able to play it under Win10. I was sorely disappointed. Apart from more sophisticated graphics I didn't find any options to really get into char generation, just a few points to distribute. I read the manual again and again, but couldn't find any trace of it. What happened to 60 points or so to distribute to form my own special characters, with two lvls of priest skill for the fighter to enable them to bless and heal themselves or start my magic users with three lvls of mage and priest skill? So I'm back to Exile Escape from the Pit. Is there any modern Spiderweb game that could suit me??? Looking forward to your replies, Traute
  24. >> http://content.invisioncic.com/r224167/monthly_2020_08/1701648792_ADoSCrest.thumb.png.e466795adc0a0fd1052a73fef0c22f38.png Member 4,733 posts LocationMassachusetts Posted 23 hours ago >>The idea is the Cave Lore gives them better navigational skills, so they avoid pricking themselves on poisonous fungi or falling into toxic sludge.<< That must be it. They still get poisoned in combat like any other group I had, but they don't outside.
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