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  1. Ess-Eschas: Thank you, that's exactly what happened to me!!! I had forgotten about the bottle of wine,, and I repeatedly tried to enter the gremlin's grove just to see if I could. I've forgotten such a lot, haven't played the game in at least 15 years.
  2. Thank you. Anyway, I always carry a lot of food at the start of the game when I let my guys run about looking for random battles to gain levels. I haven't played Exile Escape from the pit for many years so I can't be sure it hasn't happened before. I still love the game to pieces. -> felpurr42
  3. Went to buy abt. 350 food at Silvar, then went north to start the Neph fort. Fought a few battles on my way there, suddenly the game wouldn't let me rest as my food was at zero. Just made it to Fort Duvno, my guys already damaged by hunger, they're only at lvl. 7/8. Does anybody know what might have happened? -> felpurr42
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