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  1. Do enemies in shaper crypt spawn infinitely? Them along with pylons are such a nightmare. I am level 15 playing on normal. I have just finished the geneforge gates, not gone into labs yet. But i did finishes the guarded docks without much problem with 2 searing worms adlnd 1 battle beta. I guess a lot depends on the builds. But i cant enter halfway through the crypt before getting overwhelmed and using all my essence.
  2. It feels like the game took place a few centuries before Avernum took place. The empire grew bigger and took over all its vassals, the Nisse went extinct after a few wars with the empire. The Nisse's could have made the Slithzerikai and Vahanati in a last effort to fight off the humans and the underworld would be later named as Avernus. Just my fun theory, any one else felt same?
  3. Kendra asked me to check about the package from Irvine, Irvine doesn't talk with with me with the "I'm enjoying my privacy dialog" And i get "Box and the end of the corridor is empty when i get to the box" I am stuck there, any idea how to fix?
  4. I used this so much at the end. I had a Tinker mage with Acid and a Shadow Walker. I killed all Red Beard's guards and drop his health down to half before starting the battle.
  5. I really didn't have any idea that the game had cracked walls which were breakable by move mountains. I thought it was just for rocks. I realized it after finshing 90% of the game. No idea what all I missed.
  6. To reach Thompson in fort remote, there is a key needed which can be found in a undead crypt west for formello. I think it is refering to the Blased Ruins. I searched it completly but I couldn't find anything. ---Edit--- Found it.. Need to use move mountains.
  7. How do I help them. I thought I need to report about them in Gnass but no new dialogs there.
  8. Try the Game with 2 Sith Pole Arm users and 2 Nephil Archers. Take 1 pole Arm user a partial priest and 1 Archer a partial mage. I wonder how playable would the game be.
  9. Thanks I found it but wierd thing. I cant find the map in my inventory. Cant belive I can be so lost.(Playing after 1 week) Can you post those button combinations?
  10. I had reached Sixus Tower.. He was not there and I found a map. How do I proceed after that.
  11. Hello everyone... I have currently doing the recover slith charm quest from Gnass. I have made it to the center island of the secret slith map. But I am not able to find any Amber Charm here. Any help?
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