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  1. Sure, and kudos on the well-thought-through motives! As it stands, a Watcher ending requires you make false promises to Istara (if any), pay lip service to the ridiculous Blessed, leaving them incompetently in charge and easy prey for your later return. Going back to Istara at that point re-opens the possibility of turning the woods over to the slightly less incompetent Trench Towns.
  2. First, I should just admit I'm a total Spiderweb fangirl and you can apply grains of salt as you see fit. I've been playing their games since Avernum was Exile, and even my least favorite games I liked a lot. I'm not even through my first play-through of this one and I already rank it one of my favorites.I've even gotten stuck twice and had to just thrash around revisiting people until I wiggled free (man, the map-click travel has my vote for best change) and I still like it. The major changes in game-play from their (let's be honest—Jeff's) other games did take some getting used to. I finally just today was going through some sub-area and found myself thinking, "Well, thank goodness I don't have to scour around clicking every basket and looking for rats to kill!" And the limited inventory doesn't matter because even at the beginning I didn't have to scrounge every two-bit dagger just to survive. Having to kill a dungeon boss in one run wasn't fun at first, but I soon realized that it was making me much more aware of available resources and how to use them most effectively—which gives the storyline a little more authentic flavor. Sure, I'm a princess and used to just having stuff, but they could only send so much with me! The fact that I got my butt handed to me a few times early on and had to step back and figure a better way forward just makes it better for me. Speaking of resources, the fort-building was really giving me headaches before that latest update, so I'm guessing they made a teeny tweak to it. If so, thank you!! It's still a challenge, but now it's one of my favorite things. "Oops! Can't buy them a brewery yet! Gotta find more mines!" The storyline kind of reminds me of Nethergate, in that you've got immediate tasks that lead you to figure out the hidden agenda. That is, there were hidden agendas in many other Spiderweb games, but you usually knew the shape of what you were looking for.
  3. Originally Posted By: Dikiyoba Too much grinding for too little fun. I know it was already quoted, but you forgot to add "That's what she said." I did play KoL for quite a while. For the then-hilarious chat and for the bad puns and '80s pop-culture references in the subadequate gameplay. Restarting the lurk count now.
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