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  1. Also, to correct a misunderstanding in this topic, it's possible to both learn and cast Break Barrier as a Roman, even without Rhian in your party. You'll need to set up the following on one player character (which may seem like a lot of work, but as a completionist player, I found it quite simple): 1) Buy one level of Craft Circle from Moira in the Hagfen 2) Wear the Emerald Helm (+1 to all magic stats) (optional if 3) and 4) are done) 3) Defeat Raven for the All Circle Scroll (+3 to all magic stats excluding Druidism) 4) Kill the Selkie chief for the hags and take the Craft Circle Scroll as a reward (+3 to Craft Circle) 5) Learn Break Barrier from the northwest bookshelf in Iltanor's room in Northern Aethdoc (yes, it does teach Raise Dead and Break Barrier, and only to Romans - the list above incorrectly claims it teaches Raise Dead and Total Healing) This gives you an 8 in Craft Circle; only 7 is needed to cast Break Barrier. I ended up not doing this myself in my game, as I thought the hags' quests were icky. But this is very doable in a Roman playthrough (and maybe even recommended for powergamers).
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    nethergate remake

    I've finally been playing through N:R for the first time - I finished all other Spiderweb games years ago, but for some reason never got to this one. Anyway, I'm really enjoying the "two halves of the story" gimmick and the general gameplay, but as with the original Exiles/Avernum trilogy and the Geneforge series, I agree it would be great to see a re-remake of this in Jeff's new engine. In particular, I'd want to see four things: 1) Junk bag. 2) The "new" Spiderweb skill tree system that actually allows you to feel like your characters are progressing in power each level, as opposed to the old system where relevant stats get very difficult to raise at higher levels. 3) Better UI that actually shows complete and accurate resistance and other character statistics. 4) JUNK BAG. Of course, this probably won't happen in my lifetime, since next up is Queen's Wish (day one Kickstarter backer here) alternating with the Geneforge 1-2-3 remakes. Of course I'm hyped for all of those too, but it's a little sad that Nethergate never really had much critical success relative to other Spiderweb titles. It's quite different from his "main" series titles, but definitely worth some love. Also, on the very slight chance Jeff reads this one day - please, please, please try to get this on GOG!
  3. Ess-Eschas, thanks for the quick and helpful reply - I appreciate it!
  4. I've found a fair number of relatively small errors/duplications in the list so far (I'm probably almost halfway through a Celt playthrough), so I'm not sure whether this is one of them, but I can't find the below area in the Southwestern Zone. Any help (screenshots showing the exact location would be great) will be appreciated - cheers! "SOUTHWESTERN CRAGS — Endurance +1"
  5. Anyone got one? In particular, "iampoor" still works, but "iwanttobestronger" (which awarded about 500xp in prior games) doesn't.
  6. mikeprichard

    Avernum 3 Time Counter

    From Slarty's and my own research in the scripts, although the day triggers relating to town damage aren't visible anywhere in the scripts for some towns (Krizsan, Delis, Shayder, Sharimik, Aminro, Lorelei, Gale, and Greendale), it looks like Jeff didn't make any changes to the town destruction schedule compared to the original A3. So, the info in my old A3 topic here should still apply.
  7. I found a few items (excluding those found in merchant inventories per your stated rule) that weren't in the list. The only ones I can recall right now: 1) A second Swamp Shoes (in an inn in a small town, I think lying on the floor, but I don't remember which town) 2) A second Ten Blessings Band (if you rob the beggar near Moon) 3) A second Mercuric Plate (on the ground next to Sulfras - must kill her to get it) 4) A fifth Crystal - Luck (attack the merchant settlement in the mountains north of Sharimik) Fantastic work!
  8. mikeprichard

    A3:RW cheat list?

    Thanks as always, Randomizer, and for linking this to Strategy Central.
  9. Right, that's what I assumed was going on with most of the inconsistencies between the game and this list. As to the Ivanova quest reward, it's +1 Hardiness, not Resistance - so it's not a game bug after all. Thanks! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Also, a few items missing from the list: 1) Swamp Shoes (in an inn in a small town, I think lying on the floor, but I don't remember which town) 2) Venomous Blade (when Hawke's ghost appears in the Manse's statue hall, approach the northeast statue) 3) Stability Girdle (in an outdoors stone circle on an island north of the Distant Hut, with the Orb of Thralni and sufficient Luck(?)) 4) Granite Girdle (dropped by a prototype golem in the Upper Golem Factory, after pulling the lever in the secret room just north of the stairs down) 5) Mauler's Ring (read the book "Secrets of Wainscotting," then search the ground behind the Wainscotting inn) 6) Blessed Armor Band (in a chest past a secret switch in the SW corner of the Remote Cavern pillar room, with Dispel Barrier L3) 7) Blessed Breastplate (in a chest in the E part of the Guarded Tunnel) 8) Crystal: Vahnatai Lore (in a chest in the center of the factory's Golem Spire)9) Crystal: Vahnatai Lore (in a chest in the council hall in the SE quarter of Ghikra, past the barriers) 10) Crystal: Resistance (on the ground past a secret switch in the NE rock formation in the Great Circle) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ And some miscellaneous corrections/additions to the list: 1) The rune disk near Torria that teaches Summon Shade needs 18 Arcane Lore (including Vahnatai Lore, but not Sage Lore), not 17 as shown in the list. 2) Attacking the drakes guarding the Chaotic Halberd gives Dread Curse. 3) Clicking on the eastern of the two green crystals in the final SE room of the Defiled Crypt gives one point of Vahnatai Lore. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  10. OK, thanks. I've also found a few errors in your list, but I'm not sure you're planning to to update it anymore. Either way, it's great.
  11. Ivanova's quest doesn't give any Resistance (or other skill) points as a reward, although it increases all party members' resistances by amounts that seem to reflect a "hidden" 1-point Resistance increase. I know Jeff never reads these forums, and I don't have or plan to get a Steam account, so how could I report this bug to him? EDIT: Not a game bug; the quest correctly awards +1 Hardiness, not Resistance.
  12. mikeprichard

    A3: RW - Trainers (SPOILER)

    Errata: 1) Sara (in Shayder) is missing from the list of mage spell trainers (pretty average - Bolt of Fire through Spray Acid). 2) Velnas should be in the mage spells list, not the priest spells list. 3) Zachariah should be in the priest spells list, not the mage spells list. 4) The Moon spell-teaching "stands" are placed in the incorrect lists - the priest spells stand should be moved to the mage spells list, and vice versa.
  13. Ward of Thoughts is listed twice, while Ward of Steel should be moved to where the erroneous second Ward of Thoughts currently is. Great work!
  14. Incredible and appreciated work, as always. Some questions as I plan my munchkin party: 1) Which of the below rewards add the listed skill points to all party members, and which only add the skill points to one party member? i) Drake Lord Blessing (1 point of Blademaster/1 point of Spellcraft) ii) Ivanova's "steal book" quest reward (1 point of Hardiness - not Resistance as noted in the list) iii) Daltrey's "hidden giants" quest reward (1 point of Lethal Blow) iv) Swamp ogres' "kill vampire" quest reward (1 point of Lethal Blow) 2) EDIT: I've confirmed that the Swordmage trait grants an additional allowed encumbrance amount for spellcasting purposes of 10% per trait point, as opposed to the 5% incorrectly cited elsewhere (see here under the "Traits" section for that incorrect cite). The 10% was also applicable in Avernum 1:EFTP and Avernum 2:CS. 3) What is the Shift-D code (or other specific method) to manually edit the current Day? Re: 3), I'd like to recreate the town "decay" timetable as I did for the original Avernum 3 (see here). Also, as someone who likes to take his time exploring every square inch of a game and completing every quest without ever needing to consider time constraints, it would greatly increase my personal enjoyment of the game. Yeah, I know the changing world is the big unique thing with A3, but though I'm sure I'm in the minority in this, A3 is my favorite Spidweb game despite that mechanic, rather than because of it. Anyway - Slarty did a quick review of the script files to find all "day" conditional references (see here), but those only appear for 18 of the 26 towns that originally had time-related effects in E3/A3; still, as he notes, other effects (for those 18 towns or for others) may be hardcoded in the game and therefore not visible in the scripts. Also, thanks to Brood_Star, I've found where Jeff indicated there are no cheats to "alter the general timeline" in a Steam discussion (see here). However, that's not quite clear - he's talking there about resurrecting characters that had already died, but I'm more interested in reverting the current day to an earlier day to prevent future deaths/town changes. That all said, is there a way to manually edit certain game files to achieve this? I can't imagine it's impossible, but it would be really, really disappointing to me if it were - easy options to reset the current day were included in both E3 and the original A3.
  15. EDIT: Complete town list moved to top of forum topic for easy reference. (2/12/2015) Thanks to qella and alex for additional Slime/Roach plague data below! I've done some extensive (obsessive-compulsive) testing using the Character Editor to edit the in-game day for all friendly towns in Valorim; here are the results. I'm 99% confident in the below information, with two caveats: 1) After you eliminate the monster plague for each town, that town will no longer suffer any further damage (damaged buildings, occupation by monsters, etc.). However, even though I solved all five plagues before any related towns suffered any damage, when I then cheated the day to 500 (the max), there were several NPCs (including "generic" shopkeepers like tailors, fletchers, Merrys, etc., as well as NPCs with specific dialogue and possibly quests like Father Oriathon in Hectar, Spurn in Bavner, Shahpur and others in Angel's Rest, etc.) missing in the smaller towns. Therefore, it's best to clear any quests involving NPCs in the smaller towns (i.e. other than the provincial capitals of Krizsan, Shayder, Sharimik, Lorelei, and Gale, which don't seem to suffer this "disappearing NPC" problem) as soon as possible. 2) I didn't check for any further damage past day 501 (the max in the Character Editor), but I'm pretty sure after around day 250, every town is as busted up as it can ever get. On to the info. Friendly towns that suffer damage due to a related unsolved plague do so in two or more "phases." To take a simple example, from days 0 through 110, Aminro is in its initial "OK" state, but from day 111 onward, it's destroyed and occupied by troglos. However, most damaged towns have three or more such states (with various buildings/NPCs gradually getting damaged/killed/displaced as time goes on, until the related plague is solved). According to the below, if you want to avoid any town being damaged at all, you must solve the slime plague before day 11, the roach plague before day 51, the troglo plague before day 76, the giant plague before day 101, and the golem plague before day 141. The alien beast plague won't spread to any friendly towns if left unsolved - at least as of day 501. TOWNS AFFECTED BY SLIME PLAGUE (once plague is solved, towns suffer no further damage) Krizsan Phase 1: Days 0-10 Phase 2: Days 11-25 Phase 3: Days 26-55 Phase 4: Days 56 and later Delan Phase 1: Days 0-40 Phase 2: Days 41-60 Phase 3: Days 61-65 Phase 4: Days 66-70 Phase 5: Days 71 and later Delis Phase 1: Days 0-60 Phase 2: Days 61 and later (town is destroyed) Silvar Phase 1: Days 0-40 Phase 2: Days 41-60 Phase 3: Days 61-70 Phase 4: Days 71-80 Phase 5: Days 81 and later (town is destroyed) Inn of Blades Phase 1: Days 0-100 Phase 2: Days 101 and later Bolton Phase 1: Days 0-40 Phase 2: Days 41-60 Phase 3: Days 61-75 Phase 4: Days 76-85 Phase 5: Days 86-90 Phase 6: Days 91 and later (town is destroyed) TOWNS AFFECTED BY ROACH PLAGUE (once plague is solved, towns suffer no further damage) Shayder Phase 1: Days 0-50 Phase 2: Days 51-70 Phase 3: Days 71-105 Phase 4: Days 106 and later Hectar Phase 1: Days 0-70 Phase 2: Days 71-85 Phase 3: Days 86-105 Phase 4: Days 106 and later (town is destroyed) Bavner Phase 1: Days 0-75 Phase 2: Days 76 and later Kuper Phase 1: Days 0-90 Phase 2: Days 91-105 Phase 3: Days 106 and later Port Townsend Phase 1: Days 0-75 Phase 2: Days 76-85 Phase 3: Days 86-95 Phase 4: Days 96-105 Phase 5: Days 106 and later TOWNS AFFECTED BY TROGLO PLAGUE (once plague is solved, towns suffer no further damage) Sharimik Phase 1: Days 0-95 Phase 2: Days 96-130 Phase 3: Days 131-170 Phase 4: Days 171 and later (town is partially occupied by troglos) Angel's Rest (yes, there really are 10 phases - the changes are subtle) Phase 1: Days 0-80 Phase 2: Days 81-90 Phase 3: Days 91-100 Phase 4: Days 101-110 Phase 5: Days 111-130 Phase 6: Days 131-140 Phase 7: Days 141-150 Phase 8: Days 151-170 Phase 9: Days 171-190 Phase 10: Days 191 and later (town is occupied only by friendly guards) Aminro Phase 1: Days 0-110 Phase 2: Days 111 and later (town is occupied by troglos) Gidrik Phase 1: Days 0-75 Phase 2: Days 76-100 Phase 3: Days 101-120 Phase 4: Days 121-135 Phase 5: Days 136-160 Phase 6: Days 161-180 Phase 7: Days 181-200 Phase 8: Days 201 and later (town is occupied by troglos) TOWNS AFFECTED BY GIANT PLAGUE (once plague is solved, towns suffer no further damage) Lorelei Phase 1: Days 0-120 Phase 2: Days 121-165 Phase 3: Days 166-210 Phase 4: Days 211 and later (town is partially occupied by giants) Softport Phase 1: Days 0-100 Phase 2: Days 101-120 Phase 3: Days 121-190 Phase 4: Days 191 and later (town is largely destroyed, but not occupied by giants) Malloc Phase 1: Days 0-210 Phase 2: Days 211 and later (town is largely destroyed, but not occupied by giants) Bremerton Phase 1: Days 0-200 Phase 2: Days 201-220 Phase 3: Days 221-245 Phase 4: Days 246 and later (town is occupied by giants) Bengaro Phase 1: Days 0-110 Phase 2: Days 111-120 Phase 3: Days 121-125 Phase 4: Days 126-130 Phase 5: Days 131-185 Phase 6: Days 186 and later (town is occupied by giants) Dellston Phase 1: Days 0-110 Phase 2: Days 111-135 Phase 3: Days 136 and later (town is occupied by giants) Poulsbo Phase 1: Days 0-120 Phase 2: Days 121-150 Phase 3: Days 151-170 Phase 4: Days 171 and later (town is occupied by giants) TOWNS AFFECTED BY GOLEM PLAGUE (once plague is solved, towns suffer no further damage) Gale Phase 1: Days 0-140 Phase 2: Days 141-200 Phase 3: Days 201-250 Phase 4: Days 251 and later (town is partially occupied by golems) Greendale Phase 1: Days 0-165 Phase 2: Days 166 and later (town is occupied by golems) Mernia Phase 1: Days 0-150 Phase 2: Days 151-180 Phase 3: Days 181-210 Phase 4: Days 211 and later (town is occupied by golems) Spineridge Phase 1: Days 0-250 Phase 2: Days 251 and later (town is occupied by golems) TOWNS NEVER ALTERED BY ANY PLAGUE (FROM DAY 0 THROUGH DAY 501), WHETHER OR NOT ANY PLAGUES ARE SOLVED KRIZSAN/KARNOLD PROVINCES Pergies Farport Porter's Retreat Golddale ISLE OF BIGAIL Fenris Port FAR SOUTHEAST VALORIM Libras Lost Isle Storm Port Gebra Squiggus Lennus FAR NORTHWEST VALORIM Wainscotting Calloc Marish Dorngas Moon FAR NORTHEAST VALORIM Tevrono ORIGINAL POST (6/13/2013): I'm replaying A3, and would appreciate some specific info on how the passage of in-game days affects the game world: 1) Do all towns/cities in Valorim become more damaged (dead NPCs, ruined buildings, etc.) with the passage of days, or are only the provincial capitals (Krizsan, Shayder, Shamirik, Lorelei, Gale) affected? 2) Do these affected towns/cities have only two states (undamaged vs. damaged), or are there several phases of damage as time goes on? E.g., is Krizsan "undamaged" until day 10, "somewhat damaged" from days 10 through 20, and "fully damaged" after day 20? Even better, if anyone knows and could post the damage "trigger" day(s) for each affected town (assuming the related plague isn't yet solved), that'd be great. 3) I really don't want to miss out on any NPCs or quests, so I'm tempted to use the character editor to reset the in-game day to a low number (10 or so - I'm already in the 30s and still in Krizsan). What negative in-game side effects might this have? Thanks all!
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    Queer Parry results

    Thanks, Slarty! I just loaded up character creation to mess around a bit, and had forgotten how expensive Luck was in A4 (at 4 skill points/level to start) compared to most other SW games - so that's yet another reason not to bother with Luck in favor of other useful skills that definitely aren't bugged. Appreciate the quick reply!
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    Queer Parry results

    Excuse my necroing this truly ancient topic, considering it's pinned and my question is directly relevant - but could Slarty or someone else who had tested the effects of Luck in A4 confirm whether Luck is actually practically useless as implied in the current topic (posted by Slarty on 6 Jan 2006), or is in fact pretty amazing as described in this other topic (posted by Slarty on 25 Dec 2005)? The two topics directly contradict each other as to whether Luck actually increases character armor (+1/point), to-hit/dodge (+2%/point), F/C/E/mental resistance (+1%/point), and stun/poison/acid resistance (+3%/point). I'm planning another playthrough of A4 after many years, and remember it was almost the last SW game that was released with fairly glitchy/broken mechanics and UI systems (in my opinion), so I wouldn't be surprised to find Luck in fact does not grant the bonuses implied in the in-game skill description - I'd just like to confirm before I plan to pump 10 or so points into Luck for each toon. (And of course, this was only 11 years ago, so I'm sure people will remember exactly what was going on... I'm an optimist.) Cheers!
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    Quick action GF 4 - 5

    I've been trying to determine the exact second strike chance % each point of QA gives in Geneforge 4, and can't find it anywhere on the forums. It does seem significantly nerfed compared to G3 (which I just finished) - in G3, with QA 10, I was getting a double strike at least half the time, but with the same QA 10 in G4, it seems more like 20-25%. It's probably not a good sign nobody answered this question two years later, but just in case - can anyone confirm? I'd try to research this myself, but have no idea where I'd find this info in the game scripts.
  19. mikeprichard

    Sect Reputation and Rewards (Some Spoilers)

    This is the second time I'm necroing this thread, but again, it's for a good cause. I'm preparing another playthrough of G4 and again found this discussion about the possible discrepancy in Slarty's excellent guide (see link/discussion above), and from looking through all the game scripts, I've figured out why the reputation in the guide seemed to be off by 2 points: giving Fackler at least one research note in Chapter 2 gives -1 to reputation as listed in the scripts and Slarty's original forum post above (not +1 as listed in the guide), and the Chapter 1 ending total in the guide's "Powergaming" section should in fact be 104 (not 102, due to an apparent math error). The net effect of these two corrections would still leave you with the "powergaming" end-of-Chapter 2 reputation total of 120 in the guide. I just wanted to point this out for reference (whether or not Slarty is interested in correcting the two errors in the guide itself), since this is a stickied topic. Cheers!
  20. mikeprichard

    Avadon 3 - Class Analysis (some SPOILERS)

    Hopefully he'll put the correct information back in for all scarabs with v1.0.1, as he's already said he's correcting all tooltips.
  21. mikeprichard

    "Based on Stat" tooltips are not always accurate

    Thanks for the clarification - I also realized after I posted that it might in fact be 1.5 turns/skill level, not 1.5 turns/character level, which as you say is still very strong, but not nearly as insane as it's implemented currently. With these changes, my 1.0.1 playthrough would've probably seen me as a Tinkermage, Khalida, and Nathalie - Khalida hits COTF, I hit Charge Weapons, Nathalie does what Nathalie does, and enemies have a very bad day. Thanks again to Jeff for dropping by the forums and considering the feedback, and for a solid ending to the Avadon trilogy!
  22. mikeprichard

    "Based on Stat" tooltips are not always accurate

    If I'm reading this correctly, that still seems pretty OP. As with version 1.0, given the long duration of the skill (at character level 1 you'd get an average of 6 turns of the skill, while at level 30 you'd get 48 turns - even more than my Silena has now from my above example), you could just activate Charge Weapons before a battle, then have every attack do double damage after entering the next battle - including on the first turn. Or am I missing something? Either way, thanks for taking the time to consider feedback!
  23. mikeprichard

    "Based on Stat" tooltips are not always accurate

    On this topic, my Silena at Level 29 has modified attributes of Strength 11, Dexterity 44, Intelligence 12, and Endurance 12 - i.e. I raised almost exclusively Dexterity and almost never Intelligence at every level up - and her Charge Weapons skill (at max skill level 4) still lasts for 31 turns.
  24. mikeprichard

    Trupo's key

    You'll have a chance to get it when you complete Khalida's side quest.
  25. mikeprichard

    "Based on Stat" tooltips are not always accurate

    Kelandon - remember that you can simulate the in-game trainer character by pulling up Shift+D and typing "retrain." I've used that cheat myself for testing purposes, and it has exactly the same effects (and the same "attribute cycling" bug that's been reported earlier and described in detail by Slarty) as using the trainer character.