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  1. See here for details: http://spiderwebforums.ipbhost.com/topic/25074-equipment-only-skills/. (Note that per that topic and another recent forum discussion at http://spiderwebforums.ipbhost.com/topic/25111-unexplained-change-in-evasion-stats/?do=findComment&comment=308257, Shield Ally affects evasion.) That said, I agree with you that more tooltips and/or other in-game information explaining what these equipment skills actually do would be very nice.
  2. Yes, that same Spiderweb page support link is already in my recent post in the other topic - and you're welcome!
  3. Yikes - free unlimited turns is about as exploit-y as exploits get. I suspect Jeff is still actively collecting bug reports here for a future patch 1.0.3 given his forum activity and comments over the past few weeks, but you or another helpful player may consider emailing him this report directly to ensure he fixes it. (I think I've emailed him enough myself over the past few weeks!) Makes sense to me as well. Otherwise, typos will continue to crop up in a game with this much text, as they had prior to both patches 1.0.1 and 1.0.2, so it's great to see more identified for correction. Thanks to ladyonthemoon for the careful proofreading and her other bug reports here!
  4. I've just updated the game update patch notes topic (which is also linked from Strategy Central) at http://spiderwebforums.ipbhost.com/topic/25050-v101/?do=findComment&comment=308295. For future reference, any additional patch notes should continue to be easily found at the links already provided in that topic for the 1.0.1 and 1.0.2 notes.
  5. The complete available v1.0.2 changelog per GOG.com game download data, Steam at https://steamcommunity.com/app/1058130/discussions/0/2564160288804562021/, and Jeff's own site at http://www.spiderwebsoftware.com/queenswish/support.html:-Your window settings will now be remembered correctly. -Silence has a longer duration. -Silence now affects enemies correctly. -Lifedrain now works correctly. -You can now turn the scroll in to King Borgen correctly. -The haste bonus from daggers is now merely good and not overwhelming. -Bosses are now slightly less affected by slow. -Thabhlen Pass will no longer repopulate itself after it is all blowed up. -You can now always find evidence of where Castus went. -The standard assortment of minor tweaks, typo fixes, etc.* *I assume this includes, among other tweaks, the dialogue and message text, tooltip text, and equipment switching mechanic edits described by Jeff here, here, and here. Jeff apparently also significantly enhanced overall game performance per his incorporation of some of the player suggestions here.
  6. Ha, is it really that ugly? I'd be interested in a screenshot.
  7. Great - I know you're getting a ton of reports on email, here, and on Steam, but you're doing a champ's job of responding and fixing any issues. Thanks for your hard work!
  8. The complete available v1.0.1 changelog per GOG.com game download data, Steam at https://steamcommunity.com/app/1058130/discussions/0/2564160288804562021/, and (probably most relevant for any future version update changelogs) Jeff's own site at http://www.spiderwebsoftware.com/queenswish/support.html: -Changes in graphics engine to improve stability. -Teleport now costs a full 6 action points. -(Windows) Now can switch screen resolutions on startup. -The game buttons have been shifted inward to not interfere with screen shifting. -Tower of Might now correctly helps with magical evasion. -The world map will now show what workshops have been built in your forts. -An assortment of minor tweaks, typo fixes, etc.
  9. If that's how you feel about it, sure! Whatever works. Back to the "actual topic" then. 😉
  10. True! But unless you think this may help Jeff fix the bug (which I believe he has a handle on already from his earlier post here), I humbly suggest it might be better to separate this testing into a separate topic to make it easier for Jeff to quickly discover bugs in this "bug collection" topic. (Um, on that note, let's just forget about our 10 pages of posts about the invented term "ever-threaten" in this topic earlier, ha.) Just a thought!
  11. I don't mean this to come off as sarcastic, but if Jeff is going to fix the Radiance bugs (which apparently are already nailed down), is there still a need for this testing prior to 1.0.2?
  12. Has anyone other than Domar had this happen? I know Jeff is just one guy and there are a ton of reports in his email, here, and on the Steam forums right now, so not sure if this was confirmed to need further research.
  13. Ha, I think Jeff's taking better notes about his own lore and geography this time around! But I think it's a very safe assumption that each game in the trilogy will have a different setting.
  14. OK, that was my assumption from Jeff's comment, but I got lost in all them numbers... thanks for the info and confirmation!
  15. Soooo silly question, but does this mean the tooltip is incorrect for this skill as well, or is the current (as of game version 1.0.1) 100% trigger chance for level 4 in the skill part of the bug that's to be fixed (per Jeff just above, it currently gives a "very high chance of helping the character with the stat", which apparently is part of the bug)? I would expect a 60% chance of activation at level 4 (4 x 15%), but I'm sure I'm missing something very obvious here.
  16. In case this was the issue, you can only access this function while inside one of your controlled forts, as noted in the linked topic and on page 8 of the game manual.
  17. Re: the containers marked with "*", Randomizer's referring to his exhaustive game atlas at http://spiderwebforums.ipbhost.com/topic/24979-queens-wish-the-conqueror-atlas-of-quests-and-item-locations-massive-spoilers/.
  18. Thanks - there's some fairly involved "strategery" here for those who want to really dig into the fort management mechanics.
  19. Is the theft rate completely negated (i.e. reduced to 0%) on all game difficulties in each region if you a) kill the appropriate world map encounters in the region and b) build barracks and guard towers in every fort in the region (not sure if upgrading the fort affects theft rates - the manual doesn't say it does)? I note Slarty's post above implying that may be the case (at least for the "central area", and I'm not sure about game difficulty differences), but I also see the below from Randomizer's Strategy Central "advice" topic which seems to be more vague/nuanced. Any confirmed stats/details would be appreciated! 2) Upgrade Fort (increases resources from that fort), Barracks (attack bonus), and Guard Towers (damage reduction bonus) as well as reducing thefts from that land. Killing off bandits on the roads and monsters also reduces thefts. Base theft chances increase with game difficulty level from 20% to 30% on torment. Reclaiming a second fort increases theft chances by 20%. Your choices when picking a faction in each vassal land will also increase theft rates so consider delaying that until you are done with all 7 forts.
  20. Thanks, Randomizer - appreciate all the helpful info in these topics. Seems so far that iron is the big resource to keep an eye on, followed by wood, then quicksilver (but only pre-Ahriel).
  21. I'm still in the theorycrafting stage rather than the actually playing for real stage, and am very interested in specific strategies (chronological recommendations for which buildings to build in which forts and at which times) to avoid running out of cash and materials, as this seems to be by far the most significant (and unprecedented for Spidweb) meta-strategy in QW. I get that the general fort improvements always take priority, then the 3 cash buildings, followed by gradually building other resource buildings, finally leaving repairing the home teleporter for the very end, but will keep watching this topic for more details. Anyway, carry on.
  22. Great to hear the 1.0.1 update (which I still haven't installed) allows you to see the buildings in each fort from the map - very useful! Still and as also discussed above, making inventory switching among party members more convenient would be a huge plus. Maybe Jeff can license that fancy tech from Final Fantasy NES? 😁
  23. Jeff, thanks for the reply! As I mentioned above, I understand these are likely lower priority fixes than gameplay bugs, but these manual and in-game text corrections would prevent a lot of confusion among players, including here on the boards. Please let us know here if you need anything more than the below. Re: the armor description, the manual currently states: "Each piece of armor absorbs a percentage of damage you take, and each piece has a maximum amount of physical or magical damage you can absorb. For example, iron chainmail blocks 60% of damage. It can block up to 9 points of physical damage and 4 points of magical damage. If you take 20 points of physical damage, 60% of that is 12 points, so the armor will block 9 of that, you will take 3 points of damage." There are a few confusing parts to this. Most significantly, it implies in the last sentence that of the 20 total points of raw incoming damage, you will only "take 3 points of damage" total. However, I believe what you mean to say is that the armor will only block 9 points of the 20 - i.e. up to the 60% limit of .60 x 20 = 12, then 9 within that - so you'll still take both the 3 points of damage out of the 12, as well as the 8 remaining (20 - 12) to result in 3 + 8 = 11 total damage received by the player. If this is the case, I suggest the below revised paragraph. If it isn't and something else is going on, please consider revising the paragraph in another way to clearly reflect the total damage actually inflicted on the player out of the 20, which I don't think is only 3 as currently stated. "Each piece of armor is assigned a percentage representing the maximum possible portion of total incoming damage the armor may block, which is further limited by specific maximum values for the amount of physical or magical damage the armor can absorb. For example, iron chainmail may potentially block up to 60% of incoming damage, further limited to the absorption of up to 9 points of physical damage and 4 points of magical damage. If an enemy attacks to attempt to inflict 20 points of total physical damage on the player, the player's iron chainmail may block up to 60% of this total - 12 points - with the amount of damage actually absorbed by the armor further limited to the armor's physical damage absorption limit of 9. Thus, 9 points of the 20 total incoming points are blocked, and the player receives only the remaining damage of 11 (i.e. 20 - 9)." In addition to the above revision, it would be extremely helpful for you to include an additional paragraph in that section explaining how exactly the corresponding percentage/flat damage reductions related to chest (armor/robe), head (helmet/cowl) and shield (shield/orb) defensive pieces interact with each other to produce the character's overall damage reduction. There's detailed educated guesswork and several questions in Slarty's post at http://spiderwebforums.ipbhost.com/topic/25006-how-armor-works-chest-head-shield/?do=findComment&comment=307210 for your reference on this issue. Re: the Battle Frenzy vs. Haven's Might tooltips, both currently have the exact same starting description: "Hastes and blesses all allies within 6 spaces for 5 turns". However, per the in-game testing described at http://spiderwebforums.ipbhost.com/topic/25040-party-composition-races/?do=findComment&comment=307601, this is incorrect, as Battle Frenzy in fact lasts 1 turn + 4 turns per skill point in the skill, while Haven's Might lasts 5 turns + 4 turns per skill point in the skill. Since you've already made efforts to be exact in the skill tooltips regarding the skills' specific effects, it would be very useful if you could please adjust the text (and similar text for other skills that may not match actual game mechanics) for these skills accordingly.
  24. I'm repurposing this topic to collect bugs regarding text in the game manual and in-game tooltips/instructions. I fully realize that a) these will be lower priority for fixes than gameplay bugs, and b) it's likely Jeff may not notice this topic. Regardless, I (and others) can add to this topic as time goes on and I'll continue to collect new entries in the top post, then I'll email the list to Jeff in a while for his consideration. Misleading documentation always "bugs" me, so I figure it's at least worth a shot.
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