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  1. Hello. My party order is shaman sorcerer archer berzerker. How can I change the party order so the berzerker is up front as a shield? Thanks!
  2. Hey! Thank you. I'd missed that one. Very exciting! You wait so long for fantasy authors, it is very demoralising. Spiderweb Software is better. There is always a game to reload or catch up with, and the new stuff never stops coming. It's amazing.
  3. Advisable. You have until January 3rd. He's cranking it up again: http://www.penguin.com/book/the-heart-of-what-was-lost-by-tad-williams/9780756412487
  4. as I read through the Dragonbone Chair series of books, I started to see more and more of Simon Snowlock in Redbeard. At the end the description is a lot like a young Redbeard, I think. A kind of red-haired, beardy giant of a warrior, who never shrinks from hard decisions. So I think the inspires come from all around. Um, so you know, Jeff isn't old :-)
  5. Hi. Raced through the George RR Martin books. Too much torture and stuff (of the the reader!). Too hot! Tried a couple Robert Jordan. Too much like other fantasy writers. Too cold! On the second book of Steven Erikson's Malazan series. Has gods in it. Like the magic use. Just right!
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