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    Bahssikava->Exodus-> ??

    So I just finished playing Exodus.. I really liked the story ever since Bahssikava and I want to know more about the Sliths and Vahnatai .. Is there a next scenario after Exodus ?? or if there's none, is someone making it ?
  2. Shaper Twilight

    Orb of Thralni

    Oh ..right I totally forgot about that.. thanks BTW.. Imma Run AV6 again
  3. Shaper Twilight

    Orb of Thralni

    Ever since AV4, I have no idea about the whereabouts of the Orb of Thralni .. any idea what happened to it ?
  4. I really want to see the epic anvil spell..
  5. Shaper Twilight

    Kantre's Realm !

    Ugh .. Thanks for the answer
  6. Shaper Twilight

    Kantre's Realm !

    What is behind the east door of Kantre's Realm ? I already talked to Kantre and stood beside it for minutes >.< but it still won't open .. >.< ..
  7. Shaper Twilight

    Real Identity ![G5]

    Just want to ask can I at least get to know the real identity of my char. if so., where ..?
  8. Shaper Twilight


    ya aimee and x would do great here haha I just love those wizards can't get enough of them
  9. Shaper Twilight

    Welcome to the Avadon Forum!

    Maybe this is where 'X' went haha you know, he went into the portal thingy in A6. just a thought ..
  10. Shaper Twilight

    Avernum 6: super secret codes ?

    I think it only works on windows ..
  11. Shaper Twilight

    Avernum 6: super secret codes ?

    Well when I was messing with the 'shift+D' in Avernum 6 I kinda typed 'itemgalore' and it gave me 5 coins (which is probably worthless)then when I typed 'weapongalore' it gave me a single archer's cloak but you can only use it once. does anyone know/discovered some secret codes there except some of the common ones ???