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  1. Just found this in Exile 2: ...Joyously, you succumb to evil. Soon, all of Exile will knuckle under to your vicious rule. None of that wussy Ultima moral stuff here.
  2. I think with the original Nethergate to get the easter egg you had to go to one corner of the world map then go to it's opposite. Apparently no one found that one until Jeff mentioned it. At least that is what I remember of that story.
  3. Where in the Aranea cave is the Summon Aid spell? I've slaughtered everything in there and run around am I missing a button or something? EDIT: Nevermind found a button which I missed before. Wow, in less than a minute after the initial post.
  4. So games out. Did you guys figure out the answer?
  5. That's where I got the scenario from. General Montgomery doesn't have a dialogue window, he just sits there. I'll see if I can fix that as I already fixed the reveal town thing before I played. EDIT: Looking at the scenario through the editor, it appears that there are two generals on top of each other and one has the relevant dialogue personality (number 50). The wrong one is being removed via destroy monster? EDIT 2: There are two general in the actual game and since the non-speaking one is creature number 22 compared to 40 it's non-existent dialogue is coming up first.
  6. No I haven't found her body yet (Where would that be?), just found that her door is locked and he isn't there to ask if he knows where she is. I've seen the dialogue and he should say something like Cornell and Renalda went somewhere.
  7. Re: Sholai In Geneforge 1 it is said the Sholai have strong magic which is different from the Shapers. Also a point worth mentioning about essence, it;s mentioned in all the help .pdf in the magic section would (paraphrasing) without training someone trying to contain essence within their body would be consumed from the inside out.
  8. Milla


    My first spiderweb game was Exile 2 with the original graphics.
  9. Another day another scenario. After fixing the show/hide town problem in this scenario I decided to play through. All was going well until after returning from the Jayhawks and getting to Renalda's locked door. I knew I had to find McSorely but he wasn't in his house and I couldn't find him around Alverstaff. Is this a feature or a bug? If a feature then any direction would be great. If a bug, what is happening and how can I repair it?
  10. What is the problem with images on that site? Seems like any new picture files added can't display. Also I can't edit now even if I want to due to this Internal Error Code: Set $wgShowExceptionDetails = true; Hopefully Arancaytar is around to read this.
  11. I do from time to time. Haven't been there for a few months though. Been playing with TvTropes in the meantime.
  12. It's the goal of a minor sidequest but for the life of me I can't find it. Does it show up unidentified or is it only available for one of the game paths? Any hints for a general location of the book?
  13. I believe Redemption wasn't talking about changing scenarios to make them easier but fixing problems which make the scenarios unfinishable on the newer engine. It isn't cheating. If uploading a fixed copy isn't to your taste, then merely telling people which scenarios have problems and where would help people alot in fixing the problems themselves. And yes, I once owned the original BOE until life events caused me to lose the hard copy as well as the digital version. Besides, my current system wouldn't let me play the original BOE anyway.
  14. Seems like I'm coming up with the same problem as well. Could someone send me an updated copy, direct me to an updated version or tell me where the problem is so I can edit it myself? Either of the three will be fine. email: goldenskyangel at hotmail dot com EDIT: I think I found the problem, town 7. Changed node. Now I'm going to restart the scenario and see if it works. EDIT2: Hooray! (Used scenario text dump then searched for Show/Hide Town to track it dowm)
  15. Originally Posted By: Masquerade This is an old pic of Lake mac from the girl guide campsite. I love camp. -snip- ...I'm pretty sure I've been there before. Nice photo btw.
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