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  1. I remember making a topic on the monster numbers for Exile II maybe 10 years ago — I had to check that thread and I still think the same! In dungeons in Exile 1, I recall the enemies respawning at a ridiculous rate. It was most noticeable in some of the linear dungeons (“I know I cleared this area out”) and did feel like a tedious slog. Sort of a false difficulty — you’ve already potentially cleared a dungeon, beaten the boss and horde, and yet you still have to deal with leagues of respawning critters. If you give Exile 2 a shot, the dungeon respawning is not nearly
  2. This is wild! I would not have guessed the game would have supported something like this, but I can imagine the work you needed to do to accomplish this. I usually like sticking to “stock” graphics but I will hopefully give this a shot later on. Thanks for sharing.
  3. Whoa — years of playing and I didn’t realize Wait as being different than Stand Ready (clicking on your active PC in combat — which I also like, as it hits an enemy if they walk into an adjacent square during their turn). So Wait will allow you to have your fighters effectively swap their place in the party action schedule but not give up their turn? Very cool. Have to try it out in person to see if it works how I am imagining.
  4. I'm just seeing the thread now but glad you are still giving it a shot! Don't give up! I've only ever played the Exile series with 6 characters, so I would say the extra two make a very very big difference. The prefab party is really not bad, but I like to have 3 fighters in the front line, 1 utility "rogue" (lightweight fighting, lock-picking, trap disarming, secondary priest spells), 1 mage, and 1 priest. My party is heavy on the fighters though ... that rogue could usually take the 3rd slot and allow for another stronger spellcaster. Some people make some exotic parties, but I
  5. Hey Ivan, thanks for sharing this method. I realized I started Exile 2 a bunch of separate times but never got more than halfway through the game, so I had a hankering to start playing it again today. Unfortunately, while the game ran very smoothly, any sound effects were oddly choppy -- they would seem to get cut off in the first half a second or so. A lot of people would probably say that the sound effects in Exile are not its strong point, but I got really nostalgic for them and I couldn't play the game without them! Speaking of, the outdoor "entering combat" tune in E2 has to b
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